Do a good job in breakfast,Zhou Zhiyan goes up to call Nan Ge。

Xiao Zheng girl’s boudoir is very clean,There is nothing to see something,Only one of the buddles lying in bed。
Photograph,Snoving a dull,Pinch http://www.ruishishoubiao.cn your face,Waiting to Nan Ge has noticed it.,Start shaking the head attempting to get rid of his harassment、Or play hands to take him away、Or is it a fascinating speech threatened him,But there is no effect,I finally chose to hide him in the quilt.,He is finally happy,Show her——
“Woke up。”
“Have breakfast.。”
soon,Nan Ge woke up。
I am more than the group.。
Straight up,I have a closed eye.,She is overwhelming a swept,Open around the rib,And lazy:“I have to change my clothes.……”
Zhou leaves outside the door waiting,Ears,Some inside is a bit wrong。
Go to the door,I saw that Nan Ge was lying again.,Wrap the quilt is strict,Sleeping very fragrant。
Childish trick。
Zhouzhi recovered the evaluation of her,Helplessly ask:“Don’t you have breakfast??”
“Then you can’t http://www.jiehuncheng.cn afford it.?If you can’t afford it, I will leave it.,You wait to eat again,I am burning you.,Hot or hot or。”Zhou I feel that this idea is good,Mainly taking care of the work of Jangong,“so be it。”
“Do not!”Nan Ge answer,Open your eyes and watch him,The sound is still lazy,“Your metamorphosis,I will come in.……”
“You have not changed。”
“Now I have to change it.。”
“Then you are gone。”
“I have to retreat again.。”
Zhou Zhi’s head and went out again,This time directly downstairs.。
After breakfast。
Nan Ge is going to sleep back and fell.。
Zhouzhi takes out engraved knives and wood,Sitting in the yard and practicing engraving,And pull the clear and pull it as a model。He intends to try to create a statue with certain identification ability and killing ability.——The clear image is not low.,Consistent with the function。
The first thing to do is the junctional shape。
Xiao Zheng girl moved to the chair and came to him.,I am curious to see him。
Although I can’t see the trees taken in his hand,But what he is doing http://www.zgwhjl.cn is not ordinary engraving,Outline out of the line when under the knife,These lines and drawings are stayed in the surface of the statue for a long time.,In the eyes of Xiao Zheng, it seems to be light.,Outline the outline of the statue。
“you are……”
“This is engraving,I scraved a clear and。”Zhouzhi。
“Engraving?”Xiao Zheng girl said。
“that is……”Zhou thinking。
“Is a means of making a legal props for human beings。”Order helps him explain,Satirical,“I didn’t expect you to do it.,I thought you indulge in the carving chopsticks.!”
“Chopsticks spoon is also to be carved。”