Therapeutic medicated diet for acute bronchitis

Therapeutic medicated diet for acute bronchitis

风寒束肺形  [临床表现]咳嗽、痰白而稀,或见恶寒发热、无汗、头痛、身痛、鼻塞流清涕,苔薄白,脉浮紧。  [食疗药膳]  1.Perilla porridge: 30 grams of atractylodes and 100 grams of japonica rice, cook porridge as usual, add 10-15 grams of perilla leaves while hot, and serve hot.
  2.Vinegar Tofu Recipe: 50ml of vinegar, 300g of tofu, 30g of vegetable oil, green onions.

After the oil is cooked, pour into the shallots, add some salt, and then pour into the tofu. Press the tofu into a mud and stir-fry. Add vinegar, then add a little water to continue frying.

  3.Egg ginger recipe: 1 egg, 12 grams of ginger.

Break the eggs, chop the ginger, then stir the two flavors together, cook and eat, 2 times a day.

  风热犯肺型  [临床表现]咳嗽、咯痰黄稠,或见发热、微恶风寒、口干咽痛、鼻塞流黄浊涕,舌尖红,苔藻白干或薄黄,脉浮数。  [食疗药膳]  1.Olive radish in a pot: 250 grams of green olives, 500-1000 grams of white radishes, decoction for tea, drink several times.
  2.Stewed maltose with radish juice: Use fresh white radish in an appropriate amount, wash and smash, squeeze a bowl of juice, add maltose, and place in a steamer and simmer for 15-20 minutes.

Fractions daily, with hot drinks for 3 to 5 days.

Egg Houttuynia Recipe: 1 egg, 30 grams of Houttuynia cordata, thickly fry Houttuynia cordata and juice, and use boiling boiling juice to wash 1 egg, warm, once a day.

  4.Coix seed reed root porridge: 60 grams of raw coix seed, 30 grams of fresh reed root, 60 grams of white rice, take porridge to take.

  燥热伤肺型  [临床表现]干咳无痰或咳嗽痰少难咯,鼻咽干燥,咳甚则胸痛,或见恶寒、身热,舌尖红,苔薄干或黄或白,脉浮数。  [食疗药膳]  1.Luo Han Guo pig lung soup: 1 Luo Han Guo, 200 grams of pig lungs, washed and cut into pieces, cooked soup, seasoned and served.
  2.Rock sugar stewed Sydney: 1 Sydney (or 2 bananas), peeled, add the right amount of rock sugar (or honey), stew.

  3.Broccoli and Jujube Raw Fish Soup: 250 g of broccoli.

5 candied dates, 500 grams of raw fish, 50 grams of lean pork, raw fish scaled, intestines dirty, washed, dried water, raw oil, bring to a pan, fry a little; washed lean pork; washed western cabbage, pickedShortness.

Add the ingredients to the boiling water pot. After the huohuo is boiled, simmer for 2 hours and season the food 1-2 times a day.

  4.Vegetable dried duck kidney candied soup: 4 dried duck kidneys, 100 grams of lean pork, 150 grams of dried cabbage, 5 candied dates, soaked in water, washed and cut into pieces; dried cabbage cut into sections; washed duck kidney, Dip slightly in warm water, cut into pieces; wash lean pork and cut into fine pieces.

Put all the ingredients in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it with huohuo, and cook for 2 hours in a simmering pot, season and eat it once a day.