Xiao Fan started when Lin Yuner’s voice fell off,Also because I didn’t react for a while,Just froze for a while,Because he didn’t react right now,What does Lin Yuner mean?!

but,Even if it doesn’t react,but,That’s just a momentary matter。
Xiao Fan is Xiao Fan after all,So after a moment of loss of consciousness,It immediately reacted。
“Since Yoona, you said that the things we are discussing are a bit too boring,So, does Yoona have any good suggestions??”Xiao Fan asked with a smile。
Lin Yoona blinked a pair of big eyes,Looking at Xiao Fan,Then I said to him:“Otherwise, let’s go eat something delicious!”
“Go eat delicious!Does Yoona have any good ideas?,What are we going to eat?”Xiao Fan asked Lin Yun’er with his arms around。
“Ok!I have no idea,You know it all,For these things,I have never had any opinions,and,Don’t you say you don’t know?My favorite thing to do,Just listen to you!”Lin Yuner said to him very cleverly。
“Since Yoona, you already said that,Then this question can be left to me!”Xiao Fan said with a smile。
“OK,You speak,I listen to you!”Lin Yuna said。
Xiao Fan nodded,I really raised my hand and really thought about it seriously。
Seeing that Xiao Fan had fallen into contemplation about the question just now,Lin Yuner was waiting quietly for his answer.。
Xiao Fan didn’t seem to let Lin Yoona wait too long,because,Xiao Fan just passed a while,So I just started talking to him。
“Otherwise, let’s go to Xinjiang Road,I remember a new breakfast shop opened there not long ago!”Xiao Fan suggested。
Chapter Ninety Seventy Seven Excuse
“Breakfast shop?Xiao Fan,So what you mean is that you are upset now,Then you are going to take me to breakfast to make me happy??”Lin Yuner asked unhappy。
Really is,This Xiao Fan,When did he become like this, Before this time,But whenever I upset myself,Still thinking about ways,Change the trick to coax yourself,The result now?
Upset myself,It turned out to be just a simple treat for yourself to eat breakfast!