10,000 students compete for "Internet +" Innovation Entrepreneurship

Original title: 10,000 students compete for "Internet +" Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition This newspaper (Reporter Yan Yiqia) October 12 It is reported that this contest is the theme of "I dare, I will create" as the theme, guiding youth students in the competition, in the Sai Zhan, and root the grassroots innovation.

Wu Yan, Director of the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education, said that this competition has achieved "three coverage": First, the mainland college entities cover all coverage, and the second is to educate the whole school to participate all over, and the third is to cover the world.

  According to reports, despite the influence of the epidemic, 1263 schools, 5,531 projects from 117 countries and regions, and 15,611 people are registered this year. It is basically included in Harvard University, MIT, Oxford University, Cambridge University and other worlds. The top 100 college, realizing the "100,000 people" participating in the competition, the "International Fan" "Gold Situation" reached a historic high. The new "undergraduate creative group" is set up in this competition, and set a separate promotion channel to ensure the depth of the college students, so that more innovative entrepreneurship is standing out; adding the restrictions of participants no more than 35 years old. Let more young students have an opportunity to show; the new industrial proposition track, promote the conversion of the results of the event and the depth of production research. China International "Internet +" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has been held in 2015, with a total of 25.33 million college students in participating, achieving basic education, vocational education, and higher education, only more than 400 contests A gold medal project will drive employment to more than 500,000 people. At the same time, the contest leads the entrepreneurship in innovation, and the entrepreneurship will drive employment, and promote the cultivation of colleges and universities. At present, national colleges and universities have generally opened an innovative entrepreneurial course accumulated more than 30,000 doors, which has been launched more than 10,000 courses. All colleges and universities in the country have employed industry outstanding talents as an innovative entrepreneurial teacher, and the number of full-time teachers reached 10,000 people, part-time mentor, and regularly organize innovative entrepreneurial training courses. (Editor: Job, Zhou Yuting) Sharing let more people see client download.