“because this。”Chubby face took out a pendant from his pocket,Put it in Qiao Tianyu’s hands。

“Round Jade Dragon Pendant?”Qiao Tianyu recognized the pendant at a glance,Isn’t that the third relic that Qiao Hanfei left to Lily before his death??
Before Qiao Hanfei died,Three relics left to Lily,Round Jade Dragon Pendant,Old Hang Jade Jade Bracelet,And purple diamond silver box。
As for the old pit jade bracelet,And purple diamond silver box,Has played a major role one after another,Only this round jade dragon pendant,Qiao Tianyu never knew what it was for,I didn’t expect it to pop out by itself today。
“Keying,How come Lily’s things are in your hands,what happened?”Qiao Tianyu suddenly grabbed the two arms of Xiao Chuan’s face with both hands,Asked excitedly。
“You hurt others!”The little fat face quickly broke away from Qiao Tianyu’s hand,Grin in pain。
“This pendant was when you went out yesterday,From Lily。She called me,Asked me to meet in the car on the corner,Give me this pendant,Let me give this pendant to your hand!”
“What else did Lily say??”Qiao Tianyu asked anxiously。
“Lily was in a deep mood,It seems that I had expected a fiasco today,She let me tell you,After everything is over today,Don’t go find her,Unless you want to watch her die!”The chubby face explained。
“She only said you saw this pendant,Just understand everything。”
“what?Lily won’t let me find her?What should i understand?”Qiao Tianyu is even more confused by the second-year-old monk。
What’s the situation with Lily?,What does this round jade dragon pendant mean?,Why does she say she understands when she sees this pendant?
Don’t understand,I really don’t understand what Lily means?
But then again,Lily had expected a fiasco today,Could it be that she had known that Qiao Tianyu deceived her by acting?
God!What does this mean?
First0134chapter Mysterious successor
Qiao Tianyu felt obviously insufficient brain capacity for the first time,I really don’t understand Lily’s original intention。
But one thing is certain,The situation is not completely beyond Lily’s control.,Lily is not too dangerous!
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu feels a little at ease,As long as Lily is safe,For Qiao Tianyu,No matter what!