Ching Ming Festival: To all hero silently

Magnolia blossoms and rain.I am slowly approaching you, afraid that you have alarmed you.I hold the flowers and touch your tombstone.

Dear comrades, are you okay?I have tears, I look back at the mud we should walk side; I am deeply condensed, recalling the flourishing sound and smile.

You are so heroic, with the flesh and blood in the fire; you are so loyal, with beliefs to guard the extraordinary mission.

When a spring awakens another spring, I always think that you are still around, time never go.

At this moment, our heart is so much like this.Dear comrades, the journey of life, we meet, we know, we are accompanied.The most memorable is you, the most concerned is you.

酾 酾 临 江, feel the love, give gifts to all the heroes.When the red flag flutters, the rhododendron is open, we remember this long-lasting, we watched the life of life.