Liu Chunlan’s eyes are covered with red blood,She said in a begging tone:“Xiao Fan,You save your dad,Now only you can save him,Even for Yoona,You must save him。”

Xiao Fan nodded,Watching Liu Chunlan say:“Mom, don’t worry,I will try my best to save dad,Don’t worry too much,Yoona will feel distressed if she knows it。”
I heard Yoona Lin,Liu Chunlan was stunned,Wiped away tears,Yes, and Yoona,She can’t fall,She has to be strong。
Xiao Fan looked at Liu Chunlan,I feel very uncomfortable,Then he told Li Ma to take good care of Liu Chunlan。Li Ma said yes。
Xiao Fan went directly into the operating room this time,He needs to know the specific injury of Lin Feng。Xiao Fan nodded with the doctor beside him,The doctor saw Xiao Fan coming,Can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief。
They were still worried,If something happens to the patient this time,How to explain to the above,After all, not ordinary people。
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Feng’s injury with a perspective,Basically, the previous wound did not heal well,Cracked again,Cause secondary bleeding in the chest,Second bleeding is the most difficult to solve。
Xiao Fan frowned,Took the scalpel,Fortunately, Lin Feng’s heartbeat can be maintained this time,Otherwise, I’m really powerless。
Xiao Fan accurately found the place of bleeding again,If there is a slight error in this study,,Lin Feng just died,No one can save。
So even Xiao Fan had to be more cautious,Be careful and be careful,If something goes wrong with him,Yoona will be sad,He doesn’t allow this to happen。
Thought of this,Xiao Fan’s hands are shaking,But he quickly adjusted his mind,Stabilized mind。
Big beads of sweat flowed from Xiao Fan’s forehead,The assistant next to him asked Xiao Fan if he needed to wipe his sweat,Xiao Fan said nothing,While speaking,Xiao Fan’s voice is a little hoarse。
Xiao Fan knows his assistant’s kindness,It’s just that he is not used to being touched by others,Get distracted easily。
Xiao Fan is performing the operation methodically,Step by step,Dare not careless,Dare not give it to others,Slightly careless,Will fall short。
The operation lasted more than six hours,Xiao Fan finally completed the last step,Lin Feng’s life,Finally saved,Xiao Fan exhaled heavily。