Nothing is more heartbreaking than the ones about parents!

Look at it once!

Nothing is more heartbreaking than the ones about parents!
Look at it once!

Guiding language: When I was young, I always said that when I grow up, I must honor my parents and glory for my parents!

But now, will we argue with our parents because of small things?

Will you hate their embarrassment with rebellious psychology?

Look at the sentences about them, I believe you will understand a lot!

The back, the back of the tiny camel. He lived for his children in this life!

1. My mother told me: “It’s good to call back often. I am too bored at home and no one speaks.

2, there is no electric fan, no net, no you 3, online banking is my dad help me get it, then when I use it, I see the verification message is “daughter, hard work” 4, you don’t have time to run home, work is tight!
(In fact, this is a kind of heart-wrenching “mouth is not the heart”) 5, when I went to college in the field to go home, an aunt told me that my mother is not good enough to go out to work and earn money. When everyone persuaded her, she said: I am afraid that my daughter has no money to spend outside.

6, Dad got cancer, went to the operating room for surgery, and waited for four or five hours to finally come out.

He was sore and confused, thinking that he was going to die, looking for me everywhere, and writing a name in someone else’s hand when he couldn’t speak.

Then everyone understood that he was calling my name.

I think I have to cry.

7, Dad said, “There is a squatting place, there is a position.” Every time I think of this sentence, I will burst into tears.

Now that he is gone, what I am missing is no longer a position, or the whole world.8, who will call you in the middle of the night to call you out, will you not hesitate to agree?

– Mom and Dad!


I believe everyone knows!

9. Once I was in college, I called my parents: Is it ok at home?

My mother’s inadvertent words made me feel bad: if you are not there, you will feel empty!

10, some time ago want to change jobs, there may be a period of vacuum during the period of no money to pay rent, to the mother said that may be the main points of money, Mom said: nothing, not to say that you will not be a graduate.

11, she is coming, let’s go!

12, you just want to get, never thought about giving, this is why I will fall in love with her and never like you.

13, Dad said after drinking drunk: prostitute, no matter where you go, you must remember the phone number of Dad!

No matter what happens, if you call me, I will appear next to you.14, Dad said to me, prostitute, if you find a family condition is not good, your father will have to continue to suffer for the rest of his life.

Seeing this sentence, the tears are coming down.
For this sentence, it is to starve to death and never reach out to the family for a penny.

15, Dad is the kind of door face, the character is not good, when I was a child, I was not beaten by the old man.

I am still the kind of hitter.

Of course, I also belong to the bad boy who dares to challenge my dad’s bottom line.

Going to school is not at home.

At 5 o’clock in the morning, someone sent me a text message, which was made by the old man. I can’t remember the specific words.

Mean: Just dreaming, dreaming of hitting you when you are young, you can’t cry, Dad wakes up in his heart, and hopes that his daughter will not hate Dad when he was a child.

I was uncomfortable in my heart, and of course I cried.

Then tell Dad, where is the daughter who hates Dad in the world.

(Playing this word, my nephew is blocked) These rough hands have worked for us for a lifetime!

16, summer vacation with my parents to travel to Kunming, on the plane, my mother told me the passbook password at home.
Then say that the money is yours in the future, all for you, BLABLABLA. Suddenly feel very sad, parents have been thinking about their children for the rest of their lives.
17, once, just made a call for my parents to pay for the money, and then ran out to play, and found that there were twelve missed calls and 23 unread text messages on the mobile phone in the bedroom!

It’s all parents!

18, holiday at home to listen to my grandmother said my father’s birthday, I forgot to go back to school.

At 2 o’clock the next morning, my dad sent a text message to me – “I thought my daughter would remember my father’s birthday, but I didn’t wait for my daughter’s text message all day.” I saw it in the morning and started to see it.Suddenly, I am sorry, now I want to come to the nose and still sour.19, “Mom happy birthday!

“It was very easy to say a word that day, my mother was happy for a few days, everybody will mention!

20, when I was in junior high school, the teacher beat people, the teacher beat the students, I didn’t want them to go up, and when I got home, I said this to my mother. Mom suddenly said, if your teacher hit you, I will find someone to cut your teacher.

I felt very funny at the time. My mother was a good woman. How could it be so fierce? Now I feel so sour.

21, I: Dad, your hair is white for so many years.

My dad: At least in the next few years, it will not be white again.

22, “Taro, the bag is 100 yuan, you take 80, I use 20 is enough, you remember to buy eggs in the morning to eat.”

9 years ago, I lost my husband and my husband’s weekly reading fee and lost money. I didn’t dare to ask my family again. He took 20 pieces in his school for a week, and returned to the school on the 5th night.Home, he ate a small rice cooker’s meal.

23, sitting in front of the computer, suddenly received a short message: What are you doing?

have you slept?

It was sent by my mother, and it was already 11 o’clock in the evening!

She knows that I must be online.

24, once, my mother and I are awkward, she will not give me money for a few days (breakfast + pocket money), nor give me dad money (she knows my dad wants to give me)!

That morning, I went back to school with my schoolbag. My dad came in and gave me 2 yuan!

Said, prostitute, you take the fight first, I will steal again!

I just read it wrong, I thought it was a 50 (because 50 and 2 yuan are green)!

I was crying at the time!

There is also, when my parents are divorced!

My mom took all the money away!

My dad went on a tricycle and earned me a lot!

One day, when he got home, he spread out on the sofa and said, “Women, today I am watching you go to school at the school gate!”

I asked him if he didn’t call me?

He said that he was in a tricycle, afraid that my classmates would watch, I would have no face!

I am crying!

my dad!

I want to cry once!

I have to make more money and make him suitable for Baba.

25, I am afraid of black, so I go to sleep every day, I didn’t fall asleep when my mother turned off the lights one night, but because I was afraid that she said me, I closed my eyes and went to sleep. As a result, my mother came over and touched my face and kissed me.I took a moment and then turned off the lights. At that time, the tears came out (the two of us quarreled that day), and now I go to college in the field, I want my mother.

26, Mom said: In addition to me and your father, don’t trust other people.

27, something happened a few days ago, it was my own thing, I should solve it myself.

But my dad didn’t take a seat for more than four hours, and I still can’t help but come.

The matter was solved, and my dad was eating at night. My dad said that he would leave early the next morning.
I texted my mom when I was eating.
My mom said: “You will accompany him!

28, when I was adolescent, I didn’t understand things, I talked very hard, and I was impatient with my parents. One day, I suddenly got a letter from my mother to me in the textbook. I said, “Daughter, mother is old, watching TV often.”I can’t remember that one. I love to sing and often forget how to sing. I have to say so many times when I want to talk. Can you have more patience and a little color, just like when you were a child, you will not teach me.

“At the time I was in class, I couldn’t help but shed tears. Now I feel uncomfortable thinking about it. My mother was too wronged at that time.”

I am too ignorant.

29, I had a headache last night, washing my clothes, and asked my son to find medicine for me.

The three-and-a-half-year-old son brought the medicine (I often have a headache, he knows Fen must), and looks for water everywhere. The water dispenser is empty, and the water does not dare to let him fall. He actually finds half in my cup.Glass of water, hurry to put the medicine in my mouth to feed me, accidentally poured my face of water.

My son looked down at me, his face was concerned, and my heart was broken.

Little son, because I am in poor health, I know more things than other children, and learn to do a lot of things.

30, I was told by the doctor that it is difficult to get pregnant in the future. I asked BF what to do. He said that I haven’t thought about the child’s business. I only know that your child and child are important to me.

When I saw this message late at night, I burst into tears and secretly vowed to be good to this person. I must not disappoint him.

Lonely, I stood in the corridor and smoked cigarettes 31. I graduated and went to the boyfriend’s city to find a job. I haven’t found it for a long time. My mother called and said: If you can’t come back, your dad will swear at home and sneak up.cry.

It’s so sad to be sad at the end of the phone.

32. A word that I saw on the Internet during the earthquake – I found out that many people in my life who have passed by, have lost their voices.

I thought it would always be together, so I didn’t say much if I thanked you.

I still feel sad after reading it again.33, and my aging mother told me after the divorce: Son, you can rest assured that if you want to eat, you should raise your child!

34, you will understand later, if there have been such people in the world, others will become will, I am not willing to.

You will be someone else, maybe someone else will be you, maybe one day I will become the object of “will”.

35, “Just a little tired.

I don’t know who can trust.

36, you are responsible for good books, we are responsible for making money at home for your study. 37, my mother had a heart attack, suddenly called me before going to bed, said, if I left, do not bury after the cremation, put the ashesSprinkle in the surrounding river or in the mountains so that I can always protect you from staying with you.

I cried like a child, and I cried.

38, the wrong information was sent that day, the information to the current BF was sent to the former BF, after a while, he replied to me: You have never said this to me, for a year, never. at that time, the heart was sour.

39, child, I am really sorry, Mom spent almost the money you went abroad.

Two months later my mom left me because of lymphoma.

Mom, I would rather spend our money and add my 20 years of life to your side.
You haven’t even seen me getting married and left. 40, why do people in the north and south of the country often go home at the end of the New Year?

Because there are parents at home!

41, I saw tears running for an afternoon ah ~ ~ Suddenly remembered that my brother told me: “big sister?
You are looking for a boyfriend, don’t look taller than me (brother 180) and don’t look stronger than me.

“I asked why.

He said: “Be taller than me, if he is strong, he will bully you, I will not beat him!”

“90’s younger brother is actually very sensible~~ 42, even if there are more sisters, if the parents are gone, may the Chinese New Year be gathered?

43, Yesterday, watching the news said that there was a person with cancer, in order to save money for the family, died.

Ask her husband before going to bed at night: “If I have cancer, will you treat me?”
“My husband is falling asleep, stumbled and said: “The family is also ruined.

“I said: “If you got it?”

“My husband said: “Then I will not be cured.

“I asked: “Why?
“The husband said: “There is no one left, making money is not easy.

“At the time, I was sad. I said, “I will treat you if I go to sell blood.”

“He fell asleep.”

Come to work today, think about it, just see this post online.

I hope everyone is healthy and healthy!

44, go home from school every night, just open the door, my mother will appear on the door at the right time, give me a slipper to take a schoolbag, maybe she waits for a long time every night!

45, Mai Tai said: If you no longer eat the chicken made by your mother, then the mother’s everything will be gone.

When I was watching, I didn’t know why my heart was sour, and my tears could not stop falling.

Old, always want to hold grandchildren, but.

46. Before the father died, I asked him if he had a prescription. He shook his head and said, “No!

47, Dad is useless, can’t let your mother and daughter live a better life.

48, when my father gave me medicine, I got it.

Mom yelled at him, and he went out later.

Mom asked her sister, where did Dad go.

My sister said to cry outside.

49. Once, the slimming tea I bought was discovered by my mother. My mother cried at the moment and said aloud words: If you want to be embarrassed, you will roll away, don’t let us see, or I willDad will not live.

When I burst into tears, I knew that I couldn’t ruin myself because of losing weight. I couldn’t be selfish and didn’t consider my mom and dad.

Now, I am very grateful to my mother for stopping me from taking diet pills, thank you.

Let me know that health is the most important thing.

50, the relationship with Dad has been bad, has been very cold, and later I can see that Dad wants to care about me and compensate me, but I have always resisted and replaced him.

Once he was drunk, he wasted me crying, saying, daughter, do you know that Dad is the one who loves you the most, do you know that no one will love you more than Dad!

I cried at the time. 51. When I was in Wenchuan, I just went to Mianyang to sketch. After the earthquake, I couldn’t get out of the phone. I lost more than 30 hours with my family. When my last call was made, my mom kept crying: No.How can you and I live with your father?

I think that my nose is sour now.
Editor’s Note: Family is the purest feeling in the world, parents are the most trustworthy people in the world!

And we are born as children, parents who are worried about their parents all the time!

So what should we do?

I don’t say, you should understand!