Ways to definitely relieve work stress

Ways to definitely relieve work stress

Violent decompression “Suppressed secretly with a small ball when you were depressed.

“Askmen, a service website for male white-collar workers in the United States.

com suggest.

Carry a tennis ball, a small rubber ball, or whatever. When you are under pressure and need to be vented, squeeze it secretly and squeeze it so that you can compare it to your colleague’s neck and tear it hysterically under everyone’s stun.Waste paper, a lot of tables.

  It is said that there is a “decompression restaurant” in France, where guests can be asked to flip the table and break the chair.

In the corner of an office in a foreign company’s office in Beijing, various hooligan rabbits are also piled up for employees to punch and kick.

According to a survey in Beijing, 84% of gay men watched last year’s football World Cup, and female audiences actually exceeded half of women.

Visible types of games that release emotions are becoming more and more popular.

  Food Decompression A recent medical study found that certain foods can be very effective in reducing stress.

For example, DHA-containing fish oil, salmon, white catfish, black catfish, and catfish are the main sources.

In addition, selenium can also effectively decompress, tuna, Brazil chestnut and garlic can be selenium.

Vitamins B2, B5, and B6 in the vitamin B family are also good helpers for decompression.

During work, you can have a cup of ice coffee, which can soothe your mood.

Working on your diet can be a breeze.

  Of course, if there is too much entertainment at the dinner, you ca n’t always plan your diet well, or you eat too much, and you ca n’t fit in your belly anymore, then you can pack vitamin tablets or fish oil pills in the bag., Feel free to add.

But experts point out that relying on food or vitamins to reduce stress must be persistent, form a habit every day, and slowly see it happen after 1 month.

  Writing stress-relief.

“The American Psychological Association highly values the method of decompression in writing. What is the content of writing?

Your stress experience, your physical and psychological troubles.

As early as 1988, some psychologists in the United States did the test, and each person wrote about stress and annoyance; the other group only wrote everyday topics.

One cycle every 4 days, after 6 weeks, the result is that the former group of people is more active and gradually replaced.

Another test rule in 1994 was to divide white-collar workers who had been unemployed for 8 months into three groups. One group wrote only ideas about unemployment and the impact of unemployment on personal life. The second group wrote step-by-step plans and how to find new ones.Work; the last group writes nothing.

As a result, after a 30-minute writing test every day for five consecutive days, the researchers found that those unemployed who wrote about how unfortunately were more likely to find new jobs.

  These tests all illustrate the truth: writing is a significant decompression method that can be carried out with just a pen and piece of paper.

In the United States, in addition to hospital doctors encouraging patients to keep a bed diary, even some bookstores have begun to sell blank medical records, and there are even special books and magazines to guide patients on how to operate.

  Decompression of work Many high-ranking managers often kneel down and do everything themselves.

But one’s vitality is very limited, and it is impossible to take care of all aspects of the enterprise, so Askmen.

com experts point out that trusting subordinates and colleagues, proper decentralization is the right way to avoid “accumulation.”

Of course, before this, business leaders must be fully prepared: take some time to train your subordinates so that they can also understand your business practices?


In fact, in this process, you also unearth future leaders.

  How should ordinary white-collar workers, or people who are bosses alone, and no one share the work, deal with so many deadlines piled up in front of them to be completed?

A friend who did media publishing introduced his decompression method: the work arrangement must be proper, an electronic report can be listed and updated daily, which is the work to be taken, what is being done, and what must be reached immediately by the customerLive . at a glance.

  Sleep decompression has a strong energy to resist the attack of stress, and sleep is an important guarantee.

Experts from the American Psychological Association believe that the following tailor’s tips are ingenious: If external noise makes it difficult for you to sleep, then artificially create some “white noise”, and then keep the TV turned on quietly to cover the nasty noise.

  Eat a small amount of snacks before going to bed, and only a little bit will not gain weight, so that you will not be awoken by the newborn at night.

  Foods such as tuna, turkey meat, bananas, hot milk, Chinese herbal tea can be hypnotized.

Auntie, spicy food will keep you awake during digestion.  If you are still thinking about something after going to bed, then put a tape recorder, notepad or something on the bedside, so that you can immediately record what you think of, so you don’t have to worry about waking up the next day and forgetting.

  Don’t envy those colleagues who brag about their stress, lack of sleep, and lack of time.

Remind yourself that maybe one day you will attend their funeral, or at least visit them at the hospital.