Eat lotus root regularly, the body will harvest 5 benefits, but don’t use this wrong way to eat

Eat lotus root regularly, the body will harvest 5 “benefits”, but don’t use this wrong way to eat

Lotus roots have a place on the dinner table of many families. The lotus roots are crisp and crisp, fresh and delicious. Many people like to bring soup or stir-fry with meat. It tastes delicious and is the food we often see every day.

Lotus root is not only delicious, but also rich in nutrients and has many effects, so it is loved by most people.

Lotus root can nourish nutrients, appetite and heat, qi and blood, digestion and diarrhea, is a good tonic, but there are many taboos for delicious and healthy lotus root.

Today, I will talk to you about the efficacy and taboos of lotus root.

The five functions of lotus root: 1. Strong protein and protein contained in lotus root can produce positive effects together. They can combine with various cells to accelerate the synthesis of collagen and enhance the efficacy of strong gastric mucosa.It can increase appetite and promote digestion, and is very suitable for people with poor appetite.

2, beauty and beauty believe that many women who love beauty know that lotus root has a clear cosmetic effect, often eat lotus root can acne body, but also can make our skin more shiny and lubricated, therefore, like to eat lotus rootMost are women.

3, Yixuesheng muscle lotus root is called “main supplement in the body, benefit the power”, because the nutritional value of lotus root is very high, transforming plant protein and a variety of trace elements, etc., can enhance the body’s immunity, can be a good benefitBlood and blood.

4, the plasma fiber concentration in hypoglycemic and hypotensive lotus roots reduces the fineness in the blood, and the slenderness has a certain lipid-lowering effect, and the sodium and potassium in the lotus root are less, which is beneficial to stabilize the heart rate and regulate blood pressure.

5, stop bleeding and silt often eat lotus root can shrink the blood vessels in the body, can also be used as hemostasis, blood, is a very good medicine for fever.

The three high people often eat lotus roots to benefit the heart and general health.

Although the nutritional value of lotus root is rich, it is not allowed to eat lotus root.

Lotus root has three taboos.

1, spleen and stomach debilitation, easy to diarrhea, it is best not to eat oysters, this is because the oysters are cold, raw salad will be difficult to digest.

2, lotus root porridge is best to cook with ceramic or stainless steel utensils, because it is aligned with iron, do not use the iron pot to cook lotus root, otherwise it will turn black, the appearance will affect the appetite.

3, black and odor lotus root should not be eaten.

The above are the five major effects and three taboos of lotus root. After reading it, do you prefer to eat lotus root?

Lotus root is a good health medicine in the eyes of health-care people. It is very suitable for high blood pressure, suffering from liver disease, loss of appetite, and malnutrition. Even if it is a healthy person, it is better to eat some lotus roots and the disease will be even better.far.