Tomatoes are not aphrodisiac but can be refined

Tomatoes are not aphrodisiac but can be refined

Some readers saw the business promotion of lycopene for men’s health care, and asked “Do you eat a lot of tomatoes to strengthen your body?”


hzh {display: none; }  西红柿的确对男性有好处,能预防前列腺癌、改善精子浓度和活力。However, citizens mistakenly regarded sperm quality and breeding ability as “aphrodisiac”, and it is believed that eating tomatoes can “apologize” is indeed wrong.

  It is understood that, in addition to tomatoes, leek, bullwhip, fur seal kidney and other foods, are all popular “aphrodisiac” recipes.

And food has almost no role in directly strengthening the reproductive organs.

  ”Aphrodisiac” is a treatment method for kidney deficiency disease in traditional Chinese medicine. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, food such as chives, tomatoes, bullwhip can indeed help warm the kidneys and help Yang to strengthen the essence, but it must also be used with other symptomatic drugsTake together.

  In terms of food therapy, there must be health measures for eating more. If you want to get aphrodisiac, you will be suspicious, and there is no scientific basis.