“Big brother,Did you cast the wrong baby??You know you are a man,A species that bleeds without tears,You cry in front of me now what’s the situation?People who don’t know don’t think what happened to me,Are you going to stand up and be clear?”

Qin Feng said that he was stunned. What are these things?,He also doesn’t know what to say now。
“you are bullying me,you are bullying me,I want to tell my mom。”Bai Chi cried and shouted,He is rolling on the ground like a child。
“Holding grass,If not for today,I can’t believe that there are such unique characters in this world。”
“This thing is also a bunker,Such a character,Is that a legend??”
“Ha ha,I want to know,What should this big brother do?。”
Many people looked at Qin Feng’s side curiously,They all want to see bigger excitement。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter VIII moron
Qin Feng doesn’t have such a lively mind,He is the one who can’t wait to choke him。
Face this kind of brain damage,Qin Feng was completely defeated,He went straight to find a place to sleep。
“Humph,All asleep,You think this is a hotel?”But he just lay down,As a result, the voice of security came from outside。
“Do not,he bullies me,I do not sleep。”Bai Chi yelled frantically,He really doesn’t want that much anymore。
Qin Feng doesn’t care how that guy makes trouble,He didn’t do anything from start to finish anyway,They beat him,Ended up crying,He is also to blame for such a thing?
Security asked with a frown:“What is going on here,Who is fighting?。”