But now it’s different,Tu Chuan was one of the twelve apostles,If he doesn’t even know where the headquarters of the secret medicine group is,No ghosts believe。

really,Tu Qin nodded,Tao:“I do know the location of the headquarters,I also know that the Great Lord must be there!”
This remark,Everyone is hot。
If you can lock the location of the headquarters of the secret medicine group,While the great sage is present,Under the precise strikes of modern military forces,Maybe you can get rid of this big cancer in one fell swoop。
“But it’s useless!The strength of the Great Lord is unfathomable,It has reached the realm where the autumn wind has not moved.,Able to foresee,As long as one is in danger,He will run away immediately。”
“And as long as this person is not removed,Just blow up the headquarters,It’s not useful for eggs!Will only invite greater revenge。If the Great Lord is determined to throw a nuclear bomb,Human disaster is coming。”
Some explanations of Tu Chanchun,Suddenly burned out the flames in everyone’s hearts。
After all,Or the great venerable individual is too strong,Such a powerful man,Come and go like wind,Between the sky and the earth,Nuclear weapons in hand,As long as he doesn’t die,Is a huge hidden danger in the whole world,Sloppy。I believe this is also the reason why governments of various countries are throwing rodents。
“Then kill the Great Lord first,Destroy the secret medicine group headquarters again。Or help you up,Replace it,Take another picture。”Lu Menglin squinted his eyes,Smiled。
Hear this sentence,Tu Ching was shocked,Suddenly opened my eyes。
Lu Menglin’s method,At first glance, it sounds wild,Dare to think about anything,But think carefully,If you can kill the Great Lord,Everything is possible。
“Hehe!To do
Great Lord,Easy talk?I guess he can kill me with just one move。”Tu Chuming smiled bitterly。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“Single-handedly challenge him,Of course you can’t,What if the sneak attack?Can you hurt him?”
“difficult!He won’t give me a chance!”Tu Chan shook his head。