But Qin Feng was already red eyes,He hates these self-righteous people,Do you think you are strategizing??I’ll see if you are really not afraid of death!

Qin Feng stuck a knife in the opponent’s thigh,The blood goes straight out like this。
“This.”Cen Wen doesn’t know what to say。Watching Qin Feng abuse Chateauroux,He feels that Qin Feng is indeed a bit incomprehensible。
“You have the ability to kill me。Kill me!”Chateauroux shouting,He is also angering Qin Feng。You know if Qin Feng really does it,Cen Wen can’t stop it。In this way, Qin Feng might turn his face with Cen Wen in a state of anger。
So even if Chateauroux loses,Then he thinks he can regain a city。
Qin Feng threw it down on the other leg again。
Then pull the knife and plug it in。Each leg of Chateauroux was pierced by Qin Feng at least three times,Then Qin Feng took out two mobile phones from him。
At this time Chateauroux was crazy。
“Don’t let me go back alive,I will kill you。Not only you,The person next to you can’t live!”
It’s normal for Chateauroux to be so angry,Because since becoming one of the Seven Saints,He has never been injured,Let alone be so embarrassed like now。
Chateauroux injured both legs can’t even stand up,If it is not treated in time, it may even be impossible to stand up later。
Qin Feng cut directly at the corner of Shatulu’s mouth。
This scene scared Cen Wen almost jumped on it,no way,He was really afraid that Qin Feng would kill Chateauroux。Although Cen Wen wanted to reform this organization,But now he doesn’t want to bear the reputation of betrayal。Once the Surgeoners find him,That becomes troublesome。
of course,The Sweeper is not a person who can move the leader level at will.。
But as long as the leader nodded for nothing,No matter who it is,The scavengers will come。As for the others,There will also be special personnel to investigate。