before this,In fact, many comrades in China know that Chen Geng is not only rich,And is a very famous car designer in the world,They even got Honda earlyX-BOChryslerfamilyPhoto,I even tried to make a small scale sludge model made by a domestic unit,I just want to see how the cars designed by Chen Geng actually look like。

But no amount of photos and clay models are as shocking as the real car in front of you。
Let’s talk about the Ford Crown Victoria,This is a length up to5.4M large full-size car,The only domestic car that is longer than this one is DahongqiCA770,The length is just stuck6Meter——5.995Meter,But Dahongqi is a three-row sedan,The Ford Crown Victoria is a two-row sedan,Consider the design years of the two cars、Industrial processing standards of the two countries,So to say something that may not be very pleasant,In fact, the Ford Crown Victoria looks better than the big red flag。
Say so,After some discussion,These leaders quickly formed a consensus that everyone agreed with.:This Ford Crown Victoria,Looks better than all other cars you have seen,Not only atmosphere,And majestic、The most important thing is that the big sofas at the front and rear look comfortable——Just say it directly“This car is particularly suitable as an executive car for senior leaders”Up。
As for the Mercedes-Benz that the magic city is driving at the same time to prepare for comparisonElevel(115),Don’t talk about the comparison with the Ford Victoria Crown,Chrysler directlyfamilyCan’t beat。
As a60Mercedes-Benz,Although he is holding a“BenzElevel”’S name,But compared to what everyone is familiar with years later、The body lengthened to more than five meters、Mercedes-Benz with a wheelbase of more than three metersElevel,Chassis code115This is not yet calledEClassElevel,Body length only4.6A little more rice,Not only the body size is nowhere better than Chryslerfamily,Even the sense of design is not better than Chryslerfamily。
As for the configuration,That’s even more incomparable,For the radio and air conditioner it’s all“luxury”Mercedes-Benz114/115Say,Face Henry·Ford specially selected this top version of Chryslerfamilyby“Power windows+Electric heating electric8Luxury leather seats+Rear air conditioner outlet+Automatic gear”A powerful equipment army,It’s simply crushed!
As for power,Simply can’t compare。
no way,Don’t look at how many years laterBBAConstituted“German Three Musketeers”It is recognized as the world’s top luxury car brand,Lincoln、Cadillac can only be regarded as a second-line product,But in the 70s and 80s,And even before the mid-nineties,BBAWhat is it?
Lincoln and Cadillac are the real world leaders in luxury cars!
In front of these two,Other car brands are scum。
Qiu Ke and Jiang Tao, who came to the airport with Chen Geng, asked Chen Geng excitedly.:“Mr. Chen,The two cars you cooperated with us,What is the level of these two cars??”
Chen Geng smiled,It’s a confident smile:“For this cooperation,The two cars I designed are named New Century and Camry,The positioning of the new century is mid-to-high-end official and business vehicles,Focus on the mid-to-high-end market,Camry is the main mid-end market,As for the strength of New Century and Camry……
Let me say that,In the new century, the engine and body size are not as large as the Victoria Crown,Nothing is worse than Crown Victoria,As for Camry,It is more than Benz115Configuration and body size,The main attack is your magic car to create the wolf fort that you wanted to introduce beforepassat B2Market space。”
If there are no two cars in front of you,The magic capital and even the comrades of the First Machinery Department think Chen Geng is bragging,With Wolfsburgpassat B2Even Mercedes115ratio?Chen Geng, you are really a newborn calf and not afraid of tigers,do you knowpassat B2It is the most advanced new generation mid-level car developed by German Wolfsburg?do you know,although115Has been123replaced,But they are Mercedes after all,Can you compare?
But still that sentence,Practice is all the standard for testing truth,Ford Crown Victoria and Chrysler designed by Chen GengfamilyRight in front of my own eyes,Ride in person on the way back、After the experience,Even the comrade who opposed the most,Also had to be completely convinced by Chen Geng’s ability。