Give fat to the big brother

Give fat to the big brother

Dear brother, I can understand how much you want to gain weight and how many women are eager to lose weight.

I don’t know if you will pay attention to my little little, hiding in the corner of the network and listening to me.

  First of all, you have to be optimistic, after all, fattening is much easier than losing weight.

  In fact, if you say “I am a fat man, oh, I am fat” every day, it is sweeter than love.

  Again, you must follow my life habits.

  You should try to eat every day, don’t eat those street stalls and foods that are not graded in the supermarket.

Eat more dairy products, eggs, meat, and bread cake tarts.

When I finished a meal, hypnotize myself, did I really eat it?

Then go eat it again.

  I have to learn from me before going to bed at night, eat and eat, eat a faint day, eat it, and sneak into the kitchen to see the raw and mature it.

  I love to eat, and I choose to eat strangely, my grandmother always said that I voted wrong.

I was fat 4 pounds in the previous days. I was thinner this time. I want to be thin and fat, fat, and happiness.

Don’t keep exercising, try to lie down and treat yourself as a pig.

Just try to lie, don’t be tired of yourself.

Don’t stand when you can sit, don’t sit when you can lie down.

  I have never been in the bottom, only these ambiguous ideas.

  When you have no money, you should eat it in your refrigerator. When you have money, run outside and buy it in the refrigerator. Hey, you have to put it in front of you.

If you are in front of the computer for a long time, then put more high-transition foods such as beef jerky. I believe that your weight will catch up with me sooner or later, refueling.

  If you listen to my advice and don’t succeed in fattening, NND, Miss Ben will give you my aunt. In fact, I am selfish, I want to become a woman who loves and loves beauty.