White Collar Mental Stress Illness and Prescriptions

White Collar Mental Stress Illness and Prescriptions

White Collar Incidence 1: Characterization of Asthma: Functional Dyspepsia, Peptic Ulcer, These two diseases are closely related to work and living conditions.

Shi Lin, a professor of university psychology, talked about many such cases she encountered in her work: Many white-collar women consulted her and could not eat all day. When she saw meal, she felt “enough”, which led to loss of appetite. SometimesEven severe stomach pain.

  Causes: Nowadays, the pace of life in the society is accelerating, and work efficiency is improved, especially the stress of work is greatly increased. Therefore, poor mood and excessive psychological stress will lead to fatigue and a full meal, and some young peopleIn order to lose weight, white-collar workers even dispel the idea of eating, and dialysis function and digestive function will be impaired for too long.

  Prescriber: University of Psychology professor Shi Lin Diagnosis and treatment Prescription: Do not be passive or indulge Do not always play with your temper when you are in a bad mood at the unit or at home, do not drink, do not eat food, do not go to the KTV under neon when you are tired and want to relax, Hotels, dance halls, and other places to indulge their emotions, you must reasonably relax, such as outings, fitness, attending salon parties, and so on.

Eat more vegetables, less fatty and fried foods, and try to avoid fried snacks when you are busy at work.

  White-collar causes two: Characters of insomnia: It is difficult to fall asleep at night, and a little sound at night will wake up, resulting in lack of energy during the day and yawning.

  Cause: Many urban white-collar workers now work late at night, and sometimes work all night, but because of work relationships, they have to get up early, make sleep irregular, biological clock disorder, and damage the “sleep device” of the human brain, which causes insomnia.

These white-collar workers suffer from the problems of difficulty in falling asleep, having more dreams, and waking up early due to poor living habits, excessive pressure, and long-term psychological depression.

Some people with insomnia also suffer a great deal of damage to their immunity, eventually causing diseases such as high blood pressure.

Qu Haiyan, a psychological consultant at Beijing Zhengqingyuan Health Check-up Center, told reporters that there are many veteran editors and reporters who are working in the media and said, “Now the competition is too fierce, and I am getting older.If you are not careful, you will be eliminated.

“Because a certain group of people has to check a lot of information every day, go to various places for interviews, write articles, and sometimes the article manuscripts will be revised many times over and over again, afraid that they will be edited and shot, and they have to start again.

So I felt too tired to breathe.

  Prescriber: Psychological Consultant Qu Haiyan Diagnosis and Treatment Prescription: Combining work and leisure with reasonable arrangements for work and leisure, and the courage to try a variety of effective relaxation methods to find an outlet for venting their emotions; to strengthen their own personality cultivation, do not be afraidStrengthening the learning of professional knowledge and continuously accepting new knowledge and new skills can easily cope with ease and maintain a peaceful mind.

  White Collar Part Three: Signs of Depression: Excessive daily depression, low moods, and different moods, no interest in anything, loss of past life, enthusiasm for work, and often pessimistic and disappointed future.

  Causes: The high pressure of white-collar workers causes this group to have its own characteristics in emotional and psychological problems, which are prone to mental fatigue, distracted attention, and irritability in case of trouble.

I can’t communicate with colleagues and friends, and I don’t express my own opinions. I often hold myself in my heart. I feel sullen when I am unsatisfied, and I do not yearn for anything.

  Prescribing doctor: Psychological counseling doctor. Prescription: First, speak freely: Don’t “unplug” unhappy things, “talk to friends” and “play easily.”

When you are in frustration, you can go home and talk to your lover, or you can ask a few close friends to find a tea shop, and then you will spit out hardship and ask for help. This will make your mood much easier.

  Second, find a working environment that suits you: He Jiujiu, the chief physician of Zhengqingyuan Health and Medical Examination Center, said, find a working environment that suits you.

The same work is done by two different people. Some people can do it quickly and easily. Some people feel that the burden is the pressure.

So you need to find your own work style and environment, and find your own comfortable work before you can fully complement it.

  The decompression prescription from the organizational system was mentioned by experts during the discussion process. In addition to the white-collar workers themselves to solve psychological problems or psychological obstacles, many companies are aware of the mental health of white-collar workers at the same time. If business managers can actively take effective measuresThe decompression management strategy helps these employees to correctly understand the problem of work stress. Then, this group of employees can be prevented from developing in the direction of severe psychological fatigue in a timely manner and keep them healthy.

As a result, experts from Zhengqingyuan Health Check-up Center have issued some prescriptions for the company’s management organizers: Prescription 1: Liu Baoqing, General Manager of Psychological Counseling Center of Zhengqingyuan Health Check-up Center, said that enterprises should avoid the pressure of employees, but should create more favorableWork environment to relieve stress, keep the company’s employees and the entire enterprise in the best state, and meet the challenges of work with full energy.

Such an ideal state requires not only an individual with an optimistic mentality and solid skills, but also an enterprise to create a good environment and a harmonious and efficient organizational structure.

  Prescription 2: Liu Zhijun, a psychological consultant at Zhengqingyuan Health and Medical Examination Center, said that enterprises can set up “employee assistance programs” internally.

The so-called “Employee Assistance Program” is an enterprise that provides health care services for employees, including an annual health examination, assessment of their own health status, dissemination of health knowledge to employees, and establishment of psychological counseling channels for employees.Companies, enterprises and institutions are professional organizations that provide such a health service.

  Recipe 3: You can add some recreational activities, such as coffee bar, ice bar, etc. When employees work to a certain time, they can go to the coffee bar to chat and rest, so that they do not have to relax the employees’ mood and will work harder after work.

  Recipe 4: He Jiuyin said that in some large companies, internal fitness centers can be established so that employees can truly appreciate that the company cares about their health, and in turn, employees can create more for the company under the best psychological conditions.Great value, this is the most benign cycle.