After two years, Tang Jixiu remained autocratic and overbearing.

They get too close, smell his unique smell, absorb his nasal hoarse tunnel
I gave it to you.
Tang Jixiu raised his lip angle and increased his strength. His head was buried in JiCancan’s neck and he whispered.
You stole my heart.
When the words fell, Qi Cancan couldn’t help crying. She never remembered when she took Tang Jixiu’s heart away.
See JiCancan don’t talk Ji Tang will hug her more tightly.
Don’t leave me again.
I love you brightly.
The confession of the slightest sign made Ji Cancan stiff as a rock. She squinted and cried and laughed.
With great determination, she raised her hand to encircle Ji Tang’s waist.
They hugged each other tightly and felt each other’s temperature warmer than today’s sunshine.
For a long time, it’s not sweet. I shook my hand and complained in a low voice.
Dad is not sweet, so he can breathe quickly.
Smell JiCancan consciously pushed Tang Jixiu strength is not small Tang Jixiu holding not sweet back a few steps.
After recovering, they stared at each other and laughed inexplicably.
Tang Jixiu held JiCancan’s hand tightly.
I don’t want to give others a number. I don’t want others to do things. You are willing to be Qian Qian for thousands of times
Nothing is better than not meeting again. At this moment, the sun rises in the sky and the whole world suddenly lights up.
We used to be 1.
When Tang Jixiu first met Qi Cancan, she still had a huge lollipop in her mouth, and her eyes flashed like stars.
After Tang Jingyun led her into Tang Zhai, Tang Jixiu first saw Song Shizhen’s gloomy face.
This is your home after the bright lights. Call your mother.
Song Shizhen is not very friendly, and even her face and smile are very reluctant.
JiCancan’s eyes are written with thousands of unwillingness, but she still hides the lollipop very quickly, grinning behind her and yelling at Song Shizhen for several mothers.
Your parents are dead, right? There is no one else in your family.
Song Shizhen’s outspoken every word pokes a sore spot in JiCancan’s heart.
JiCancan hands behind him kept pinching his arm worship tunnel
It’s the mother
Her name is quite smooth.
Tang Jixiu saw Qi Cancan’s every move clearly on the second floor. He became interested in this little girl for the first time. She was under ten years old, but she learned to read and read.
The whole Tang family seems to have no one to like her except Tang Qing.
But she doesn’t seem to like Tang Qing very much, but she is particularly sticky to Tang Jixiu.
Qi Cancan’s mouth is so sweet that Third Brother hardly leaves his mouth.
To Tang Jixiu’s house, she always follows him like a small tail. One day, Tang Jixiu came out of the shower and saw Jicancan fall asleep by the door holding his knees. He quickly returned to the bathroom and dressed neatly before he came out and kicked Jicancan’s dissatisfaction.
品茶论坛Can you stay away from me?
JiCancan a tingle bounce up and rubbed his sleepy eyes a face of injustice to ask.
Third brother, do you hate me, too?
Smell speech Tang Jixiu one leng, he began to not white JiCancan what will also be the word to react before he realized JiCancan Tang Jiahao status at all, after all, Tang Jingyun privately adopted her back, not everyone can easily accept it.
Tang Jixiu didn’t answer calm face will she launched the door.
At that time, he also felt JiCancan particularly annoying in his heart, except pretending to be poor.