This is a bit overstatement,A shot of the white woman’s sneak attack was to scratch his scalp,My hair was really broken by the heat of the bullet。

“Brother Chen,Is there any clue,Who sent it?”He Shouheng also came over and said:“You are my VIP,If I dare to attack you, I can’t get through,I promise not to make him feel better!”
Chen Xiu has a lot of enemies,The two female killers are also dead,I don’t even know who sent it,I shook his head helplessly。
“Who else,In all likelihood, Guo Zijian sent someone to do it!”
O Sheng said furiously:“Chen Xiucai beat him,He must be to prevent Chen Xiu from appearing on the gaming table three days later!”
Everyone nodded,This is very likely,After all, the bet after three days will involve 2 billion,Kill someone here on Zai’ao Island,A bunch of gamblers who lost eagerly rushed to do it after tens of thousands of dollars。
“Guo Zijian!”
He Shouheng rubbed his temples with a headache。
“Xiao He Sheng,Don’t worry。I know the relationship between your He family and Guo family,You can’t get involved in this matter。I’ll do it,You just need to arrange a boat to let my people come to Australia Island!”Ou Sheng said。
Although Chen Xiu does not know the specific relationship between the He family and the Guo family,However, there are many rumors in the market that the 30 million US dollars of the gambling king He Rongsheng was borrowed from Guo Yingdong.,Later, Guo Yingdong became the largest shareholder of Casino Lisboa, even if the He family relied on the Guo family.。
It can also be seen from the nicknames of the two,He Rongsheng is just a title“Gambler”,Guo Yingdong is“Australia King”——The meaning of the king of Australia。
The people on the island of Australia are even more prosperous.,Aussie!
Chen Xiu also persuaded:“Xiao He Sheng,Let us take care of this,If we really can’t,You are helping。”
He Shouheng had to say:“that……OK then。But you must speak out when you need me,Reason is on our side,What about the Guo family,Big deal, I don’t want your identity!”
Chen Xiu was moved:“Dragon King is loyal,We have known each other for less than 24 hours,He was willing to offend the Guo family!”
Less than an hour later,He Shouheng arranged more than 50 airships to help smuggle more than 100 people from the Ou family to Australia Island。