Never let a sleeping baby be surprised forever

Never let a sleeping baby be surprised forever

When the baby is sleeping, the mother must coax and cannot ignore it after falling asleep.

Some mistakes made by the mother after her baby fell asleep could easily cause the baby to suffer accidental injury and bring pain to the baby.

  As a qualified mother, do you know that certain practices are right and certain practices are wrong?

Don’t let the sleeping baby be accidental forever. “Every time the baby falls asleep in the car, I can’t bear to wake him up. Even if he gets home, it is better to let him wake up quietly and naturally.

“Now that cars have entered millions of households, car travel is gradually increasing, and it is natural that a baby cannot fall asleep on the road.

Arrived at the destination, but the baby has not yet woken up, so that the baby woke up in the car has become the first choice of many mothers.

What you didn’t notice, however, is that your approach is to send your baby into a dangerous environment.

  Harm to the car During the exercise, carbon monoxide will be produced, and a small amount of carbon monoxide will enter the compartment, which will continuously bring safety danger to the baby; Nowadays, car seats are mostly designed in leather or artificial leather. Sleeping in such seats is not conducive to sweat in the bodyNormally excreted from the body, which affects the normal function of the baby’s secretory system, and even causes skin inflammation; if not noticed, the sleeping baby will also hit the wall of the car due to the sudden start of the car and stop, causing certain injuries.

  Expert guidance wipes the sweat: After the car reaches the destination, the mother must first wipe the sweat from the sleeping baby with a clean towel to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of the sleeping baby.

In order to prevent the baby from catching a cold, the mother is best not to untie her clothes while wiping the sweat of the sleeping baby, and can be wiped from the back of the sleeping baby.

  Jacket: Sleeping baby’s body temperature in the car will be 2 ℃ higher than usual?
3 ℃, so the mother needs to put on a coat or blanket for the sleeping baby before getting out of the car. This can prevent the sleeping baby from being stimulated by cold wind and causing a cold.
  Light movement: The mother should move lightly while holding the sleeping baby out of the car. It is best to have someone else to help.

Excessive movements can frighten your baby.

“I know that the noise is very harmful to my baby. In order for the baby to sleep well, I let him sleep in a silent room.

“Noisy environments can make your baby sleep very uneasily. In order to give your baby a good sleeping environment, many mothers choose a silent environment.

The silent environment seems to give sleeping babies a comfortable sleep, but it actually hurts the baby more.

Harmful to the silent environment can cause the baby to feel a sense of fear and anxiety, which can cause huge psychological stress, especially it can cause serious consequences to the nervous system, causing symptoms such as loss of appetite, emotional irritability, and confused thinking.

  Expert guidance to control noise: In order to improve the sleeping environment of sleeping babies, mothers need to control the noise in the baby’s room.

The mother can place an alarm clock in the baby’s room, and the clicking sound of the pointer breaks the silent environment of the room; when the baby is sleeping, the mother closes the door to prevent the high-decibel personality sound next door from affecting the baby’s normal rest.

If there is a construction site near the baby’s room, the mother needs to take the baby to a place with low noise for temporary living.

  ”The baby is very playful and often pulls me to play together. In order not to affect the baby’s rest, I control the game to end 1 hour before he sleeps.

“Mom often forgets time when playing with her cute baby.

But the baby’s sleepiness came up, and the mother had to coax the baby into dreamland.

This behavior can seriously harm your baby’s brain and body development.

  Hazard one: The baby with poor sleep quality will be very excited after playing. At this time, the mother coaxing the baby to sleep will affect the baby’s sleep quality.

Baby; although he went to sleep, his mental activity continued and he didn’t get rest.

At this time, the baby is easily awakened by noise from sleep, causing sleep interruption.

This kind of sleep quality is difficult to ensure that the baby is fully rested. The poor sleep quality for a long time will affect the baby’s brain and physical development, and in serious cases will cause the baby’s sleep time to be confused and cause other diseases.

  Harm 2: Reduce the quality of anti-illness baby’s poor sleep quality will hinder the development of the baby’s body’s immune system function, reduce the baby’s body’s immunity, reduce disease resistance, and make the baby vulnerable to disease.

Experts guide to master the sleep pattern: baby sleep time has certain regularity, but every baby is not the same. Only when the mother grasps her baby’s sleep time can she better arrange the baby’s play time.

Mom’s 1 before the baby goes to bed?
You can play some simple intellectual games within 2 hours, and you are not allowed to play any games 1 hour before your baby goes to bed, especially games that require a lot of physical strength.

The mother can put some relaxing and soothing music before the baby to help her fall asleep.

Take a bath before going to bed: The baby takes a bath once a day to promote blood circulation, which is more conducive to healthy growth and promotes the improvement of sleep quality.

The mother can bathe the baby before going to bed late, so that the baby can have a “good dream”.

However, the mother should pay attention that the baby cannot take a bath immediately after eating, and should take an hour to enter the bath; after the bath, the mother can give the baby some touches to make him comfortable and fall asleep.