Agricultural Development Changchang County Branch: Financial Power Juxing Country Revitalization

In recent years, the agricultural issue of Huichang County Branch has adhering to the family’s relations, strengthening the mission, more than 5 years, more than 39 billion yuan, agricultural development fund, and the poverty alleviation billion. As of the end of October, helping the loan balance billion, the amount of deposits, the balance ranked in the forefront of the county financial system, helping local rural villages.

Excellent completion of the "Thirteen", "Thirteen", "13th Five-Year Plan," Financial poverty alleviation supports. Accumulated poverty alleviation billion yuan, accurately supporting the relocation of easy poverty alleviation, water conservancy, human environment improvement, special industries, poverty village upgrades, etc. Detailed poverty alleviation. Choose the 3 years of powerful cadres to form a poverty alleviation work group, accumulating 27 poverty households, a total of 18 people in the village in the countryside, and actively striving for special funds to the county government and superior row, and have financing funds Nearly 81 million yuan is used to poverty of poor villages, of which 160,000 yuan is used to help village committees to establish a poverty alleviation studio, 650,000 yuan for the construction of the road to the road, and the reinforcement of the landslide section, solving the difficulty of travel The problem. Fully sing the "strongest sound" in the country, 2021, the row focuses on the key areas of "three rural", key links and short plate weakness, comprehensive use of various credit products "combination boxing", and be a "five full". Fully serve national food security.

Quickly put the county-level reserve grain loan 8.4 million yuan, acquire 3 million kilograms of food, ensure "money and other grain", and earnestly protect the interests of grain farmers.

Fully support the Yangtze River protection. Continue to put hundreds of millions of water conservancy construction loans, support the PPP project of Water Ecological civilization construction project in Changchang County to help build a harmonious and harmonious ecological pattern of people. Follow up to the resuscitation of easy poverty alleviation.

Continue to put billion-dollar poor villages to improve engineering loans, support construction project construction in rural water supply and rural drinking water source in Changchang County, benefiting 3,824 poverty alleviation of Yiwei, poverty alleviation, polishing "Country Revitalization Bank" brand image . Fully supports the improvement of people’s living environment.

It is used to improve the rural human environmental loans, which is used to support the construction project of Yumeiling Town in Huichang County to help build "beautiful" demonstration town.

Do your best to make a good job.

This year, four work players sent four works in 2 natural villages to carry out helping work. In response to the situation of helping the people’s labor, they actively strive to indicators, and the real gold and silver support the construction of the village-level poverty alleviation work, absorb the peripheral labor Workshop science increases family income.

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