Measure personality from the habit of staying up late

Measure personality from the habit of staying up late

After two days, you’re about to attend a promotion interview, and you’re desperately staying up late to read a book.

Tonight you have decided to cancel your date with Zhou.

However, the Sandman is constantly harassing, how can you overcome the intense sleepiness at this time?

  1. Take a nap first and continue reading later.

  2. Listen to the music and read while reading.

  3. Eat instant noodles, snacks, and snacks.

  Answer: If you choose 1, you are an extreme person. You either surrender or surpass your horsepower.

However, having an optimistic and confident personality is the beginning of success.

  Option 2. Regarding things in the world, you are used to facing with optimism and simple mindset.

But in complex social life, relationships often bother you the most.

If you are a woman, it is best to find a good boss, otherwise find a good husband soon.

  Option 3, you have a strong ability to adapt to reality, have superior judgment, and believe that you can perform well at work.