How to choose proprietary Chinese medicines to stay away from cystitis?

How to choose proprietary Chinese medicines to stay away from cystitis?

One problem that must be faced clinically is that although cystitis is a disease caused by bacteria, relying solely on antibacterial drugs to control the infection often fails to achieve the expected results, especially for chronic cystitis, which has minimal effects.

Therefore, for patients with cystitis, it is necessary to clarify the existence of the infection source, at the same time find out the cause of the infection, and give necessary treatment in time, and improve the patient’s body resistance, in order to control the infection more effectively.Prevent recurrence.

At this time, the traditional Chinese medicine of the motherland can give play to its own advantages and wipe out the enemy.

  Cystitis belongs to the “gonorrhea” and “stomach closure” of traditional Chinese medicine. It is mostly caused by betting of damp heat, invading the kidneys and bladder, and unfavorable gasification of the lower coke. Damp heat is always a disease.

Different from western medicine treatment, traditional Chinese medicine treatment does not take sterilization as the main means, but achieves the healing effect by clearing away dampness and heat.

  For example, Sanjin Tablet is a brand-name product for the treatment of this disease. It has the effects of clearing away heat and phlegm, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, dampness and detoxification, and tonicing kidney. It is suitable for urinary tract infections such as acute and chronic pyelonephritis, acute cystitis, etc.Patients who do not respond to repeated antibiotics or are generally more appropriate.

In addition, some patients usually suffer from urinary tract infections due to drinking less water or eating chili for a while, such as taking Sanjin tablets appropriately, will have very good results.

  The so-called “three golds” mainly refer to the three flavors of Chinese herbal medicines such as diamond thorn, golden cherry root and golden sand vine.

Among them, Vajra is the rhizome of Liliaceae plant, bitter and bitter, and flat in nature, which can remove rheumatism, activate blood, and detoxify; Golden cherry root, which is the root or root bark of the Rosaceae plant Golden Cherry, has a sour taste and flatness.The function is Gujing, astringent intestine; Golden sand vine, is a perennial climbing fern of the sea golden sand family, has a sweet coldness, can diuretic and phlegm, clear heat and detoxify, and is especially good at stopping urethral pain and inhibiting a variety of bacteria.

Sanjin Tablets combines the advantages of three medicinal materials into one body, clearing heat and detoxifying, promoting dampness and drenching, hemostatic and analgesic, clearing blood and dispersing stasis, and tonicing kidney and benefiting kidney.
  In addition, with the index of western medicine, Chinese herbal medicine has the advantages of long-lasting effect, small substitution, and no confrontation. As long as it can be taken under the guidance of a doctor, it can certainly make patients healthy and beautiful.