The rain is coming,In the next time,Although everyone is still in the classroom,But many people’s hearts always feel a little uneasy,Don’t know what will happen after school。

The group of high school seniors made such a big battle openly challenge,I won’t give up easily。
Seeing that school time is getting closer,The boys in the class are a little nervous。
He Jin and Geng Tao have long been unable to restrain themselves,One left and one right came to Lu Menglin’s face。
“The three of us will go together later。”Geng Tao said seriously。
He Jin also nodded,Tao:“Yes,I will call a few classmates together,If those high school seniors are more horizontal,I’ll sue the teacher,Let the school come forward to clean them up。”
Lu Menglin smiled,Looking at the two innocent friends in front of me,I immediately thought they were so cute。
In Lu Menglin’s memory,I didn’t have much sense of existence in this frame.,Instead, Liu Yi suffered a big loss,Got broken ribs,Only then did Liu Yi’s revenge action and the thoughts of completely mingling in the rivers and lakes。
But now,obviously,My goal is much more conspicuous than the original Liu Yi。
At this moment,Wang Shaoxiao sneaked in through the back door of the classroom,A look of panic。
“Menglin,Bad event!I just went to class three,Liu Yi and the others are gone,Probably slipped away。Or let’s not go to the main entrance,School later,How about I walk with you from the back mountain?”Fatty’s face is full of fear。
Lu Menglin couldn’t help laughing,At least there are still crowds at the school gate when school is over,If you drive from behind,It’s really a bad idea to be blocked again,The ground is not working。
“Nothing,We go out from the front entrance,See what tricks they can play!”Lu Menglin said with a calm expression。
in fact,There is still a little expectation in his heart at the moment。
This is the situation in the campus in 1998!Haven’t experienced it in years。Although I don’t cause trouble,But not afraid,Anyway, what should come will come,Why not take this opportunity,Solved the pull down in one fell swoop。