Ten Taboos for Preschool Children Watching TV

“Ten Taboos” for Preschool Children Watching TV

A bogey is too long.
  It is better that preschool children watch TV for less than 40 minutes a day.
  Second bogey is too close.
  Generally, when watching TV, place your child’s seat away from the TV 2.
It is suitable at 5 ~ 4 meters.
  Three bogey volume is too high.
  Under a high volume of stimulation for a long time, not only the auditory sensibility is easily reduced, but also the visual sensibility is easily reduced.
  Four avoid too dark.
  When watching TV with children at night, do not turn off the lights, and put a small red light behind the TV to protect eyesight.
  Five bogey sitting posture.
  Sitting incorrectly while watching TV can easily deform and bend the child’s unshaped spine, and develop bad sitting habits.
  Six avoid watching after meals.
  After the meal, it is advisable to let the child do a little activity for a while before watching TV.
  Seven bogey while watching.
  Eating while watching TV can easily increase the child’s digestive burden and affect digestive function.
In the long run, it is easy to develop bad habits of snacking.
  Ba Ji Watching TV with Fighting Murder Content.
  Often watching violent killing movies not only easily keeps children in a state of tension and fear for a long time, affects their physical and mental health, but also makes them curious and imitate.
  Nine avoids television autism.
  If children are obsessed with watching TV, they are only interested in TV programs, they are indifferent to surroundings, their characters become lonely, and they may have abnormal psychological conditions.
  Ten taboos let the child lie down and watch TV.
  Lying down and watching TV can easily cause blurred vision and decreased vision, cause diseases such as eye astigmatism, and can also cause adverse consequences such as insomnia, nervous breakdown and back pain.