Convenient! Chongzuo this platform can do a lot

Zhu Houqi introduced the function of "Love my Chongzhi" app.

People’s Network Shenquan pool is understood, "Love my Chongzuo" app is the Chongzuo City University Data Development Bureau surrounded the municipal party committee, the municipal government proposed "good governance, convenience, Hui En-enterprise, Xingye" requirements, combined with the masses, let the data run, the masses Less running legs "demand, the city’s city service public platform.

The platform function covers several fields such as government affairs, people’s livelihood, finance, education, etc. I have to pay, I want to do things, urban management, convenience services, and have been on the line of hydropower payment, a code Tongcheng, digital license, government affairs 55 high-frequency application functions such as doing things, results inquiries, and housekeeping services, providing smart city services that come up with people and the masses.

"I am very convenient after verifying my information on this platform, and the child can get the payment of the registration of the payment, and the municipal facilities can be reflected in the top, soon someone will handle, including water and electricity, to buy some scenic spots Votes are all.

"Mr. Lu, Chongzu, said that his family uses this app. As of November 15th," Love I Chongzu "App registered users, online service 55, cumulative download and install 10,000 times. (Editor: Shenquan Pool , Huang Yumei) Share let more people see the client download.