It is best for the elderly to wash the half body bath when taking a bath.

It is best for the elderly to wash the “half body bath” when taking a bath.

Experts remind the elderly friends and people with bad heart to wash the “half body bath” before taking a bath.
Because it is soaked in water for a long time, the water pressure will increase the burden on the heart, affecting the blood circulation and causing accidents.
  ”Half-body bath” means taking more than 30 minutes below the navel when taking a bath.
This method guarantees blood flow from the heart and completes circulation in the body within 1 minute and returns to the heart.
If soaked in warm water for 30 minutes, the blood can be circulated 30 times in the body; repeated blood circulation helps to strengthen the blood vessels and speed up the heart beat.
  When washing the “half body bath”, pay attention to the water temperature is maintained at about 39 °C. The elderly who are soaked at this temperature have almost no change in blood pressure and heart rate. The parasympathetic nerve is in the best state, and the whole person is easy to relax.
If the water temperature exceeds 42 °C, it is easy to cause parasympathetic nerves, heartbeat, blood pressure changes, and too high water temperature will change the blood state, causing platelets to be active and prone to thrombosis.
Especially for the elderly with high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and diabetes, do not bathe in hot water above 42 °C.