The Weihe Tourism Alliance is about to set up the 6th city of Shanxi "hand in hand"

  Original title: The Fenhe Tourism Alliance is about to set up 6 provinces "Hand" on November 17, the Taiyuan City Culture and Tourism Bureau issued news, starting from our city, 6 city in the province will set up a Fenhe Tourism alliance. The Alliance will expand the Taiyuan "friends circle", and cooperate in terms of cultural interoperability, industrial complementarity, brand mutual flopping, mechanism mutual promotion. The city’s cultural tourism cooperation exchange has been "online": incompetent into the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei "Friends Circle", and constructs "Taiyuan Basin" "Tai Yu Economic Zone" integrated development pattern. The Weihe Tourism Alliance will explore the culturality of the Fuhe River, and create a new scene of cultivation of literature, and the intercity of intercity and literature resources around the Weihe River are effectively connected, integrated, and form a joint development circle.

  In terms of enriching tourism products, the city has been constantly moving, the Wenxin Festival activities and theme boutique tourism routes: "2021 Jinxiu Taiyuan · Ecological Xishan Sakura Culture Tourism Festival and Jinxiu Taiyuan Ambitions" "Dragon Boat Festival · ‘粽’ Taiyuan City "" Jinxiu Taiyuan · Summer Tour "" Jinxiu Taiyuan Summer " On October 20th, in China · Hundreds of Engine Wenlo Ecology Conference, January to September 2021, the top ten beautiful cities in the country, the tenth place in Taiyuan. (Chen Xinhua).