“OK OK,Prince sartu,As long as you know that I am not here to harm you。”Qiao Tianyu patted Prince Sartu on the shoulder,Comfort road。

Slap in the face,Give another sweet date—-This is what Qiao Tianyu has tried repeatedly“Tame people”Technique。
“I know!I understand!”Prince Sartu quickly responded,“Brother Joe,Please tell me if you have anything,Up the knife, down the fire,I have nothing to say about Sartu!”
“it is good!”Qiao Tianyu is very satisfied with Prince Sartu’s statement,“I need your help to send this letter to someone。”
“A person?Who?”Prince Sartu is instinctively alert,I thought Qiao Tianyu would pass the report to the Saudi King。
“Don’t get me wrong,I would like to ask you to send this letter to the Saudi ConsulateOPECPlenipotentiary Prince Shahid。”Qiao Tianyu explained。
“You should understand,A month precisely becauseOPECOil production increase policy andLTCMShort the international crude oil market,It finally led to the plunge in international crude oil prices,So you have to tie the bell,To raise international crude oil prices,I still need Prince Shahid’s help!”
Prince Shahid is Saudi Arabia’s first old king Ibn·One of Saudi Arabia’s oldest grandsons,Although already the third generation prince of the Saudi royal family,But the age is not much different from the second generation princes like Sartu,They are all in their fifties。
Who knows that Prince Sartu, who just patted his chest, was about to go up to the sword,When I heard that I was going to hand the letter to Prince Shahid,But embarrassed。
“Prince sartu,Is there any difficulty?”Qiao Tianyu asked。
“Brother Joe,You know something,Prince Shahid is my nephew,But he is about my age,He is proud,Hard to reach,Only buy the face of Prince Rahul,Is a diehard loyal to Prince Rahul!”Prince Saltu quickly explained。
“Besides, Prince Shahid and Prince Mahmoud have a deep grudge,The recent suppression of crude oil prices was planned and implemented by Prince Rahul.,Is aimed at putting Prince Mahmoud to death。”
“For Prince Shahid,This time, he can kill his mortal enemy Prince Mahmoud,To show loyalty to Prince Rahul,So just by a letter,I’m afraid it’s not enough to make him betray Prince Rahul.?”
“Haha,It’s ok!”Qiao Tianyu smiled,Turned and looked at Andre,It’s time for Andre to work,“Andre,Could you borrow the fuchsia pendant around your neck for a use?”
“what?Boss,You say this?”Andre took out the pendant from his collar in a little surprise,But reluctant to take it off。
Qiao Tianyu knows this pendant is of great significance to Andre,So smiled and patted Andre on the shoulder,“Do not worry,I won’t lose you。”
“Prince sartu,Can you help find a photographer,Take a photo of this pendant?”