The most visceral and the most visceral

The most visceral and the most visceral

The body is tired and knows the pain, including high blood pressure and diabetes. In fact, these are telling you a sentence: you should rest. This is the embodiment of the body’s self-protection function.

Therefore, according to their own desires, this is the truth.

Therefore, “beautiful food, let it be served, enjoy it.”

The nature of the human body must not be messed up.

  Our human nature is far from being “beautiful, eat whatever it pleases, and be happy.”

The goal is the expression of the liver, which involves the soul of the human body.

So if you look at it clearly, your heart will be disturbed, and your mind will be lost.

In ancient times, health care was always about eyes closed. “Evil and evil can’t confuse their hearts.” They are all in line with their own Taos.