Hot Yoga: Top Choice for Fashion Home OL

Hot Yoga: Top Choice for Fashion Home OL

Aerobics at home, banging, making the neighbors downstairs cover their ears.

Now girls love yoga, as long as they quietly “support” a certain movement, they can achieve healthy results.

  Then let’s make the first set of “hot yoga” together. Although the “hot” requirement at home cannot be reached at present-the indoor temperature is 34-38 ° C, but it can also help yoga fans to solve it.
  1. The action of meniscus is easier to imitate, just straighten your arms and slowly bend towards the body.

Pay attention to your corrective actions while looking at the mirror. Pay attention to your abdomen and chest. You will be close to your ears, otherwise you will not be able to breathe smoothly.

  2. The principle of “same hand and foot” of perching eagle: if the right hand is behind the left hand, then the right leg should try its best to go behind the left leg;

After successfully twisting the complete “Twist”, it is not easy to expect one minute, and beginners must do their best to hold on!

  3. Keep your head and knees on one foot and legs straight, and touch your own feet. If your ligaments are too tight, you will find it very difficult to do so. Please ask others for help, try to complete and adhere to each person’s ability, but do not deliberatelyPursue the length of time.

  4, toe work This is a difficult action!

Fold your hands together, move your feet to the groin on the other leg, and slowly squat, then keep your hands balanced to support, and then continue to squat slowly.

Finally squatted on one foot, then raised his hips, fully balanced with his toes.

Be careful not to fall.

  5. The camel kneels on his knees and his body “reverses”. The extent to which he can achieve it varies from person to person and is not forced.

But to control yourself, look back as far as possible, support your hands on your heels, and place your knees at right angles.

  6. Cobra lay face down, head up hard, just like cobra, don’t think it is relaxation exercise, it is not easy to do it.

  Tip 1. It’s very important to take a deep, even breath from start to finish!

  2. After 3 hours every night, wait for digestion on an empty stomach.

  3. After drinking, please drink plenty of water evenly.

  4, to maintain a peaceful and comfortable environment, it is best to have beautiful music.

  5. Do your best, not reluctantly. If you are unwell, you can stop practicing for a few days.