In fact, according to some normal experience, these people will not wake up at all for a while. It’s even possible that they have been back for a long time,They will wake up,Or knowing something can find them caught。

Then Yiming and Chu Yao are real undercover agents and they are filming to collect evidence,But these are not important anymore,The two of them left here after planning,Planning to go back to Xiao Fan。
After all, they don’t know what happened this time.,I still hope to help Xiao Fan,Even a little help is good,The happiest thing for the two of them is their ability to improve。
Can also help Xiao Fan,This is the best of both worlds for both of them,And they didn’t feel very tired,Or think that this mission has consumed too much energy。
Instead, they feel that this task is more willing to complete than any other task.,Because the whole plan was planned by themselves,There is any emergency,They can also handle it carefully。
Without having to carefully consider some other aspects,Or something that needs to be carefully and repeatedly considered,This mission is not available to them,A good experience。
The car was there after the two of them escaped here,They don’t know what the car should do,But at first they did tricks on the car,In fact, Yiming has already left an eye on it。
After all, this car can’t really be given to them or a car was wasted because of the task.,Many things cannot be wasted easily,Xiao Fan gave them this point。
So I hope they can do everything possible in the car no matter what they do,At that time, paying attention can ensure that they can really repair the car later.。
Drive along,Professionally trained,Whether it’s repairing the car, the hands and feet on the car are the most experienced,So it doesn’t bother them at all。
The two of them can handle these things quickly,Yiming checked in front of the car,Then based on some of my own experience,Even some of the memories when I first started using my hands and feet。
Know how exactly this car can make him drive,To really get better,The two of them fixed the car in a while,And left here,No nostalgia。
Actually, what other ideas do they have here,Although those people can save them,Can make them remember,But this doesn’t mean they have to be grateful to him。