For Li Tianchou’s call,Wu Fang pondered for a minute。Heart,This kid is smelly and hard,It’s hard to ask for help,Must be in big trouble。Infer from the brief sentences just now,Yuxing’s backbone may have been dispatched,Who do you want to fight with in such a big battle??
Wu Fang wants to break his head and has no clue,He has a strong curiosity like Li Tianchou,I want to chase after me like a cat,But after walking around the house a few times,Finally held back。
Anyway,I must help with this favor,It’s a pity that Yuan Hua can’t come back,One person has to take care of three places,He really used Lao Tzu as an old mother。Wu Fang cursed,Take out the large revolver from the drawer and insert it diagonally under the ribs。Thought for a while,I took out a small leather satchel from another drawer,Yuan Hua temporarily deposited it here,Wu Fang took out a car key from inside,Turn off the lights and leave the room。
Wu Fang was thinking while walking,It’s already past seven in the evening,Rushed to Fukuyama from where he was,It will take three hours at the fastest,Maybe I just arrived at the edge of the county,Yuxing Restaurant is already closed。But Wu Fang didn’t know much about the other two sites of Yuxing.,I just know that they are all in the city,And it’s all night。I don’t have to be familiar with the terrain first。
As for the restaurant,Although it is Yuxing’s base camp,But everyone is gone,Plus closing at night,Nothing to look after。This makes it easier,Wu Fang decided to go directly to the city。
Ten o’clock in the evening,The night scene in the Yuxing style bar has just begun,Although the customer’s attendance rate is not satisfactory,But as passionate as other bars in big cities、Hot。The band’s performance is bold enough,DJSensational hysteria,And the music full of heavy metal taste will challenge the limit of people’s eardrums from time to time.。
Small bar area,But in a prime location,In addition, Dong Hui’s wife had a bloody decoration before,It’s still very high-end in Jieyang Road。Manager Zhao tried his best,Small achievement,At least double the attendance rate from the first one or two days of opening,But the band andDJThe level is really average。I can’t blame him entirely,Yuxing initially invested too little capital,A foreign jazz band that he had planned is also gone。
This time Manager Zhao had doubts about Yuxing’s strength,And he is more worried about someone coming,Because the bloody fight on the first day left him with lingering fears。When Dong Hui was covered,,There are also such scenes,But he is confident,Basically, those who came to trouble were completely abused by Dong Hui’s younger brother。
After Zhang Wen came to town,,Manager Zhao feels even more guilty,Because he really can’t see what’s special about this young man,Except for the cold hair,Others are ordinary,Even if the fight is a ruthless character,But there are not a few brothers around,It’s too thin。
Yuxing won’t just be so few hairy people?It’s a good bar anyway,Well done,The flow of water in a day is more than 20,000 to 30,000,Do you just leave it alone??But the strange thing is that Feng Biao’s little brothers who have been beaten did not retaliate.,Not only did no one come,Even the few gangsters who often wandered not far from the door disappeared without a trace。
Manager Zhao also spent a lot of time in this business,Although the eyes can’t say how poisonous,But still understand some things,I guess this situation is mostly related to Zhang Wen,I can’t underestimate this guy。He feels a little more at ease,But in fact, it took less than a day,Zhang Wen was replaced at night,Here comes a younger boy,The fluff on the mouth is not clean,Such people can also come to town?Manager Zhao is dumbfounded again。
What worries Manager Zhao the most is around 8 o’clock in the evening,Feng Biao’s sorghum stalks brought two or three into the door,There were not many guests at the time,So these people are very eye-catching,This is the first time Feng Biao’s people have appeared since the last bar fight。Manager Zhao reported the situation to Xiaohuo immediately。Unexpectedly, this hairy boy just replied faintly,“Got it”,No more。
Manager Zhao swallowed and spit,Had to go back to the front hall with trepidation,Fortunately, the sorghum stalks seem to really come to consume。Ordered a few bottles of wine,Two large fruit plates,A bunch of snacks,Sit there and chat。It’s also very quiet,There is no sign of trouble。What he didn’t expect was that these people only drank for more than an hour before paying the bill and leaving,Didn’t even catch the night,It’s just that the sorghum stalks glanced at him intentionally or unintentionally when he left the house,Make Manager Zhao suddenly feel a chill in his back。
Xiaohuo is holding a cup of tea,Sitting quietly in the manager’s room,Keep your eyes on the monitoring screen in front of you,It’s much better than when I first came,The slightly nervous mood slowly relaxes。After all, for the first time alone,Not at all sloppy。There is no companion Xiao Liu by his side at the moment,And there is no Yuxing’s brothers to back up,Completely on your own。
According to Zhu Lei’s explanation,The bar just opened,In a sensitive period,So safety comes first。Be very cautious,But you must not be vague when you should be bold。In the event of an accident, you must first save yourself,Zhu Lei gave him a small pistol without telling Li Tianchou,Just in case。As for business,Give it all to the manager surnamed Zhao,Whatever he wants,As long as you don’t violate Li Tianchou’s taboos。
Previously, Manager Zhao’s report made Xiaohuo’s mood just relaxed and nervous again,He stared at the sorghum stalks,Trying to see some clues,But obviously not much found。Except for two people going to the bathroom halfway,This group has been sitting there chatting,Even point a song,I’m not interested in sending flower heads to the princess,Three red wines have bottomed out,Checkout flash,Very well。
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Be late
Xiaohuo carefully recalled the scene he saw just now,Especially for the man whose nickname is sorghum stalks,It seems that except for the thief in the eyes,Nothing unusual in other aspects。