“I just found it,Evergreen pine is on the ancestral grave of the Chen family,This is a sign of prosperity!”

“Pull it,Uncle Lin,Last time you said there was grass on the grave,Destitute!”
“Pooh,I never said such a thing!”
This morning, the Chen family took the initiative to lively,Mother Chen is also a big candy、Prepare tea to entertain the neighborhood。
When it’s lunch time, the people slowly dispersed,The Chen family is rarely cleansed down,Really ready to start,A bell-like sound of laughter rang outside the house,Just walked into a middle-aged woman。
“Repair,Come back!”
Chen Xiu responded indifferently,It’s his father’s younger sister,His second aunt,It’s just that the second aunt’s family doesn’t really value the Chen family.,The relationship has never been so good。
“Second sister,Have you eaten yet,Did not eat together!”
Although Father Chen also hates this girl who usually plays red and white,But after all, it’s my own sister,In terms of etiquette, we still have to entertain。
“Haven’t eaten。”
Ergu, you’re welcome,Directly inserted into a position,Consciously picked up the bowls and chopsticks,Gobbled up,The tigers on the side looked dumbfounded,Chen Xiu gently pushed:“This is really your aunt!”
After a full hiccup,,Second Gu said with a toothpick in her mouth:“brother、sister in law,I didn’t come here for nothing,I have a girl to introduce to my nephew。”
Chen’s mother, who had never been too enthusiastic, was bought by the second aunt.,Quickly put a chicken leg for her and asked,“Second aunt,It’s the girl from that family?”
“mom,I’m in a period of rising career,Not in a hurry!”