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Two unicorns!

Seeing that Chen Mo took out two unicorns and some of them came around np to accept the players’ envy.
This guy is lucky, isn’t he? He met two unicorns out of ten!
It’s a pity that he has already made it. If we see us outside, we will be rich!
Many people in the crowd are talking about it, and they even want to rob Chen Mo first.
They don’t know that if they are in the wild, they have been killed by Chen Mo.
Good, you did a good job. Your voucher is a record of the fact that you gave me two unicorns. When you go to the keeper on this floor, he will let you enter the reward layer. You can catch two unicorns and enter the war beast layer to catch two war beasts. Of course, it depends on your own luck.
The middleaged man saw that Chen Mo not only killed a fugitive, but also brought back two unicorns. He was very satisfied and nodded.
Chen Mo thanked the horse and hurried to the fifth floor keeper.
The watchman is still an old man. When Chen Mo saw him, he took out his certificate. The old watchman took a look and took out a scroll. This is a special scroll sent to the reward layer. After you make it, you can send it directly to the reward layer. When you come out from the reward layer, you will enter the sixth layer.
Show that you get the special delivery scroll!
It is very rare that the special delivery reel can enter the designated reward layer after it is enabled at the corresponding layer of the ability tower!
Reward floor, I’m coming!
Chen Mo got the special scroll, and the horse moved it directly.
Chen Mo appeared in a delicate courtyard with a flash of light.
Here comes another little guy.
Ah, it’s hard to raise a war beast and send another one out.
Not necessarily. Maybe he also failed to catch. There are many people who came here to catch the failure in the end.
Blame it on, everyone is greedy.
There are several grooms in the courtyard who are inconspicuous and np’s are whispering.
Come here, little guy.
Beside several grooms, there was a lazy and fat man lying around np. He shouted to Chen Mo with his eyes open.
This is a war beast contract. There are a lot of war beasts outside this hospital. You can take the contract to contract with the war beast you want. If the contract succeeds, you can take the war beast away from the contract failure. Naturally, there is nothing left. Pang Langyang took out a scroll and waved it at Chen Mo.
Show that you have won the war beast contract!
The special props of the war tower can be contracted with a war beast. If the messenger is a hunter or summoner, this contract can also be permanently contracted with the war beast to make the war beast a pet, but it will increase the difficulty of the contract.
Well, I’ve given you the contract, so you can go to the war beast you like to contract. Fat waved to catch people.
Boss, there are still matters needing attention.
A groom’s younger brother woke up quickly.
Precautions: Oh, by the way, there are also precautions. There are not many precautions. You should remember that it is ok to hurt the fighting beast inside, but you can’t kill it. If you kill the fighting beast, you will be defeated by the area. Fat smell speech is lazy to add.
Why is there any problem?
See Chen Mo didn’t first from fat a little uncomfortable to ask.
I want to catch two war beasts. Do I need two contracts?
Chen Mo checked a contract and knew that it was a consumable prop, so he knew that Fat Shao gave him a contract.
Do you want two copies? Everyone who comes here is a copy! Fat surprised to Chen Mo.
Chen Mo was too lazy to explain why he handed over his voucher directly.
Advanced credentials? Fat at the sight of this going a while, but as he is right, the voucher record information is a language.
It’s so lucky to catch two unicorns. Unicorns don’t mean that you can catch one if you want. It’s good to catch two people in such a short time, which can be said to be a person with advanced credentials.
Well, I’ve got a contract for you. After confirming the voucher information, Fat also readily took another contract to Chen Mo.
By the way, I’ll give you a piece of advice. You should do what you can here, don’t aim too high, or you’ll probably come home with your hands full.
Chen Mo turned to be discharged from the hospital fat when suddenly debut.
The silence nodded out of the hospital.
It’s not that he doesn’t listen to the warning, but that he hasn’t even seen the reward layer war beast to judge the fat words.
桑拿会所It’s really worthy that the war beasts look very fierce one by one!
Chen Mo has been to World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is very similar to here, and the rules are the same. You can’t kill living creatures in it.
However, compared with those mount beasts that are not aggressive in World of Warcraft, each of the reward layer war beasts looks extremely fierce and has great fighting capacity.
Chen Mo came all the way to see the wolf, tiger, leopard and other unified types of war beasts. Each of these war beasts is ferocious and aggressive, and can contract with them to make them their own war beasts. It is estimated that they can double their combat effectiveness for a while.
Chen Mo tried and met some battles, and found that the fighting capacity of the fighting beasts was very strong. One can fight about two or three monsters of the same level and the damage will not be too great.
However, Chen Mo turned a circle and found that there were some common monster types and war beasts around him.
These battles have good attack power, but they are still not enough for Chen Mo.
Not very rare or powerful war beast, he doesn’t care about his roots.
And a circle turned to Chen Mo also found that in this reward layer, the war beast also has a territorial division like the monster outside.
Weak and weak war beasts will be attacked by powerful war beasts if they accidentally enter the territory of powerful war beasts.
But the socalled powerful war beast Chen Mo still can’t see the eye.
These war beasts are not strong enough!
Different war animals have turf wars, and that’s all, which makes Chen Mo even more eloquent. When he passed a squirrel activity place, he saw that there was rejection along with World War I animals.
Squirrel, a fighting beast with almost no fighting capacity, should be regarded as the weakest fighting beast here. Normally, Chen Mo wouldn’t even look at the squirrel root, so he wouldn’t consider it.

How time flies! Six years seems like a blink of an eye, and you and Yu Enze’s child Anbao have grown so big. He is such a cute and clever boy, just like you and Yu Enze.

I once regretted that I didn’t get Luo Chen’s love, because it was always my wishful thinking that I couldn’t get into his heart.
In order to banish my love for Luo Chen, I chose the theory of wandering around the world because of my individuality and selfishness. I hope I can forget him.
Later, I gradually realized how stupid the decision I made was. I was just passively avoiding the morning.
In the past six years, I have drifted all the way from prosperous Manhattan to winding blue Panama Canal, shuttling through the dangerous amazon rain forest, walking the vast African prairie and the dry and hot Sahara desert.
Lonely, I crossed Qian Shan and traveled all over the world. Finally, I left all my thoughts and love for Luochen, which was magnificent but full of poverty and disease in the East African Plateau.
In the year of riots in Africa, I didn’t know that I was lucky enough to escape from those riots with cruel butchers and love bombs
I ran like hell, I ran all the time, I ran all my strength, I dare not turn back and I can run all the time, because I want to live, and I am not willing to die, so I die lonely and miserable in a distant land, and I have to live.
What used to be a simple and peaceful land became a river of blood and corpses everywhere. People in purgatory exuded pungent blood and corpse odor everywhere. The theory that "white bones are exposed in the wild and chickens crow thousands of miles away" was probably the gruesome and tragic scene at that time.
It was the first time in my life that I saw death with my own eyes. How many lives were lost overnight?
Maybe I have been running for a long time until I can’t tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest, and my vision is gradually blurred. I don’t know if I am falling down. I remember that I suddenly seemed to float and then quickly descended like flying.
My eyes suddenly turned black, without bullets, swords and shadows, and without heartbreaking screams, the world was quiet.
When I woke up, I was already lying in a kind family.
Although I didn’t understand their simple language, I guessed from their serious gestures that I was too tired to run forward because I had to run for my life. I didn’t notice that there was a steep cliff ahead, so I jumped involuntarily and fell into the river on the cliff like a parabola.
Unfortunately, I bumped into the water from my nose to the whole face, and a pool of sharp gravel and bright red blood spread rapidly, making the clear river dizzy.
Later, in a coma, I drifted to the shore and was found by the kind family. They took me home and bandaged my face and blood-soaked wound.
When I recovered, I was frightened when I saw myself in the water. I didn’t believe that the ugly and broken woman in the water was me. How did I become like that?
There is no woman who doesn’t care about her beautiful appearance. I am also a woman, which makes me accept myself and suddenly become a ghost.
My heart ached like a knife, and I was in pain all day. At the end of the riot, I wanted to live, but I chose to cut my wrist to commit suicide because I was disfigured by the law, but when I was found by that kind-hearted family, they saved my life again. I tried to commit suicide.
It is common for that kind-hearted family to live in poverty and hardship, but they have a lovely little girl.
Maybe it’s because I’m depressed every day. Every time that little girl comes back from the outside and picks fresh fruit hard, she doesn’t want to eat it herself. She always sends it to me and gestures at me to let me eat it.
I returned the fruit to her, and she forced it on me again and again. She was naive and gestured that eating those fruits would make my face wound disappear, and I would become beautiful again, even I would live a hundred years.
I couldn’t bear to refuse the little girl’s kindness and delicious food. She gave me fruit, and then she looked at me and smiled at me with pure innocence. Only then did I find that her eyes were so beautiful. When she looked at me, those eyes seemed to be talking to me.
Although we don’t speak the same language, that little girl likes me very much, which makes me happy. She will drag me out to look up at the sky at night, the stars will shine, she will take me to run freely in the prairie, and she will lead me to see the oasis in the desert. Somehow, I think of Luochen, who can’t stop missing me. I think Luochen really wants to miss Luochen.
I-I really can’t forget him. If I am wrong, I can’t forget him at all. He has become a thorn in my heart, and it will never be pulled out. It is deeply rooted in my blood. Even though he has never loved me, I still can’t force myself not to love him.
I, Ai Luo Chen, have always loved him. I can’t deceive my feelings. I decided to leave Africa. I want to meet Luo Chen and tell him that I love him and will always love him, even though he loves me in other ways.
After going through all kinds of hardships, I finally found the workers of the China Embassy in Ethiopia to help me return to the United States smoothly. At the moment my parents saw me, they cried excitedly and held me in tears.
My father and mother have been thinking about me for six years. In the past six years, they have aged a lot and lost a lot. As the saying goes, my parents don’t travel far, but I left my parents for six years. I spent their precious six years.
In the past six years, my parents have lived all day, and I have lived in the shadows. I have lost too much in my life and should enjoy happiness and blessings in my later years. This is all my fault. I am sorry for them. It is my unfilial duty.
From now on, I am determined never to leave my parents. I am not going anywhere. I will stay in America with them and do my best to make up for the filial piety and love I owed my parents.
Before I decided to stay in the United States to accompany my parents, I had an unfinished wish, so I went to new york from Manhattan to find Luo Chen, but he was not in his room. I called Luo Chen’s cell phone and got a response, but the number was no.
I went to see his parents, but unfortunately, my uncle and aunt’s room was locked. I heard from neighbors that they were lecturing at a foreign university and had not returned to China.
I went to work in Luochen again, and Dean White told me that Luochen had resigned from him six years ago because of some personal matters and returned to China.
In this way, I flew back to y city and now I have been transferred to Beijing, but I still haven’t found it. I miss Luo Chen.
When you told me that Luo Chen had gone to Africa to look for me, and I hadn’t heard from him for six years, my mind went blank.
At that moment, I was so scared that I was afraid that I would lose Luo Chen and the most important person in my life.
I don’t know what I would do without Luo Chen. I will never forgive myself in this life.
So I have to be selfish again. I want to return to Africa. I want to find Luo Chen.
All punishment departments let me bear the burden of suffering or torture. I gladly accept who made me make mistakes. Now I don’t want Luo Chen to love me. I beg that I can reunite with him. May he be stable for the rest of his life and happy with his beloved.
Long summer, I’m sorry that I wrote you such a long letter to tell you about my heavy and depressed feelings. I’m honored to meet your bosom friend in my life, which is also a gift from heaven.
I wish you and Yu Enze can get married as soon as possible and grow old together, and pray for providence to let me find Luo Chen, and then Luo Chen and I will come back to attend your wedding with Yu Enze and witness you enter the happy marriage hall.
Long summer, I’m leaving. I look forward to seeing you soon.
Don’t miss
Jiang Yushi
After reading Jiang Yushi’s letter, long summer suddenly looked up at the wall clock. She quickly picked up the car keys and flew out of the door. When Li Xiali landed and started driving, she stepped on the gas pedal and galloped away in the direction of the airport.
When I arrived at the airport, long summer parked the car in a hurry. She raised her hand and looked at her watch while running to the terminal. There was still one minute left to catch Jiang Yushi off.
At the end of the long line, long summer really saw the thin and lonely white figure "Rain Poetry". long summer couldn’t help shouting.
Jiang Yushi looked back in surprise. She didn’t expect long summer to come to the airport to see her off.
Long summer waved his hands towards her. "Rain Poetry, take care. Enze and I will definitely wait for you and Ouyang to come back. We should all be well."
按摩Jiang Yushi waved to long summer. Although she was wearing a mask, long summer could guess that she smiled and smiled brilliantly, as if she had returned to the original unrestrained and confident poem.
The plane rushed to the blue sky. long summer closed his eyes and folded his hands silently. Jiang Yushi and Ouyang prayed.

Cheng Yang went on to say, Well, I don’t know, maybe it’s a mental problem, and then I was stimulated to overeat. This kind of problem has to be asked by a psychologist. However, several colleagues in our institute joked earlier today that if we go in there casually, everyone can get fat, so we can switch to a public welfare fattening center, an anorexia rehabilitation center and people who want to practice but can’t afford it will all receive as much as they want from our institute. Haha

It seems that Cheng Yang and their colleagues also have a good sense of humor.
Cheng Yang said two more words of gossip and left in a hurry. He also had a job.
This time, the school should be strictly managed, so he won’t be allowed to run around again. Parents will not report the situation. Ke Yiwan made a guess according to her thoughts
I don’t know, always be vigilant. Xin Xiaotian spoke thoughtfully at the same time.
At this time, Swift said, If the news is true, it is really retribution. It is best to make him fat to 2 kg or 3 kg, so that he can experience the feeling that he can’t bend over his shoelaces and bow his head to see his toes, and his pants have to breathe three times at a time.
You hate it very much, and you talk as if you were too fat. Xin Xiaotian suddenly felt that coming to Swift was also quite funny. After talking a few more words, people felt that the first impression was still different.
Lai Swift sighed and said, I was a young man, and I knew why I would be with him because of the chronic development of Notre Dame disease. Didn’t psychology say that people with neurotic tendencies can attract the attention of the opposite sex more, but that’s not love, but some other complicated emotions. We rarely break up together when we are happy, and we have had several fights. This time, we are completely determined to separate.
Well, many ordinary boys can’t find girlfriends, but some wonderful things can always catch up with good girls. Ke Yiwan nodded with emotion
I talked briefly again, considering that there are still two girls waiting for the interview, and one person can’t delay too much, which is unfair to the girls behind. Xiaotian made an appointment with Swift to come to class at 9: 00 a.m. on time and watched her leave.
Then Xin Xiaotian met with the two candidates at the back of the row in turn, leaving a person named Xia Guo Rumei Qi Liuhai, who is super cute when she smiles. Seeing her will make her feel better.
It’s also an appointment to come to the official class at 9: 00 a.m.
Because of the addition of Zhu Orange Blue, a seasoned helper, and Mengmeng and Lulu’s help office today, Xin Xiaotian decided to make an appointment with the real estate agent to see the house so as to determine the location of the freshly squeezed beverage workshop as soon as possible.
I have seen several places where there are private houses, warehouses and residential buildings, etc. Finally, I am happy to rent a midrange residential unit. Because the first floor of this suite is shaded by sunlight, few people are interested.
But for her, it has many advantages. The living room is very large, which can be transformed into a workshop. At the same time, the transportation is convenient, parking is convenient, and the goods are convenient to enter and exit. The most important thing is that the rent is relatively cheapest.
In addition, this suite is a largescale threebedroom and oneliving room, and at least one room can be set aside for workers to rest.
So one afternoon, Xin Xiaotian decided to make her own decision, decided on the place and negotiated the rent, and signed a rental contract with the landlord.
What a smooth and rewarding day:
Chapter one hundred and forty Business is too good to worry about
In the evening, when they came back from their respective sports, they sat in the small living room and drank the super juicer to make a drink. Xiaotian and Ke Yiwan said that the room had been rented and there were still many things to be done in the freshly squeezed beverage workshop. There was no way to do it. The store took care of Ke Yiwan and said that it was white.
Because the money and money were collected by Ke Yiwan, she took the initiative to check the account with Xin Xiaotian.
These days, the initial membership deposit has received more than 70,000 yuan, and the number of fans in WeChat official account has reached more than 1,200. That is to say, there are already more than 7 members and nearly 5 potential members, which has far exceeded Xin Xiaotian’s expectations.
At this rate, the number of members will reach at least 2,000 when it is officially opened, which is still a conservative estimate. The wordofmouth effect and the advertising effect caused by the manfinding incident have not been taken into account.
Sure enough, as Chen Juan said, so many members didn’t say that the Ministry was present, and hundreds of people themselves couldn’t make it in this 22squaremeter shop.
In addition, the business of the water bar is good from the opening to full. In most periods, there are about 5 to 1 people waiting in line at the door. At the peak, there are more people waiting in line, so it has only been five days since the opening. The total turnover has reached 10,000 yuan, with an average daily income of 36 yuan and an average net profit of 23 yuan.
In the past few days, the business of this store has been so good that the shopkeepers on the left and right sides are envious, which makes the bosses of the whole street look at each other with new eyes. Every day, a team of sidewalk tables outside the water bar set up a simple booth surrounded by a bunch of people. Before the store officially opened, it just pulled up half the street and lost a third of its popularity.
Xin Xiaotian and Ke Yiwan stared at these figures for a long time and said at the same time, Why don’t you expand the scale and open a branch?
Only in this way can customers and members be diverted, otherwise sooner or later, customers will be noisy because of crowding.
It is also necessary to extend the business hours of the water bar from 9: 00 a.m. to 9: 00 p.m., so there is less need for five people to work in two shifts, Xin Xiaotian added.
You have to continue to recruit people. Ke Yiwan helped a pair of money and was worried.
Yes Xin Xiaotian nodded.
Opening a branch location is a problem. How far is it necessary to get the right distance? At present, are there any suitable shops to take from the convenient distance of these members?
This first store hasn’t opened yet, so will we start to decorate the second and third branches?
I have to get a general idea about the address of these members, and then let the real estate agent help me find a house. Xin Xiaotian always pays attention to the customer experience thinking, including the itinerary
If you go on like this, you will become a real estate agent. You will find a house to rent at both ends in three days, Ke Yiwan joked.
Poof Xin Xiaotian laughed and said, Besides, I remember that the shops to be rented in the big supermarket didn’t rent them because of the poor location at that time, but now we have a membership base, so it’s ok to be a little bit partial.
There should be no problem. What about the money? Ke Yiwan asked the key question
You don’t care if I’m responsible for the money. Xin Xiaotian is going to fool Ke Yiwan again. Anyway, she won’t get to the bottom of it
Or borrow it from Sun Jiashi? Ke Yiwan asked casually.
It’s not that there are special investors and me these days, and the problem of funds in the future is not a big problem. Xin Xiaotian deliberately did not explain much
Oh, it means that many big companies are supported by venture capital. After hearing you say that we are going to be in line with the international standards, why didn’t you tell me earlier? Ke Yiwan’s eyes sparkled and she looked very happy.
Ahem, I’m not busy these two days. Xin Xiaotian tried her best to hide it and wanted to be relatively easy to coax Ke Yiwan.
By the way, you said that if you go to the two of us at this speed, can you manage to open a branch and find a storefront to decorate the storefront? Ke Yiwan really abandoned the funds and considered more specific things instead.
Wait, let me manage. I suddenly found that there are a lot of things to do to build a freshly squeezed beverage workshop. It’s a lot of things, and then I have to open one or two branches. It’s not as simple as renting and decorating. It seems that I’m really much busier than Ben, so many things have to be handled by myself. Xin Xiaotian wondered if she could finish so many things by herself at the thought of these big heads.
Two, don’t hesitate. I think according to this momentum, we need two less. Ke Yiwan confirmed her posture and added a weight to her.
Xin Xiaotian feels heavy.
夜网论坛But it’s your own choice, and the road ahead is smooth, isn’t it?
Well, there are a lot of things in the two stores. Xin Xiaotian accepted all the challenges with her cheeks in her hands.
Yes, suddenly I’m so sad, but I can’t let everyone crowd this store if I don’t open it. Ke Yiwan nodded
I have to write down all the backlog items and do them one by one or at the same time, Xin Xiaotian said.
Success must be recoverable. Ke Yiwan suddenly asked this sentence, which seems to be somewhat uncertain.

Then he got a yellow card, and Xikang became cautious. Some other players were also afraid of Lu Wenbin’s Italian skills and dared not foul easily.

Real Madrid’s attack is much smoother.
Real Madrid scored again in the 36th minute.
This time, Xabi Alonso crossed Lu Wenbin and directly made a long shot to find Zemazema’s chest to stop the ball and hit it horizontally to the corner of Luo Luo’s forbidden area, and he succeeded in taking a long shot from the far corner.
Real Madrid 2 ahead of Corinti.
In the next ten minutes, the players who wanted to make a name for themselves in Corinti attacked and tried to equalize the score.
However, Real Madrid’s defense line is not a paper paste, and Corinti’s players’ shooting skills are also a little poor, and their luck is not good. In the end, they ushered in the end of the half-court game without scoring a goal.
After a 15-minute break, the half-court game officially began.
Corinti Ann continued the half-court attack. Finally, in the fifth minute, their midfielder paulinho assisted striker Guerrero to score a goal and pulled back a point.
Even a handful of Corinti fans are still cheering on the cheerful team, hoping that they will make persistent efforts to overtake the score, but Real Madrid expanded the score in the 62nd minute.
At the bottom of Dimaria’s sidewalk, Lu Wenbin volleyed a ball into Corinti’s goal again in the forbidden area.
Real Madrid 31 Corinti An
Chapter 619 Six crowns
After the score of 31, there is not much suspense about the result of the game.
At the 62nd minute, Real Madrid is still two goals ahead. If Corinti wants to attack aggressively and try to equalize the score, it will give Lu Wenbin a chance to head the Real Madrid offensive line to fight back.
In the eyes of professionals, the game is over
Of course, Corinti Ann players and fans will not give up.
After all, this is the world champion.
You have to fight until the last second.
Corinti Ann took over the game and made a more fierce attack, trying to attack and counterattack Real Madrid, and then kept attacking and scoring goals.
But contrary to their wishes, they failed to score in the attack, but Real Madrid scored again.
In the 74th minute, Emerson, a striker from Corinti, shot directly in casillas’s hand because the angle was too high.
Then before everyone withdrew from the forbidden area, casillas directly threw the ball to Marcelo on the wing and launched a counterattack.
Marcelo made a quick trip to the ball, and after a few steps, he got to the front without waiting for the opposing midfielder to come and grab the ball.
Then Luo, Zema, Lu Wenbin and others continued to cut and cooperate and then entered the forbidden area. Finally, Lu Wenbin shot low to complete the goal.
Lu Wenbin scored another hat trick and led Real Madrid 41 ahead of Corinti Ann.
All that commentator screamed with excitement when Lu Wenbin finis the hat trick.
"Oh, my God, hat trick, hat trick. Lu Wenbin did another hat trick."
"Although Lu Wenbin’s hat trick is not unusual, I want to tell the audience that this is the first hat trick in the history of the World Club Cup final."
Lu Wenbin once again made history. He became the first hat-trick player in the history of the World Club Cup.
In the semi-finals and finals, he scored six goals in two consecutive games. This may be a record of the former ancients and latecomers. I am afraid that no one can surpass it except Lu Wenbin himself.
"Even if there is no World Cup champion, I think Lu Wenbin is still the third king."
"It’s not just the ball king Lu Wenbin. It’s terrible. He’s not a human being, not even an alien. He’s a god ball. He’s beyond the scope of human football."
With Lu Wenbin’s continuous record-breaking, award-winning, winning 144 goals in the championship year, 5 goals in a minute, 10 goals in a single game, three consecutive championships, etc., Lu Wenbin won honors and broke records at the club level, which piled up enough to hang all the superstars in football history.
约茶Therefore, some people have already begun to call Lu Wenbin, the third king of the ball, the God of the Ball.
But it has not been recognized yet.
There is no other way to be recognized than to win the World Cup.
If Lu Wenbin really leads China to win the World Cup one day, the king or the god of the ball can be controversial.
Return game
Real Madrid must have sealed the victory with two minutes left in the game leading by three goals, so Mourinho began to replace people to take over the country to save his physical strength.
In the 7 th minute, Luo was replaced; In the first minute, Lu Wenbin was replaced; Marcelo was replaced in the 6th minute.
After Lu Wenbin’s game, Corinti’s defensive pressure was greatly reduced, and the offensive efficiency was much smoother because Real Madrid lost Lu Wenbin’s frontcourt delay.
After all, it was South American giant Corinti Ann who scored their second goal in the last minute.
But that’s it.

Section 467

Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t feel anything, but someone was full of unhappiness and his face was getting darker and darker.
Finally, you Xiaoqiao said something about seeing the gender through a round belly and a pointed belly. He directly interrupted the two of them. "Come on, come on, stay where you are, and don’t bother us shopping, okay?"
Han Yan raised his eyebrows and looked at him leisurely. "We also want to buy things."
Yu Yuting doesn’t believe that families like them need to be so grounded!
"Buy my son a tablet brain." After that, Han Shu suddenly reached out and took out his mobile phone from his pocket. "By the way, Xiao Qiao, let me pull you into the group."
"What group?" You Xiaoqiao smiles.
Han Shan, the "monitoring group", glanced at Yu Yuting with a bad eye.
"Lying in the trough!" As soon as Yu Yuting came over and stretched out his hand, he wanted to hold Han Shao’s neck. "Ah Shao, stop it!"
Han Wei moved to avoid "don’t touch in public, okay?"
Yu Yuting "…"
You Xiaoqiao felt that his cell phone rang in his bag for a while, and then Han Shan smiled and said, "ok, this is convenient. I will announce the good news directly in the group when I find out the gender on Tuesday."
Say that finish a family of three natural and unrestrained leave.
You Xiaoqiao waved and just took out his mobile phone from his bag when Yu Yuting took it away. "Boss, what are you doing?"
"…" Yu Yuting didn’t talk until he found that You Xiaoqiao’s WeChat interface indicated that "Han Shu invited you to join the discussion group of ambush", and then his face froze …
forget it
He handed her the phone back and said, "This group is full of my good friends, most of whom you have met."
"…" You Xiaoqiao looked at his heart as if he were suddenly injected with a warm current, and his words trembled. "Then how should I … how should I behave? Do you want to send a red envelope when you go in? "
Yu Yuting "…"
It may be that he didn’t understand you Xiaoqiao and quickly explained, "Now you have to send a red envelope to a new group. The new couple will send a red envelope for three times. This is the guild regulations."
After that, she immediately pulled a long face. "Three dollars hurts."
Yu Yuting didn’t good the spirit turned supercilious look "don’t send any red envelopes"
Besides, those people in the group don’t care what the red envelope is, what’s worse, a three-dollar red envelope?
"Really? Don’t you send a red envelope? " You Xiaoqiao excitedly hugged his arm and rubbed his little head. "Great, I saved another 3 yuan."
Yu Yuting "…"
Hearing the phone ringing again, you Xiaoqiao immediately let go of him and looked down to see that several people inside were swiping the screen.
Yan Nansheng "There are new people! Report three measurements! Pop fruit photos! "
Feng Chen ‘an said, "No, where do new people from this group come from? Don’t they all know each other before they are brought in?"
Yan Nansheng "’Little Bridge Flowing Water’"? Wow, who is a sister? " Lu Ziheng "Little Three Girlfriends?"
Yan Nansheng "Is it really Xiao Qiao’s sister who lies in the trough?"
Feng Chen’ an "Xiao Qiao’s sister comes out and squeaks"
Yan Nansheng "Little Sister, come out and scream"
JiChengHao "little sister out quickly.
Cheng Hao, "Little Sister Qiao, come out and scream."
夜网论坛  title=Then Yu Yuting was dumbfounded, especially Xiao Qiao really made a "cheep" out.
Yan Nansheng "Xiao Qiao’s sister is still so teasing"
Feng Chen’ an "When will Xiao Qiao’s sister come out to drink together again?"
Guan Yan "You said I wanted to meet Xiao Qiao’s sister."
Yu Yuting "…"
I’ve never seen such a solid mind!
If I tell you to "cheep", you will "cheep". Why don’t you?

Li Mulin Guorangou

So in the end, Ye Xiangyuan is worse.
Li Mulin revealed the layout of the castle and Ye Xiangyuan’s manpower and materials to Han Qingshan.
Ye Xiangyuan listened and asked, "When will Han Qingshan come?"
Pan Dongdao "He and Li Mulin must be late"
Smell speech I pinched Ye Xiangyuan arm consciousness.
I didn’t expect Han Qingshan to come at once.
I wonder if Ye Xiangyuan is ready …
Ye Xiangyuan patted the back of my hand to appease me.
He turned to Pandong lightly and said, "Then wait."
Pandong hesitated, his eyes fell on me, as if to say something, but he finally hesitated.
I feel strange and want to ask him.
Ye Xiangyuan wrote "Go out first" earlier than me.
He said to Pan Dong that Pan Dong should be retired.
I turned to look at him
He was quiet for a moment, stretched out his hand and held me in his arms and whispered, "You take Xiaojin, the baby and your parents. I’ll let Panton send you out of France."
I didn’t react at the moment.
He kissed me, and his forehead became softer and softer. "There may not be danger tonight, but there must be several dangers waiting for me … I can’t be worried until I settle down with you."
I kept tugging at his sleeve, his nose was inexplicably sour, and his eyes became moist.
But I can’t say a word.
He lifted my face, stared into my eyes and kissed my eyebrows "be good"
I shook my head and then shook my head.
No, I don’t want to listen
One moment we were walking leisurely in the backyard with our fingers clasped.
Why is he sending me away in the blink of an eye?
I just walked for so long that I broke out in a sweat and didn’t even take a shower. How could he let me go …
My tears blurred and I grabbed his sleeve and sobbed, "I’m not leaving."
Ye Xiangyuan kissed me again and wiped the tears from my face at the corner of my eye. "Be good, I promise I will meet you when this is over."
I looked up at him.
He pinched his mouth tightly and his eyebrows were a little bleaker than usual.
But when he touched my eyes, his eyes softened again.
I rubbed my fingers hard, wiped away my tears and looked at him seriously. "I feel safe only when I am with you."
Ye Xiangyuan eyes deep and remote looks into me and says nothing.
I said calmly, "And if our road is hijacked, it will cause you more pressure, so you’d better not send us away."
He hugged me tighter but still didn’t do it.
I held his waist lightly and said, "I hope to share weal and woe with you … I don’t want to be separated from you. I want you to face it with you …"
He looked at me deeply for a long time, smiled and touched my face. "In that case, our family will be together."
I was very happy to see that he finally promised me a quiet relief, and even my nervousness eased a little.
At ten o’clock in the evening, there was a gun around the castle.
The third night noon
Section 31
Chapter 34 I can take people away, right?
At this time, my parents are sitting on the sofa with Xiaojin in their arms and I am sitting opposite them with the baby in my arms.
We are all ready.
Ye Xiangyuan has been with us in the living room and has not left.
Guns are flickering outside. Pan Dong and Yuan Xi have long since disappeared. Yang Fei is guarding the castle with bodyguards.
It is false to say that this atmosphere is not tense.
Even Xiao Jin was more silent than before, but he was very clever and played with the baby for a while until the baby fell asleep.
桑拿网I hugged Xiao Jin and asked him if he was sleepy.
He shook his head and sat obediently beside me.
Ye Xiangyuan gently looked at us and touched my face. "You and your parents go back to your room and rest. It’s okay."
I thought it was very late, and it was really not good for my parents and Xiao Jin to be scared, so I nodded and said, "If you have something to do, go to work. I’m here."
Ye Xiangyuan smiled at me and nodded.
I went upstairs with my parents, so I entrusted Xiaojin to my parents because I didn’t trust him to sleep alone.
Xiaojin is so sensible that he seems to have guessed what will happen tonight and obediently listened to my arrangement without even asking a curious question.
This character is like Ye Xiangyuan.
Calm, self-possessed and fearless in times of crisis
Ye Xiangyuan was still in the living room when I was holding the baby building.
Guns are still ringing outside.
I turned my head and looked at the French window. At this time, I pulled the curtain and couldn’t see the scene outside the window.
Ye Xiangyuan waved at me.
I sat beside him.
He took me into his arms and kissed my face "Don’t be afraid"
I nodded and hesitated. "Are we just waiting for him to come without doing anything?"
He, uh, Ichi
I don’t know what he mean.
Is he trying to lure Han Qingshan in and kill Han Qingshan directly?

However, Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan have limited ability and like Hu Fei to make a mess of "Jiang’s family", which makes Jiang Jinan’s father Jiang Cihe have a big fire and has been admitted to the hospital.

After Jiang Cihe woke up, Jiang Cihe decisively handed "Chiang’s family" to Jiang Jinan. Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan did not reprimand Jiang Cihe again. After that, Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan didn’t hum again, but dissatisfaction was bound to be even more cruel to Jiang Jinan.
Although Jiang Cihe gave Jiang Jinan the lead, Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan still kept the position of deputy general managers. Whether Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan are Jiang Cihe’s son or not, Jiang Cihe will not kill his own son, but this also makes Jiang Jinan’s "Jiang" unable to move and blocked everywhere.
Jiang Jin ‘an didn’t want to argue with Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan for "Chiang’s family" from the beginning. If Jiang Ci-he had to entrust "Chiang’s family" to him, Jiang Jin ‘an wouldn’t want to pick up this hot potato, let alone keep pestering Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan.
Jiang Jinan knew that "Jiang’s family" was the painstaking efforts of Jiang Cihe’s generation. Jiang Jinan also saw that "Jiang’s family" Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan’s leaders were gradually going uphill, and Jiang Jinan could shoulder the burden of saving the family business.
Jiang Jin-peng and Jiang Jin-han broke through many obstacles, and now Jiang Jin-an has slowly begun to take over the work of "Jiang’s family", but because of this, there is a shortage of talents, and Jiang Jin-an’s influence in "Jiang’s family" is still very weak, so Jiang Jin-an has to recruit outside.
Jiang Jinan and Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan are half-brothers. Jiang Jinan’s mother Bai Ping is Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan’s stepmother. Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan’s biological mothers, Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan, died of illness when they were young.
Jiang Jinan’s mother, Bai Ping, is a kind and virtuous woman. After she married Jiang Cihe, she always regarded Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan as her own children. Even after Bai Ping came to her own son, Jiang Jinan, Bai Ping still gave most of her arms to Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan, but neglected Jiang Jinan.
When Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan grow up, they know what’s going on at home. Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan’s attitude towards Bai Ping is getting worse and worse. Many times, they deliberately find trouble with Bai Ping and tease Bai Ping. Jiang Jinan’s treatment is even worse. They are often bullied and hurt by Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan.
However, Bai Ping never said a word, let alone complained to Jiang Cihe. All she had to do was swallow it into her heart. She also asked Jiang Jinan to do the same, but her heart for Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan didn’t change at all, just like a great mother who complained.
When Jiang Jinan was a child, he could always endure these unfair bullying. When Jiang Jinan grew up, he wanted to resist, but he was dissuaded by his biological mother Bai Ping.
Jiang Jinan gradually realized that Bai Ping’s tolerance for Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan had surpassed his cognition. Jiang Jinan felt that Bai Ping was weak and Bai Ping was willing to sacrifice herself and her relatives to maintain the superficial harmony of the Chiang family.
Knowing that there was no way to change this situation, Jiang Jinan moved out of the Chiang family long ago, but every time he went back, he was still not insulted by Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan. Later, Jiang Jinan didn’t want to go back to the Chiang family.
Now that "Chiang’s family" has fallen into the hands of Jiang Jinan, Jiang Jinan’s Chiang family is even more unpopular. Except for Jiang Cihe, I am afraid that no one will sincerely welcome him, not even his own mother Bai Ping.
Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan have already married, and the objects are all prominent families in Z city. With the help of another bridesmaid’s family, Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan’s Jiang Jiayi can’t stand it, which is why Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan will choose marriage.
Jiang Jin ‘an has never been married. Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan have also played up Jiang Jin ‘an’s idea. Miss Family, there is definitely no Jiang Jin ‘an. Jiang Jin ‘an is just the third son of their Jiang family, and Jiang Jin ‘an’s mother Bai Ping is a civilian with no background. Jiang Jin ‘an deserves to find a civilian like his mother at best.
Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan encouraged Bai Ping to really promise to act as matchmaker for Jiang Jinan. Of course, there won’t be many good conditions. Bai Ping is a native of W city. After marrying Jiang Cihe, she has always been a husband and wife, never going to any party, and she doesn’t know anyone who can introduce her. It is also in this way that Fu Qianfan can be introduced to Jiang Jinan.
Jiang Jinan knew that Bai Ping was instigated by Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan, but he accepted Bai Ping’s suggestion because Jiang Jinan didn’t want Bai Ping to be entangled by Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan all the time.
Blind date Jiang Jinan thinks there is no problem. He doesn’t have anything to meet, and he doesn’t mind finding an object with no background to get married. But don’t you agree with him? Will Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan force him to submit? He is no longer the kid behind his mother.
Now Jiang Jinan is so busy that he doesn’t even have a blind date, but he still has to keep an eye on the blind date process between Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan, which will be over. Bai Ping has no choice but not to force Jiang Jinan again.
On this day, Jiang Jinan made an appointment to meet a guest in the hotel. This guest came from abroad and was also a big project led by Jiang Jinan after he took over "Jiang’s family". Therefore, Jiang Jinan attached great importance to starting early and rushing to the hotel.
After entering the hotel, Jiang Jinan was still in a hurry. Just now, the traffic jam took a lot of time. Although it is still a little far from the appointment, Jiang Jinan still wants to arrive as early as possible.
Jiang Jinan walked in a hurry, although he noticed that there was a figure running in his direction on the right hand side, but Jiang Jinan didn’t hide and accelerated his pace. He was more urgent, okay?
As a result, to outdo each other, the two men inevitably bumped into each other. Jiang Jinan was also knocked back several steps in a row, and almost fell to his knees. Why was he so unlucky that he was hit twice in just a few months, and he was hit almost every time? Now his chest position still hurts and hits him with a cow?
Seeing that the woman also fell to the ground, Jiang Jinan is a little balanced. He is not the most hurt woman. She has a long black hair and a white tile surface that stands out like a small black waterfall.
Jiang Jinan, a woman lying prone, couldn’t tell if she was injured, but it was quite serious to see the petals on the ground and the box of flowers scattered everywhere.
Wait a minute. Why is this situation so deja vu?
Jiang Jinan approached a few steps without any sense of guilt. If it wasn’t inappropriate, Jiang Jinan wanted to leave just like this, but Jiang Jinan still said, "We are both responsible for this matter. I have something urgent to leave first, and I will let the hotel staff come and help you."
With that, Jiang Jinan turned and continued to walk briskly. What happened behind him? Jiang Jinan didn’t want to care, but he always felt that there was a resentment behind him. Then Jiang Jinan heard someone shouting behind him.
Fanwai Jiang Jin ‘an’s article "athel loren"
"I hit someone and want to leave. Why are you so unreasonable? What do you mean, we are both responsible? Are you trying to play tricks now, or do you think I’m a girl who is easy to bully but leaves me here regardless of anything?"
A woman’s audio-visual sharp arrow seems to go straight through Jiang Jinan’s heart from behind. Although there is no wound, Jiang Jinan feels that ten thousand arrows go through the heart.
He should just leave and ignore that woman, and that woman’s madness calls him crazy, and there is no need to care, but Jiang Jinan just can’t help it. Anger in his heart urges him to take his steps. This dead woman actually slanders him in public and slanders him. Jiang Jinan can’t afford to lose face.
When Jiang Jinan turned around with a black face, the woman also got up. The woman’s body was fine, but the clothes were a little messy.
Seeing that Jiang Jinan stopped, the woman immediately rushed up to fear Jiang Jinan’s anger, stretched out her palm and shouted "losing money". That was enough to collect debts. Even if she saw that Jiang Jinan’s face was no better, the woman didn’t waver and stared back hard.
Who said that a man can’t hit a woman? He really wants to slap the woman in front of him now. How can there be such a woman? There is nothing wrong with a woman’s reserve. It is not even polite to deliberately slander him and make him lose money.
He can see that he must have been set up. This woman just came to touch porcelain. She just saw him and ran towards him. What else could it be? Besides, this is not the first time.
Hum, this woman, he only went back once, but she dropped the cake. This time it’s a new trick. It’s really close to changing it into a flower scam.
Jiang Jinan stared at the woman’s face as if she wanted to stab her with her eyes, but the woman was too thick-skinned. Jiang Jinan touched her half.
What makes Jiang Jinan depressed is that all cheats love to look for him. Does he look like a bully? Or is this woman coming back from him to get the benefits? She is looking for him again this time.
Women don’t seem to know him, but Jiang Jinan knows it’s just a trick, pretending to be a pure student and looking for a man’s hand
"Why do you want me to lose money? You deliberately bump into me and want me to lose money? Is this the truth? When you deliberately caused me to delay a lot, you didn’t dare to bother me. You should have laughed if I didn’t ask you for compensation?"
"You, you are still unreasonable. Is the road you? Can’t I go? If you hadn’t suddenly stopped in front of me, would I have hit you? Who cares?" The woman didn’t give in at all, and she also put on a dislike attitude towards Jiang Jinan. Such a man with no manners really opened her eyes.
Jiang Jinan laughed with anger. "Do you know clearly in your heart on purpose? This is not the first time you’ve come out of the case. Please keep your eyes open when you look for a target. I’m not such a liar. I can casually correct it. I’m in a hurry. I didn’t have the general knowledge with you. I’m afraid of you if you don’t want it."
The woman’s expression is startled first, then shocked, and then angry, which seems to be burning behind her.
When a woman understands Jiang Jinan’s words, she has bumped into someone twice. Since Jiang Jinan knows her, it means that when she met the plague, it was the same person as this time.
The woman stared at Jiang Jinan’s face and gradually found some impressions. Yes, she went back to that time. If she hadn’t taught Jiang Jinan a lesson, she might not have been able to get the money.
Now this man wants to default, because things are not angry and he insists on calling her a cheat.
That’s funny. If she was lying to her, she would never ask Jiang Jinan for such a reason to pester a man.
"I warn you not to insult my name casually. You know exactly what the truth is. You broke my things. I told you to pay for what you should pay. Do you know what I paid for? Don’t talk nonsense here if you don’t know."
"This time, you also broke my flower. Shouldn’t you pay compensation? How can you blame me? Don’t you have any responsibility at all?"
Not only do women retreat without knowing the difficulties, but they are also aggressive everywhere. It seems that they will not give up until they reach their goals.
"You said that if you want to deceive people, you should also make a draft and come back. You also admitted that you had wronged my cake money, so you changed flowers this time. Your family’s career is really diversified. What will be the cake and flowers?"
"You have to be so mean when you mistake people three times and two times. You are a fool. I won’t care about you. Don’t get away with your little plan every time. There are more people in this society than you."
桑拿会所Jiang Jinan is not so angry now, because that woman is not worth scoring, and it is not necessary to cheat him into being so angry.
"I’m not lying to you when you say that you are bloody. How can you frame others like this? You will lose money if you break my things. It’s a matter of course. Why do you keep arguing that you are so fond of distorting the facts?"
"I said I’m not lying to me, I’m not. If you don’t believe me all the time or you’ve wronged me all the time, then we’ll just go and talk to the police uncle."
Song Chen was so angry with Jiang Jinan that she felt that there was no way to talk to him. In that case, call the police. Jiang Jinan doesn’t want to escape. Today, she will get compensation regardless or she will die.
Jiang Jinan was once again laughed at with anger. Now thieves like to say that looking for the police is really about to find the police, and they will try their best to escape. Will he believe this deceptive means? Did this woman escape long before the police came?
When Jiang Jinan was about to say something, his words rang. Before Jiang Jinan answered, he knew that something was wrong. He just ignored the business of arguing with this woman.
"Well, I know my horse is coming." Jiang Jinan’s face became very serious and he gave off a cold breath.
Song Chen doesn’t know who Jiang Jinan is talking to, but she is still quite scared like this, but no matter how afraid she is, she won’t hinder her decision to return compensation. Now it’s not just a compensation issue, but it’s a big deal for her job.

Brother, let’s join hands together

Fang Yun eyes flashing. What he needs most now is genuine support. Fortunately, however, this is just a static sword curtain. Otherwise, the sword light keeps flowing, so he can’t afford it.
Brother, let’s join hands together …
A strong budo, seeing Fang Yun, just spoke, only to feel the flash of shua in front of him, and the other party disappeared.
This … turned out to be a master!
The man was dazed, and it took him a long time to turn around.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Sharp and unparalleled firm but gentle, one after another bombarded the dusty world clock. Every blow has the same strength, and it has the power of thousands of horses, which is unmatched.
Fang Yun hid in the clock of heaven and earth, only to feel the whole body shaking. That strong vibration almost scattered the whole body skeleton. If it weren’t for the combination of the Five Pr ison Bones Emperor, I’m afraid I would be injured just a few times.
Strong shock wave impact, let Fang Yun have a kind of incarnation boat, in the storm, the feeling of sharp bumps. The whole body qi is also extracted and absorbed at an incredible speed.
What a terrible power!
Fang Yun secretly disturb. He is now only able to cultivate the five products of Tian Chong, but he can’t reach the point where he can quickly absorb the true qi from many planes of vanity and instantly replenish the consumption of the true qi . In other people, there is a universal clock, and now it is dead. But Fang Yun abruptly resisted.
Fang Yun long breath, rolling the true qi, immediately from the puppet body, take out. Fill the true qi in an instant.
The bell body trembled at the sound of om The blue sword curtain disappears. Fang Yun finally wore this sword curtain.
In a short moment, in Fang Yun’s perception. It is extremely long.
Good magic weapon, incredibly can block bronze sword curtain! It’s really a waste of time for a strong man who can use these instruments. Let us use them!
Yin zhi’s voice, Fang Yun’s head, black robe bulging, big sleeves open, like a huge night bird. Fang Yun looked up and saw a pair of sen’s cold eyes, as if to pierce Fang Yun.
Yin and Yang go against the chaos!
The sleeve robe was opened, and a black paw, full of evil spirits, came out from the sleeve robe. I saw the palm, a pat in the void, and there was a stream of true qi, which was divided into black and white, and separated from its sleeve. A spin in the void, immediately bear fire transpiration, roll to Fang Yun.
Fang Yun only felt that the world was dark, as if he were in an endless darkness. And over the night, in January, the sky shines, red as fire and white as silver. At the moment of staring, there is an invisible force, as if to peel off the soul and inhale it.
Don’t dare to show off in front of me!
Fang Yun nu smile, eyes flashing, dark void, immediately broken. This fighter who uses the way of Yin and Yang’s rebellion leans out with one hand, only a few inches away from Baihui point above his head.
I dare to break ground on my head, and I will send you to the West today!