Black tea for health

Black tea for health

Black tea is a kind of tea that has been processed by kneading, twisting, fermentation, and drying. Especially through the fermentation process, a series of biochemical changes have taken place in the tea’s internal components, which constitute the quality characteristics of the red leaves of black tea and red soup.

Because green leaves become red leaves after fermentation, it is called black tea, also known as fermented tea.

The quality and style of black tea is different from that of green tea. Green tea is expensive to maintain natural green, while black tea is red-yan.

Too many people who like to drink light green tea are reluctant to try the thick black tea. It feels that the taste is too bitter, and it seems that the lightness of the tea is less.

Black tea is a full-fermented tea. Its heavier taste is its characteristic and its benefits, which is especially convenient for autumn and winter seasons.

  People who sleep green tea when they are not eating will feel upset in the stomach. This is because tea polyphenol, an important substance contained in tea, has astringent properties, has a certain stimulating effect on the stomach, and is more irritating on an empty stomach.

The black tea is fermented and baked. The tea polyphenols undergo an enzymatic oxidation reaction under the action of oxidase, the content is reduced, and the irritation to the stomach occurs.

In addition, these tea polyphenol oxidation products can also promote human digestion, so black tea will not hurt the stomach at all, but can nourish the stomach.

Drinking black tea with sugar and black tea with milk often can reduce inflammation, protect the gastric mucosa, and have a certain effect on the treatment of ulcers. Many people are not used to black tea with a bitter taste.

For black tea to become light, it is mainly regulated by the amount of tea and water.

Most people can put 3-5 grams of tea, and those who have a light taste can add more, ensuring that the ratio of tea to water is 50: 1.

Black tea should not be allowed to cool, as this will affect the effect of warming the stomach, and it may also reduce its nutritional content because it is left for too long.

The best way to make black tea is to use an open cup. Do not wait until the water in the cup has been consumed before adding hot water. It is best to refill the water when about 1/3 of the water is left, and use the brakes instead of tea to keep the temperature and concentration of the tea suitable.Each cup of black tea is best refilled 3 times.