Several major misunderstandings that novice fitness needs to pay attention to

Several major misunderstandings that novice fitness needs to pay attention to

With the improvement of living standards, most people in urban life are higher than the class, and they rarely exercise in the office every day.

So when the urban population has the economic foundation and intervention time, they will go to fitness.

Some fitness novices do not have any fitness knowledge, and there is no ideal effect when integrating fitness.

  The following points out several major misunderstandings that novices will have: 1.

If I exercise, I can eat a lot of mistakes about the relationship between exercise and diet. This logic often leads to weight gain.

Although exercise is the most effective and healthy way to prevent mental and physical burden after overeating, it should not be used as an excuse to indulge your mouth for a long time.

If this is the case, you are advised to collect as soon as possible. If you stop exercising again, your body may gradually rise.


The longer the exercise, the better. Although the longer the fitness time, the more obvious the effect of exercise, but remember that quality is always more important than quantity.

Sometimes we forget that in fact we spend time in the gym, including talking with friends, waiting for fitness equipment and waiting in front of the water dispenser.

Try to plan before fitness, try to train every muscle of the body.

Speed up your heart rate, challenge your limits, and spend most of your time in the gym on exercise. Remember not to stop exercising!

  3. In strength training, the heavier the better, the heavier the strength is to hope to obtain beautiful muscles and strength, and this should be a regular and step-by-step fitness process.

Try strength exercises close to your own energy range, see if your body can eat it, and then slowly increase strength.

However, many people think that the heavier the strength training, the better.

Excessive force can only cause muscle strain.

  4. Strength exercises are only suitable for men and women. The only way to lose weight is to control your diet.

Fortunately, we now know that letting the body form beautiful muscles can actually help improve metabolism, be more conducive to body beauty, lose weight, relieve, and strong muscles can help prevent osteoporosis and avoid personal injury.Helps maintain good health.

  5. Practice makes perfect. In fact, exercise is also a wonderful thing. If you are familiar with this exercise, you will easily achieve perfection, which means that the price you pay will decrease.

Many people are used to finding a fitness program they like and sticking to it.

More importantly, it will change your mental state and physical feelings during exercise.

Although we don’t need to stop doing sports that we like to do, we can find a few more sports that we may like and don’t keep our body always comfortable.

There are several sports and often exchange inertia that can be embedded in the body.

You will find more favorite sports and enjoy the fun of different sports.

  Every novice does not have a specific fitness plan when he starts to exercise, and there is no separate coach in the general gym to make a plan for you.

Remind novice friends to make a simple plan after fitness, and then gradually change the plan according to your fitness level, then fitness will be more effective.