“it is good,Waiting。”Qin Feng finished,hang up the phone。

Old man Zhou gave a cold snort,Put away the phone,Look back at the computer screen,At this time the price has returned to twelve yuan。
In other words,The position of Chen Nan’s layout turned from loss to profit。
But the next moment,Stock price changed face again,Head down,Go straight to today’s low point of six yuan。
Father Zhou has experience,This time the fall did not cause him the slightest panic,Just like what he said,This is another chance to make money for him。
“Manager Chen,Keep buying。”
Staring at the screen,Old man Zhou said。
Chen Nan said helplessly:“boss,We no longer have liquidity。”
If there are remaining funds,Of course he will continue to buy,How can I miss this opportunity for others to give money?!
“No more funds?”
Old man Zhou whispered to himself,Immediately frowned。
His left hand encircles his chest,Right hand rubs the clean shaved chin this morning without a scum,Contemplative。
A moment later,His eyes lit up:“How much client funds we manage can be used?”
His investment company,In addition to operating his four billion personal funds,Also undertake some client funds,Profit evenly after making money。
Because of Chen Nan’s reputation,Attracted many wealthy people to invest,Now the company manages more than 2 billion customer funds。
But because of the contract with the customer,It is stated in the contract,Customers can only lose up to 20% of their money,Losses exceeding this percentage,The company must bear。
Based on this,Chen Nan regarding this part of the funds,Has always been a wet warehouse operation,Less than 30% of the position。