Shen Lin watched Su Ran’s cute behavior,Smiled。Twenty minutes later,Shen Lin saw Qi Zheng’s car,Qi Zheng also saw Shen Lin’s car。

Qi Zheng honked the horn,Shen Lin also clicked,Then two cars drove to the base one after another。
Arrived at the base,Qi Zheng didn’t say anything polite to them,But the brother of the base,I was surprised to see Su Ran,Although there are many girls in their base,But this eldest lady who looks so pampered,Why can I get in and out of the base?。
Qi Zheng took them to a room,There is only a very long conference table,Qi is taking out a sealed file bag from a drawer。Handed it to Shen Lin。
“five minutes,Remember clearly,This time the boss sent you a hundred people,Said to protect Miss Su。”Qi Zheng said in an official tone。
Su Ran heard that most of the people sent to protect her,Can’t help but cough awkwardly,Shen Lin took the file bag,Take out the information sheet inside。
Shen Lin divided these papers into two equally,Half watch,Then exchange,Strange to say,The two seem to be working together for the first time,But there is a tacit understanding。
Almost at the same time,Colleague exchange,In four minutes, two people have been able to remember all the information clearly,Shen Lin took out the lighter,Burn all the task details。
Qi Zheng nodded,There is appreciation in the eyes,Sure enough, the boss’s vision is right,Although these two young people are young,But full of potential,Worth reusing。
“okay,Ready to go,The people in the sea are still nesting,Please solve it as soon as possible,The boss will clearly see your performance,Perform well。”Qi Zheng said to Shen Lin and Su Ran。
Shen Lin and Su Ran smiled at each other,Qizheng nodded and went out,The people outside are already waiting,Shen Lin said something and can start,A group of people got in the car and went to the destination。
People in Haishi are nestled in an abandoned factory,Hard to find,When Shen Lin and the others arrived,The sky is dark,At this time, human vision is the most impaired。
To the place,The other person should have noticed it,Step ahead,Shen Lin’s car is at the front,He said something to Su Ran:“Ran Ran,Sit down。”Su Ran nodded。
Shen Lin suddenly speeds up,Sensitive left and right to avoid roadblocks cleverly,The car behind will naturally understand what’s going on,Also follow Shen Lin’s route。
When it’s time,The people in the sea market are trying to escape,Too late to talk nonsense,Shen Lin rushed up and gave someone a kick,The man fell on the ground。
The rest of the people can’t see it,I had to come back and face Shen Lin hard,Su Ran picked up an iron rod on the factory floor,It’s a great thing to face someone who rushes up.。
Chapter four hundred and fifteen Liu Neng picks things up again
The person across saw another woman,I think women’s ease is a breakthrough,Are coming to Su Ran。Shen Lin shouted to the back while waving his fists:“Protect Miss Su,Leave it to me here。”
Su Ran, to Fan Lao,That is too important,And she has a better skill than Shen Lin,It’s also a little bit worse,So for them Shen Lin,Protect Su Ran,It’s definitely the most important thing。