Jiang Ya was talking as she walked forward:“Zheng Tianming,Are you going to cause trouble here?”

Chapter 7 Shen Yue’s Entanglement,Give me a chance
“Dare not,How dare i offend you。”
“this matter,All misunderstanding。”
After Zheng Tianming saw Jiang Ya,Waved his hands again and again,Don’t forget to say to here。
but,Finish talking in Zheng Tianming,Jiang Ya raised her head and glanced at him,With a trace of contempt in my eyes。
“Since I dare not,So where did it come from,Hurry up where to go back。”
“Next time,I break your leg!”
It seems to know who Zheng Tianming is,Jiang Ya speaks,You’re not welcome。
And Zheng Tianming,Naturally dare not offend Jiang Ya,So nodded again and again,Fleeing away。
With Zheng Tianming’s departure,It’s finally a little cleaner here。
Wei Yuyan was very happy,Directly holding Jiang Ya’s hand:“Sister Jiang Ya,Thank you。”
“It’s nothing,a piece of cake。”
Jiang Ya is very calm,Didn’t take it seriously。
But even if Wang Teng is stupid,Can also tell,Jiang Ya’s identity,It’s not that simple。