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Air billow instantaneous diffusion JiaoYi eyes flashing red light eager to touch each other, what is this strange trick? He quickly cast the posture of the Fairy Tale of the Sea of Clouds to get away from the explosion center.

Rao is that Jiao Yi’s speed is extremely fast, and as soon as he touches the ground, he is pushed by the explosion to create a huge air billow, which is unstable and has gone with the wind for several zhangs.
In Gao Chen, they were blown up by air billow. Fortunately, their strength is not too strong, but they are not hurt.
Even those who are far away from the master of general knowledge can’t stay back for fear of being hit by the aftershock of the explosion.
Gao Chen several people face Meng force don’t know what happened, but those onlookers is a full face of shock and worship.
Excalibur light explosion
XuanYuanChengJi make out turned out to be the fifth type of imperial sword.
Excalibur is famous, but everyone has heard of it, but one person has actually seen it. Today, it really deserves its name, which is even more terrible than they imagined.
No matter who wants it or flesh and blood, once it is hit by Excalibur’s light explosion, it will definitely be gone.
I was shocked, and everyone secretly breathed a sigh of relief. The number one in the Imperial Spirit Sect personally shot and also used the name of the Excalibur to explode. It must be a bone, right?
The firm but gentle explosion flame eliminated all the people’s faces changed like ghosts. They had already been blown to ashes and their wings were still alive and well, and it didn’t seem to hurt them.
Damn it, it’s so horrible that the explosion can’t kill him. Jiao is still human.
Xuanyuanzhiyuan and XuanYuanXiu also stare big eyes can’t believe it’s true.
Excalibur smooth blasting this type, although they are also practiced, but the absolute method is like Xuanyuan Chengji’s firm but gentle explosion in a moment, and their firm but gentle explosion power is not as good as Xuanyuan Chengji’s alone. It can be said that Xuanyuan Chengji’s fifth type of imperial swordsmanship attainments have reached the extreme.
But even that didn’t kill Jiao Yi.
Yu Xuanyuan Ruiteng, they were shocked, and a chill rose in my heart. Now they are finally at the same level as their roots. If Jiao Yi really wanted to kill them, they would have died many times ago.
As soon as the three giants of Nangong Yanyuan Imperial Spirit Sect arrive, everything is over, including her and Jiao Yi’s life, the whole future of Ximo Island.
But Jiao Yi once again created a miracle. What kind of man is this? What is his limit?
The nangongshan smoke heart suddenly flashed a thought JiaoYi losing streak imperial spirit of several new generation elite now even imperial spirit of contemporary patriarch nai shall not JiaoYi maybe the situation will not be as bad as she expected.
However, her eyes are dim soon, and even if she can compete with Xuanyuan Chengji, she and the Imperial Spirit Sect will have no room for relaxation, and besides the Big Three, the Imperial Spirit Sect also has a super power of being born for a long time.
Maybe some people doubt whether the ancestor of Imperial Spirit Sect is still alive or not, but Nangong Smoke knows that the ancestor of Imperial Spirit Sect is not only still alive, but also has been studying a shocking technique.
Jiao Yi has gone against the sky enough, but no matter how he goes against the sky, he can’t be the superpowerful opponent in the Taoist environment.
In the eyes of all people, Jiao Yi is a calm face with a snap of his fingers. This is a good move just now, but it’s not enough to kill me. Do you want to try again?
XuanYuanChengJi horrified face with unprecedented dignified.
Jiao Yi was able to live with his Excalibur. Isn’t that what he expected? If he even dealt with Jiao Yi, the reputation of Yu Ling Zong for thousands of years would be ruined.
Of course he will try again. He doesn’t believe that there is flesh and blood in this world that can stop his Excalibur from exploding.
夜生活Flying sword again to release the true qi faster.
This is Xuanyuan Chengji’s limit. If he can’t get Jiao Yi, he can also do it.
This time JiaoYi no longer passively waiting for firm but gentle explosion firm but gentle just formed his fist strength with terror spin out:
Chapter 91 From the loworder ancient martial world
Xuanyuan Chengji Excalibur smooth explosion is to spread the shock wave first and then compress it instantly to form a terrorist explosion.
Patted slap JiaoYi a face of teasing at XuanYuanChengJi old man you firm but gentle failed to explode or not to try again
Xuanyuan Chengji was so angry that he almost vomited blood that he cast Excalibur light explosion twice in succession, especially for the second time. He tried his best to make another Excalibur light explosion.
Besides, even if you barely gather the true qi, the shock wave is scattered by Jiao Yi before it is compressed. What’s the point?
And after two shots, Xuanyuan Chengji’s heart is like a mirror. The strength of this young man named Jiao Yi is rooted in Xuanyuan Chengji.
Although Xuanyuan Chengji accepted it, he had to admit that he couldn’t stand Jiao Yi.
It seems that it’s up to the sitting ancestor to keep the highranking ancient martial arts status of Yulingzong.
See XuanYuanChengJi don’t talk JiaoYi eyes and aim at XuanYuanZhiyuan and XuanYuanXiu airily asked do you want to shine
Provoked by Jiao Yi’s red fruit, XuanYuanXiu and XuanYuanZhiyuan are humbled, but even XuanYuanChengji can’t take Jiao Yi. It’s not selfhumiliation for them to go again.
So both of them kept silent.
Humiliated and horrified, at the same time, the three giants of the Imperial Sect have a legal explanation in their hearts.
Of course, the imperial clan in the highlevel ancient martial arts world has always been superior to all the schools because the imperial clan’s practice of mind and martial arts is more than one level higher than that of other schools, but there is another more important reason, that is, the imperial clan controls the core cultivation resources in the whole highlevel ancient martial arts world.
It may not be realistic if other sects have such rich cultivation resources as the Imperial Sect, but the gap will never be as big as it is now.
Then the question is, how can the highlevel ancient martial arts circle in Xuanyuan Lingzhou come out of Jiao Yi, such a shocking figure, among all the superior resources?
Mr. Jiao, who are you? Xuanyuan Chengji was puzzled and asked.
Gopher door JiaoYi JiaoYi calmly replied.
They all look stiff. It seems that Jiao Yi is still afraid of bringing trouble to his legacy and dare not tell the true origin.

Chapter 25 Promotion to demigod

Outside the Ghost Stream, almost all members of the Black Wind Society in Mo Xiaoxie are facing each other.
Hualing floats beside Mo Xiaoxie, frowning slightly and looking at the former friends across the street.
桑拿论坛Niu Mowang Bazura, why do you want to start a war? Isn’t it too peaceful?
Mo Xiaoxie laughed after hearing this. Order is established by the strong. There are too many forces in this plane and they are extremely scattered. Sooner or later, there will be a war. It is impossible to be peaceful. It is better to combine them with me!
What Mo Xiaoxie said may not be his original intention, but what he said is not wrong. The forces in mainland Bie Yun are scattered, and the peerless strong people have established their own territories. Humans have human monsters and monsters will fight sooner or later.
Mo Xiaoxie felt funny.
Now it’s not someone else who wants him to stop the war, but a group of demons and ghosts who want him to stop. It’s not going to make them happy to sneer at it.
Niu Mowang: Bazoula lost your strength and went crazy. Then don’t blame us for ignoring the feelings of that year!
Mo Xiaoxie hum to you have something to stop the war! But if you can’t kill me, there will be no more black wind in this world!
Members of the Black Wind congregation are frightened!
Bazura, you are so angry!
Mo Xiaoxie said, Since you are not polite to me, I must leave you to show me the strength of your entire Black Wind Society!
Niu Mowang Hum, don’t let the queen bee be promoted to demigod. We can’t stand her. How many waves can you dig without her! When he said to the queen bee from a distance, Bee girl, don’t be tempted by his rumors and come back to our black wind club. He will bring disaster and bad luck!
Hualing frowned and said, Don’t be repetitive. Now I am in this position, not you. Can’t you see what he is! Don’t talk nonsense, haven’t you invited the purplefaced dragon king and the ghosteyed snake to help you out? Don’t ask them to show up now!
Tyrannosaurus King: Since you have a hard time, don’t blame those two seniors for not giving you a face, and don’t say that they bully the small! Please show up!
Tyrannosaurus rex said that two lights suddenly flashed in the sky, and the clouds suddenly divided into two bodies bathed in a brilliance and floated in high school.
One of them is a purple dragon, but it is not very big.
And the other is a huge black snake with terrible eyes.
They are the dragon king with straight purple face and the snake with ghost eyes. They used to be members of the Black Wind Society, but after they were promoted to demigod, they stopped asking about the Black Wind Society. They would have their protection, so they got along well.
Jeff is also with the members of the Black Wind Society. Naturally, he also opposes Mo Xiaoxie’s war regardless of the overall situation.
Mo Xiaoxie doesn’t know if offending him will offend Rico, but he doesn’t care anymore.
If you want to level a small part of this continent, he can be promoted to a demigod, and then the sky will be high and the birds will fly, even if there are two Rico, he will not be afraid!
The purplefaced dragon king floated high in the sky, ignoring Fang Mo Xiaoxie and Hua Ling, and said, It’s too bold to dare to touch the black wind. Today I want you to disappear into this world!
The battle is over directly.
The purplefaced dragon king, the ghosteyed snake seems to know that Hualing is very powerful and decides to attack her together and defeat her as quickly as possible.
Whoosh, the two and a half gods, the strong have already come to Hualing to show their attack directly.
Hualing took out The Hunger to deal with these two enemies.
Mo Xiaoxie scored the black crystal ball in her body, which made her confident, and soon she fought with the two demigods.
And all the members of the Black Wind Society looked at Mo Xiaoxie at this moment.
Niu Mowang: Bazura, this guy is against the sky. We can’t help but fight with him!
good! All the members of the Black Wind Society suddenly surged and attacked Mo Xiaoxie.
Mo Xiaoxie smile stay put.
He neither made the members of the Black Wind Society attack nor bounced the mirror. These attacks fell from the sky because of them.

Shangque’s body fell to the ground and his leg bone was completely broken, but he didn’t panic. He suddenly bent down and stabbed into the mire with a sword!

However, Tsukiyoko’s body actually disappeared into the quagmire!
The lack of business knew that it was not good, and immediately dragged his broken leg forward to stay away from this quagmire. However, for a moment, the ninja in the soil jumped out of the quagmire from another direction and smashed his crown with a shovel!
The brains are bursting! The business of "Gua Long Jian" is short of death!
When Shang Que died, he realized that it was not so easy to build a meritorious military service in the great cause of resisting Mongolia!
Tsukiyoko put his hands around Shangque’s legs and pulled his body into the mire, then lurked here to ambush a master of Song State!
A moment later, Tsukiyokichi has killed five masters of Song in succession in this way, but when he killed the last master, he was seen by another master of Song!
This person is Yu Wenao, the master of Wutai Mountain, who is the "heavenly magic sword"!
Yuwen Aoren misbehaved and usurped the position of head. He once designed and murdered Master Yuanguang of Wutai Mountain. However, after the plot was exposed, Yuwen Aoren was forgiven by Master Yuanguang and let him join the anti-Mongolian cause, which would make amends.
Yu Wen ‘ao took a look at the horizontal dive position of Tuyin Ninja Tomb and immediately pulled out a revolving knife in his hand and then threw it out into the mire!
"ah!" Tsukiyoko screamed one by one and jumped out of the mire. There was a piece of blood on his back. It was originally stabbed in the lower back by this "monty knife"!
Although Yu Wenao is interested in the death of the country, he also knows that the battlefield is either dead or alive. Then he pulls out another revolving knife from his waist and walks over to Tsukiyoka!
At this moment, a white mud pill suddenly flew from a distance and burst in front of Yu Wenao! A bluish-gray powder immediately filled the air, and the fog in the forest seemed to have increased dozens of times. Yu Wenao was at a loss and could see everything!
Ps: Ling Feiyang and other four people were in danger when 300 masters of the Song Dynasty rushed to rescue 200 Japanese ninjas in Kamakura, Nagano Jyukai. In this mire-filled and foggy forest, the masters of the two countries used all kinds of martial arts and ninjutsu to launch a life-and-death battle. Both sides suffered heavy casualties. In this close and tragic battle, the confrontation between Ling Feiyang and the blood ninja undoubtedly became the key to the final victory! Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 315 Victory! Blood ninja!
That vast expanse of white fog has completely blocked the "heavenly magic sword" Yuwen’s proud line!
However, Yu Wenao didn’t panic! Although his eyes can see things, he can still hear with his ears!
Yu Wenao listened intently and immediately heard a slight break coming towards him!
"This is three hidden weapons!" Yu Wenao thought of this and immediately waved his machete in his hand and was shot down with "Dangdang Dangdang" three or three Japanese ninja darts!
"I want to get out of this dense fog!" Yu Wenao just thought of this, but a sharp wild knife has pierced his middle of the back!
"This ninja posture is so fast that it has gone around behind me …" This is the last thought in Yu Wenao’s life. Yu Wenao has no chance to compete for the position of Wutai Mountain leader because he is dead.
Killing Yu Wenao is, of course, Naoki Yagyu, a ninja in the fog!
The fog caused by this white mud pill not only trapped the "heavenly magic sword" but also trapped three other Song masters! Yagyu Naoki did the same thing for a moment and killed the three Song masters!
"The fog here seems to be different from other places!" Yue Tianying, the younger brother of Huashan Shuangxia, just killed a ninja and suddenly noticed this strange sight.
"Be careful! This is Fuso Ninja’s Fog Making! " Brother Yue Tianxiong was well informed and immediately saw through the ninja of Yagyu Naoki.
Naoki Yagyu, though hidden in the dense fog, heard the words of the twin brothers and immediately took out a red clay pill from his arms and threw it at Huashan Shuangxia!
This red mud pill bursts, and deadly poisonous smoke escapes from the mud pill and hits Huashan Shuangxia!
In this emergency, a middle-aged businessman dressed as a master of the Song Dynasty suddenly rushed forward and threw a big cattail leaf fan at this poisonous smoke!
This person is Tao Zhuyan, the "Yin-Yang pole fan" of Dian Cang Sect!
Pufan’s strong wind blew this poisonous smoke to Naoko yagyu, and Naoko yagyu took a few mouthfuls of poisonous gas in succession, and hurriedly took out the solution from her pocket and stuffed it into her mouth and swallowed it!
Tao Zhuyan’s cattail fan fanned out one after another, and not only the poisonous smoke department was dispersed, but also the white fog disappeared! Yagyu Naoki’s figure was immediately exposed to the master of Song State, and Yue Tianxiong and Yue Tianying immediately attacked Yagyu Naoki with serrated knives!
The key to the secret of Huashan School’s anti-two-instrument saber technique is the degree of tacit cooperation. If the two people have the same mind, they can play several times more powerful. Yue Tianxiong and Yue Tianying are twin brothers, who are not only similar in thought and personality, but also inseparable from each other since childhood. Now, with this set of 20 saber techniques, the misty ninja Yagyu Naoki is forced to retreat!
Soil hidden ninja burial Yokoichi has been stabbed in the back by Yu Wenao monty’s immortal knife, but seeing Yagyu Naoki in distress one after another is still raising a shovel and rushing over to help Yagyu Naoki!
As soon as Tsukiyoko joined the battle, Huashan Shuangxia immediately lived in the wind. However, at this time, three young Taoist priests rushed over. It was the three talented swordsman of Qingcheng School!
These two forbearers have tried their best to make the real martial arts master of Song fight. However, Tsukiyokichi has been injured after all. After fighting for more than 20 rounds, he was stabbed in the left side by a sword of smoke!
Tsukiyoko fell to the ground with a shovel and fell painfully. Yagyu Naoki immediately fled into the distance with a genial smile. Pine flew up and kicked Tsukiyoko into the mire next to him. Tsukiyoko was seriously injured. The root method used the soil escape technique to make his body immediately fall into the mud and soon passed over his head.
Sunlight came in from the branches, and the fog gradually faded in the morning, and the scene in the forest became clear. The master of the Song Dynasty and the Japanese ninja kept falling, but the rest of the soldiers still fought bloody battles.
The battle lasted from early to noon, and both sides suffered heavy casualties. More than 100 people were killed in Song State, while more than 50 ninjas were left here in Fusang State.
In the end, more than 50 ninjas desperately resisted the siege of Song experts, but there is still hope in their hearts!
Kinxiong Nomura, a blood-hidden ninja, is known as the third master of Japan. These ninjas have never doubted his strength. If he defeats Ling Feiyang, he can lead the remaining ninjas to the end in a bloody battle.
Kenxiong Nomura and Ling Feiyang have been fighting fiercely for two whole hours, such as "Chasing the Soul and Bloody Palm", "Angry and Bloody Storm", "Bloodthirsty Strike" and "The Hunger Disintegration". Kenxiong Nomura has tried all the tricks but still failed to hurt Ling Feiyang!
Since the second execution ground, Ling Feiyang has been familiar with Nomura’s martial arts, but he doesn’t know much about Ling Feiyang’s martial arts.
Ling Feiyang’s martial arts are too miscellaneous. The martial arts of True School, Jade Maiden School, Nine-Yin True Sutra, Dragon-beating Twenty Palm, One Yang Finger, Six-pulse Excalibur, and Lingbo Micro-step are used alternately, which not only make many moves, but also never repeat them, which makes Nomura Kenxiong dazzled and more and more difficult to adapt.
After playing for two hours, Kenxiong Nomura, a ninja with hidden blood, suddenly realized a serious problem!
He has always wanted to "The Hunger disintegration" to make the battlefield bloody, but Ling Feiyang is pushing fast and won’t give him a chance to get close to the dead!
And his own blood is not enough!
Nomura Kenxiong’s hematopoiesis function is extremely strong. He has played many tough battles since he was trained, but there has never been a lack of blood!
However, now his poisonous blood is almost exhausted!
Seeing that there are fewer and fewer ninjas next to you, Nomura Kenxiong knows that the battle is lost!
桑拿按摩Nomura Kenxiong suddenly shot three palms of blood in succession to Ling Feiyang, overwhelming the past!
"Withdraw!" Nomura Kenxiong drink a sound spread around with more than 50 ninjas left. It turned out that this Japanese third master is still an enemy but this Ling Feiyang!
These ninjas have retreated to Ling Feiyang to use tight encirclement’s potential to block their blood beads, and then they saw Nomura Kenxiong also flee to the east with flying skills!
"The thief will stop running!" Two masters of Kunlun Sect display Kunlun Sect’s flying skill "Walking Snow Xun Mei", and they have caught up with Nomura Kenxiong and stabbed him in the middle of the back with two long swords!
Nomura Kenxiong suddenly turned around and hit the two masters with two blood palms at the same time, and fell to the ground in the palm of his chest and died!
Lingbo micro-step!
Ling Feiyang’s figure is floating, but a stroke of "shocking thyme" hits Nomura Kenxiong with both hands!
Kenxiong Nomura has never given in, so his palms have once again launched four palms and hit a place with a loud bang!
Nomura Kenxiong’s body flew backwards and fell heavily on the woodland three feet away! This time, not only did his palm bleed, but his mouth and nose also began to ooze blood!
Ps: In this fierce battle in Jyukai, Nagano, the master of the Song Dynasty and the Japanese ninja were both killed and wounded. More than 100 master of the Song Dynasty, including Yu Wenao, were killed, and Yokoichi Tsukuya and nearly 200 ninjas were also killed. After two hours of fierce fighting, the battle between the two countries finally settled, and Ling Feiyang defeated the blood-hidden ninja Nomura Hero Ninja Corps. It’s advisable to chase after the poor bandits with the remaining brave, and not to sell the fame and learn the overlord! The master of the Song Dynasty is about to go straight to Huanglong and enter the Kamakura Palace in Fusang! Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 316 Attacking Kamakura Palace
Blood-hidden ninja Kenxiong Nomura has reached a spent force. After receiving the palm of Ling Feiyang, he will know that he has completely lost his chance of escape!
See more than a dozen masters of Song Kingdom have rushed to the crowd, and Kenxiong Nomura suddenly gathered his body in one place!
"Back off!" Ling Feiyang suddenly drinks!
At the same time, Nomura Kenxiong’s body exploded and the residual limbs flew around, causing a sea of blood!
The Hunger disintegrated!
Nomura Kenxiong used The Hunger’s disintegration this time to make it his own body!
Fortunately, when Ling Feiyang woke up, most of the Song masters had already withdrawn from several zhangs away. However, three masters with poor flying skills could not hide from this monstrous blood!

"Qin Chen, don’t say it again. Don’t say it again. I beg you." long summer couldn’t help burying her head in her hands. She didn’t dare to listen to Qin Chen again. She was afraid that her mood would collapse.

Qin Chenli put long summer’s hands on the dining table. She forced long summer to look at her eyes and her eyes became sharp. "You don’t want to listen because I said something to you, don’t you?"
You can never change the fact that long summer Anbao is a son of grace. You should not deprive Anbao of the father’s love, let alone Enze as a father.
What do you run away from? If you run away, you won’t solve the problem, which will make you feel more and more uneasy. "
"Stop it," long summer rushed out of the restaurant like crazy.
Qin Chen followed after her and shouted behind long summer, "long summer, I won’t allow you to hurt Enze so stubbornly again. I will definitely tell him about Amber."
Long summer suddenly stopped, turned around in shock and came up to Qin Chen angrily. She grabbed Qin Chen’s shoulder and shook her hard. "Qin Chen, are you idle and have nothing to do? Do you think you and Ye Simiao have a happy and sweet life? Then you ran over and destroyed my quiet life with Amber? You are really outrageous and hateful.
Can’t you let Enze look for his happiness? Can’t you let Amber and I continue to live peacefully? Why do you have to add trouble to Enze and me? "
Chapter one hundred and seventeen He doesn’t know
"Su Lixia, do you still have some humanity?" Anger was ignited. Qin Chen violently broke free from the shackles of Xia. "Enze has identified you in this generation. You let him go to find a happy life. If you don’t love him, I still love him."
Long summer can’t help but feel that Qin Chen’s words are angry and funny. "You will disturb our life just because you are distressed by grace."
"I didn’t disturb your life. I felt unfair for Enze. You shouldn’t do this to him." Qin Chen scolded.
"You already have Ye Simiao" long summer suddenly calmed down.
Qin Chen quickly walked over and held long summer’s shoulder tightly. "I already have Ye Simiao, so what? I never said that I have been grateful since then."
Long summer was instantly shocked by Qin Chen’s response. She couldn’t help but stare big eyes.
It turns out that Yu Enze has always occupied the most important position in Qin Chen’s mind. She can’t be with Yu Enze, but that doesn’t mean she can stop loving him.
Once she loved him vigorously and aboveboard, but now she can quietly hide him in her heart and secretly love him, just like she did Su Lixia.
Qin Chen said yes, her love for Yu Enze is no less than her Su Lixia’s love for Yu Enze. Compared with Qin Chen, she has paid little for Yu Enze. Qin Chen blamed her and refuted her.
"Qin Chen I beg you" long summer pleaded with Qin Chen in a soft tone "Don’t tell Enze about Anbao, ok?"
"long summer, you answer me truthfully." Qin Chen locked long summer’s eyes with a serious face. "Do you really have no feelings for Enze? Do you even have to hide something from him?"
The contradiction of "Qin Chen Me" long summer suddenly became speechless.
"I already know the answer." long summer’s silence made Qin Chen sigh heavily. "I won’t tell Enze, but I hope you can’t keep a blank sheet of paper. Some things are doomed to go around for a long time, and it will still happen."
When long summer took a deep breath on his cheek, it was wet and cold. "I can see one step at a time."
Behind him, the street lights are swaying, the cars are flowing, the noise is noisy, the dim light is dim, and long summer looks more and more lonely and melancholy
Qin Chen gently held long summer’s hand and asked her anxiously, "long summer was not like this before. I feel that you are very negative. Are you unhappy?"
"No, it’s okay." long summer bowed his head and hurriedly avoided Qin Chen’s gentle and slightly sharp sight.
"True" Qin Chen with a grain of salt
"True" long summer’s answer is insufficient
It is necessary to tear your armor, which has been pretending to be strong and rigid, and expose the scarred soft inside to another person.
This will make your heart more cherished and sad, and one person’s sadness will become two people’s sadness; Let those who don’t care you look at the joke more coldly. One person’s bitterness turns into another person’s fickle fun.
Either way, it is to sprinkle salt on your wounds, pain or yourself.
In the end, long summer quickly changed the subject. She said to Qin Chen with great regret, "You seem to have agreed to invite you to dinner tonight and have a good reunion, but I ruined it into such an embarrassing situation."
Qin Chen shook her head and she didn’t mean it. "It was an accident, and I’m also responsible. Let’s have dinner together later."
Two people smile at one another before the tense dignified atmosphere suddenly dissipated.
"Qin Chen thank you for your willingness to keep a secret for me." long summer gratefully held Qin Chen in her arms and hugged her.
"You know this is not my intention." Qin Chen buried long summer’s neck with a bitter smile. "I had to. I was afraid that I would have a bad conscience in the future if I hid my kindness like this."
Long summer gently touched Qin Chen’s delicate face and corners of her mouth with a comforting smile. Her eyes looked at Qin Chen sincerely. "Qin Chen, I know your heart for Enze for so many years. You have been keeping Enze around to take care of him and help him fight hard together."
You and he have devoted too much effort, sweat and precious youth, all of which I have not done.
Although it’s a pity that you didn’t end up with Enze, I’m really happy to see you get along so well with Mr. Ye now. A beautiful woman like you always deserves to be surrounded by happiness. "
A light smile can’t hide the heart defects. Qin Chenyin is slightly hoarse. "On how much I have paid for my kindness, he still doesn’t want to look at me. I still can’t walk into his heart."
夜生活If you lose, you will lose. If you are unwilling to lose, you will also lose. If you deceive yourself in your fantasy, it is better to quit cleanly and smartly and seek a mutual success. "
Long summer hugged Qin Chen again. "I can see that Mr. Ye is very kind to you and he will definitely bring you happiness."
"I believe that Simiao also believes in his own choice, but what about the happiness of grace?" Qin Chen sighed.
In the eyes, long summer comforted Qin Chen. "Everyone has his own life. Let’s look at Enze’s own fate. Naturally, I will find a suitable time to take the initiative to tell Enze about Anbao. It is not yet possible."
After driving Qin Chen back to the hotel, long summer began to get upset inexplicably. Perhaps it was because of Yu Enze too many times that she missed him more.
Frankly speaking, she is very angry. She is angry with Yu Enze. She has shut herself up and decided to die alone. How can he be so stubborn that he can’t love without her? Is it worthwhile to hang her from this tree? Is it not worthwhile for her to sacrifice herself like this? How stupid he is? He really wants to piss her off.
Amber has a small wow to look after depressed long summer, who is not in the mood to go home early, so he drives on the road with a diffuse destination, and the night breeze faintly blows across his face, which turns out to be chilling.
Finally, outside a park in long summer, the square was parked to listen to pleasant music and laughter from adults and children. long summer parked his car and slowly walked in to drown himself in the crowd.
"The setting sun melts gold and the clouds combine to dye willow smoke, blow plum flute and complain about spring. I know how many crowns are paved and golden snow willows are twisted to fight for the benefit of Chu. Nowadays, it is better to listen to people laughing at the bottom of the curtain than to be afraid of going out at night."
In a quiet corner, a little girl about thirteen years old is sitting in a stone chair and reciting Li Qingzhao’s eternal happiness with all her heart.
At the age of thirteen, she was in the prime of her life and didn’t understand the real meaning of the word. Perhaps it was to cope with the teacher’s daily examination and recite the red and tender face over and over again, which was always a cheerful expression.
But an auditor long summer is not as worried as she is.
Appropriate words should be appropriate mood.
The more lively, the more lonely.
When she was preparing, she told Yu Enze that she had another thing with him.
Their son’s name is Su An Bao Shi, and he should be called Yu An Bao after his surname, and enjoy peace and joy for the rest of his life, baby.
Amber looks very much like him. Beautiful phoenix eyes, thin lips, aloof temperament and handsome Leng Yan are hard to make people jealous.
Amber is as good as he is, and he is talented at an early age.
He doesn’t know any of this.
How happy he would be if he knew.
She is going to tell AnBaoYu grace again.
Although Amber stopped asking Yu Enze about her fainting, the child’s desire for fatherly love has been indelible. Does she really have the heart to let Amber grow up without fatherly love? How unfair it is to Amber and how selfish she is.
What about her and Chen Moran? What are we going to do? Are we going to be deadlocked or are we going to get together and part?
Contradictions, entanglements, struggles, and confusion are extremely complicated. long summer is troubled and tortured
"Just accompany me to the bamboo building. The stars are the most beautiful, okay? You accompany me." A pretty girl in a nearby pavilion is pointing to the exquisite bamboo building in the distance and sprinkling jiao on her boyfriend.
Long summer, do you like it here?

At this time, the company was busy with a project, and all ld employees worked overtime to do things seriously.

Go out early and come back late every day. When she gets back, the children are already asleep!
Are you sure you can take me to find my mother? Mom has been so busy recently that she has no time to accompany them.
Of course! I am full of confidence. You follow me well, don’t lose it!
Take out two dollars coins from my pocket and take a ride to read the bus.
But will mom be angry when we run out of kindergarten for a ride?
I patted my chest. Don’t worry about Niannian. I will be criticized by my mother for it.
All right, then!
Two babies, a bus full of passengers turned their attention to them, and they all thought it was incredible that such a beautiful and lovely child could take the bus by himself at such a young age?
It’s so cute!
Everyone is curious and likes to look at the two children for a long time.
I can’t wait to pick up the two children and kiss them before.
Although I have this impulse, the adults in the car don’t have the guts to see the little boy’s cold sight.
The little boy’s aura is not generally cold
Looking at them timidly, they are a little scared and nervous. Small hands grasp the pocket and pocket and fear!
桑拿会所  title=Don’t be afraid to read! Going for a ride will protect you! He was also a little scared when he was holding on tightly for a ride.
But I really want to see my mother, so he should be brave.
As soon as the bus started to read, I regretted measuring my little head and asked, Will we meet bad guys if we go for a ride? I will never see my mother again!
Miss … I said that I would protect Miss!
Two little guys bustling a city car
After sitting for a long time, the car began to mumble. She pulled her little hand and looked at it pitifully. I’m hungry!
You are so troublesome! Go for a ride and hum.
But I’m so kind to hungry oh! I’m not happy anymore
Well read what do you want to eat? I will take you to buy it!
Really? I missed my little eyes and turned to be excited.
hmm! Go for a ride nodded and took out several pieces of ten dollars from his coat.
Wow, I’m so rich!
Idiot, this is not money! He only took a hundred dollars for ten tens. He still has a lot! The money was not given by mom, dad or grandparents, but he earned it himself! He made many models himself, and some uncles gave him money to buy them if they liked them.
But we can buy a lot of food with this money!
No, you can’t spend money indiscriminately! The money is for my mother. He looks at her hard, and he thinks she won’t be so hard if she makes money herself.
How about going around and eating a hamburger? I miss my tender mouth and I am afraid that I will not agree with it. I also made a gesture of just one! That pathetic little figure is particularly pleasing.
All right, then! Although their mother forbade them to eat these, they wanted to eat them, so he quietly bought her one.
It’s best to go for a ride! Read happily and shout loudly
I went to a fast food restaurant for a long time before I found it.
I want to eat ice cream!
But people haven’t eaten it for a long time!
I can’t do it if I say no!
It’s so stingy to go for a ride!
No matter how much you miss it, you just won’t buy it for her!
Eating hamburgers is bad enough. She still wants ice cream. When he buys her ice cream, she probably wants doughnuts again.
Seeing that Doudou didn’t buy her a little nose, he snorted, Doudou is so wordy!
After eating the hamburger, I sat in my chair and refused to leave! The little princess has her own way: I can’t get over it if I don’t buy it for a ride!
Go for a ride and take the little princess to buy ice cream.
Seeing that the ice cream is perfect, I am excited and clamoring for this taste and that taste.
I won’t buy her a ride this time. I’ll buy her one
I thought for a moment and tooted my lips. Aunt, I want strawberry flavor!
It’s a little bad to watch the fight, but I blinked my eyes like a black grape. Will you give me half of the fight?
It’s all saliva. Who wants to eat you? Go for a ride and open your mouth coldly, like a shota.
Say I’ll eat it myself!
Come on, let’s go find mom after eating!

"We will plot against Shu Chi, and we will plot against it. We might as well just go in without plotting!" Lingfeiyang avenue

"This is just what I want!" Hong Qigong laughed and suddenly poured wine into his mouth.
Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong had a rest all day near the military camp and adjusted their bodies to the best condition. At that night, they went straight to the Mongolian military camp.
"Newcomers?" Guards at the gate of the barracks saw two people immediately asked the market.
Kang Long has regrets! Kang Long has regrets!
Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong drew a circle with their left legs slightly bent, their right arms bent and their right palms bent at the same time, calling out a dozen gatekeepers and guards whose bodies were shaken out of ten feet away!
Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong marched into the barracks and hundreds of Mongolian soldiers immediately gathered around.
Hidden dragon! No! Hidden dragon! No!
Ling float in the sky and Hong Qigong at the same time will be the left hand to the hook with the right hand folded food two fingers and a half fist and a half palm to push out! With a loud bang, a dozen Mongolian soldiers were blown out!
The two men stepped forward side by side, and a dozen Mongolian soldiers each raised their swords and spears to flank the two men!
The dragon wags its tail! The dragon wags its tail!
Ling float in the sky and Hong Qigong backhand at the same time to split out a palm behind these Mongolian soldiers have been knocked down!
Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong move on. A row of heavy infantry, each with a shield in his hand, stands in front of two people like an iron wall!
Feilongtian! Feilongtian!
Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong’s figure climbed high at the same time like two flying dragons, commanding and patting these shield soldiers’ heads! These shield soldiers were beaten to pieces and shields fell to the ground!
In order to deal with tens of thousands of Mongolian soldiers, Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong, two masters, have worked out a martial art that can bring their skills to the extreme, that is, this kind of "double dragon and ten palms"! This palm method covers up the possible flaws when both sides use the dragon’s ten palms through the tacit cooperation of footwork, and then sends out the same palm at the same time, which is definitely more than twice as powerful as when a single player uses it!
It is precisely because of the creation of this palm method that Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong are sure to directly enter the Mongolian military camp. At this moment, two people are surrounded by tens of millions of Mongolian soldiers, and they have used this "double dragon and ten palms" to kill Mongolian soldiers like a human being, and they will be devastated and annihilated!
Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong marched forward, and after making the whole ten palms again, there were few two or three hundred Mongolian soldiers killed or injured, and two people were killed in front of a yurt. Judging from the position described by Zhu Cong, it was Dasong Taizhao who was detained!
"Stop them!" As a centurion shouted dozens of Mongolian pro-guards and rushed over to intercept Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong!
Ssangyong gets water! Ssangyong gets water!
Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong hit four palms at the same time, forming four dragon-like air currents that hit these pro-guards! The centurion, together with dozens of pro-guards, was scared by the soldiers who flew him away at the same time, so they stepped aside to make way for them!
桑拿会所Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong strode into the yurt and saw a man tied to the chair opposite. Four pro-guards armed with Mongolian machetes were guarding the man on both sides!
The man who saw someone break into the yurt chair slowly looked up, and Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong immediately saw that the man’s face was exactly like the portrait of the princess!
"Zhao Yutai!" Hong Qigong immediately rushed at this chair. The four Mongolian pro-guards raised their machetes and cut them together to Hong Qigong to Hong Qigong. They used a trick to "see Longtian". The left arm separated two knives and the right palm parted the other two knives. Then the four pro-guards were knocked down at the same time!
"We are here to save you!" Hong Qigong shouted and grabbed this person’s rope and pulled the rope to break a few pieces at once!
"Seven men be careful!" Ling Feiyang suddenly saw this "Zhao Hong" eyes seem to have some strange immediately shouted at the same time, this person has more than a sharp knife in his right hand and stabbed Hong Qigong’s heart!
This sharp knife sudden Tathagata blade has almost touched Hong Qigong’s skirt, but Hong Qigong, after all, is a battle-hardened figure and flashes rapidly to the side to avoid this fatal knife!
The man a strike in the left hand is more than a cuff arrow to Hong Qigong alongside of.seem shot up! Ling Fei whisking disease a recruit less blunt sword stab in the past to shoot down the cufflinks!
This person knows that the sneak attack has been successful and quickly falls back. However, Hong Qigong is faster and has slapped this person!
Hong Qigong’s palm has been photographed on this person’s chest, but suddenly he feels that the tentacle is soft and it is a woman’s pepper milk! Although this person wrapped his chest tightly with cloth strips, he still revealed his gender at the moment!
Hong Qigong quickly took back his palm like a touch and shouted, "Tell me where Zhao is, if you keep telling me not to kill women?"
This person reveal a enchanting face painted with heavy makeup with a face-tearing human skin mask, which turned out to be a charming and colorful Japanese woman! It turns out that this woman is the ten imperial forbearance granted by Emperor Shunde of Fusang country-Chiyo Suzuki, a thousand-faced ninja!
This Suzuki Chiyo is a Fuso national anthem geisha. She was sent by Emperor Shunde to Shi Miyuan, the Prime Minister of the Song Dynasty, to be a spy five years ago. Shi Miyuan immediately dedicated Suzuki Chiyo to Zhao Hong, the Duke of Ji, as a concubine, so that she could monitor Zhao Hong’s every move. Zhao Hong loved her very much. Once, she let out a drunken slip of the tongue and said that Shi Miyuan would be exiled to Qiongya State in the southern region after she ascended the throne, and Shi Miyuan would have the first hand to make a slanderous contribution to Zhao Expansion in Song Ningzong.
This bizarre disappearance of Zhao Hong is really a coup made by Chiyo Suzuki.
An hour before the disappearance, she had stunned Zhao Hong with * * medicine and then hid him in her house. Later, Suzuki Chiyoyo pretended to be Zhao Hong, and more than a dozen Wangfu Qinbing entered Zhao Hong’s room under their noses. After playing a piano piece, Zhao Hong often took off her human skin mask and came out to let a maid send tea to Zhao Hong.
These Qinbing have been returning Zhao to the room, but the maid didn’t see Zhao after entering the room. Everyone was panicked and immediately went to the room to look for Suzuki Chiyo. He took the opportunity to put the unconscious Zhao into a sack, Yagyu Naoki and Imperial Ghost Pill to help Zhao move out of the government. Now Suzuki Chiyo wants to plot against Hong Qigong again, but he didn’t expect Hong Qigong’s martial arts to be superb. Fortunately, Hong Qigong never killed a woman, so she got away with a life!

Does he really have nothing to do with Chen Shu?

But my gut tells me he’s lying.
If so, this person is really terrible. All emotions are buried by him. Calm expression.
About I didn’t speak. Han Qingshan gently coughed and stressed, "I really don’t know who is behind Chen Shu. You can rest assured."
I nodded absently "Oh"
Han Qingshan looked at me for a moment and said, "I do know a lot of things … that arms dealer was killed by Ye Ershao and I know very well … You don’t doubt me, I have my own channels."
It seems that he has a lot of channels and eyes.
Why should he note these?
Ordinary businessmen probably don’t care about these smugglers or state secrets
I took the cup and took a sip of "You are very good"
Han Qingshan smiled and laughed. "It’s less than Ye Er … thousands of tons of fuel have been recovered by him. This time, he has made great contributions and must go up again."
He knows the cause and effect of Ye’s going far away, which makes me doubt him more and more.
If I go back, I have to wake up. Whether it’s rape or Han Qingshan’s finding out something, it’s worth noting.
But I can’t help showing a trace of pride in my eyes when I think of Ye Xiangyuan.
I can’t help smiling when I recall Ye Xiangyuan’s vicious fighting with Yuan Xi and his figure.
Han Qingshan suddenly leaned forward and took my hand.
I was shocked. I drew back and said, "Let go!"
Han Qingshan has a tighter grip.
My fingers were almost red by him, and he didn’t let me go.
He frowned tightly and said, "Do you miss Ye Ershao?"
I didn’t answer him
In fact, I am not used to such contact with strange men, even holding hands makes me annoyed.
I looked him straight in the eye and said, "Please let go or I’ll call security."
Instead of letting go, he looked me straight in the eye and said, "It’s time to leave Ye Xiangyuan."
As soon as my face changed, I could hardly control my reason and wanted to slap him directly.
He didn’t seem to see my face and continued, "He can’t really love you without him. Don’t lose yourself."
This time his expression is very serious.
I froze slightly and then said coldly, "Even if he doesn’t love me, he doesn’t have anything with you."
I don’t know why, but I have the illusion that he has poked me to the spot.
Yes, how can Ye Xiangyuan really love me?
He loves Gu Changyu …
My heart ached at the thought of this.
But before Han Qingshan, of course, I can’t reveal all these emotions.
I fought back my heart and pulled my hand back hard.
Han Qingshan sighed softly and finally let me go.
I was relieved and moved my wrist.
My whole wrist and fingertips are red because of the force just now.
I was about to open my mouth to see Fujian, but I thought for a second that Han Qingshan suddenly got up and pulled me into her arms.
I was dragged up and lost my mind.
Han Qingshan held my voice softly in vain. "There must be danger around you … but if you don’t want to leave and insist on staying with him, there is no … I can always take you away whenever you need it."
His affectionate words almost gave me an illusion that he had such a sincere heart for me.
But I soon came to my senses.
He is not much better than Ye Xiangyuan.
How can a person with a deep mind like them easily hand over their feelings or hand them over to a woman who is not so good as me?
I said lightly, "Thank you for your kindness. Now please let me go."
Han Qingshan sighed again and let go.
He stared at me with deep eyes and said, "You don’t like me, and I don’t want to tell you that I promised that I would always come to me if I wanted you."
I looked at his complicated mood.
His words really stirred up a certain wave in my heart.
I’m not moved by him, but … I think even if he’s acting, it’s fake enough.
Section 24
桑拿论坛I almost believed him.
I’m more and more curious about what he really wants.
His style is confusing, but he has always released goodwill to me. I look forward to the day when the truth is revealed, and let me see what he is up to. What is worth his heart?
Maybe it’s because I don’t talk. Han Qingshan took a deep look at me and left.
I sat back in the sofa and froze for a long time.
Finally, shaking his head gently will be influenced by Han Qingshan. Whether he is acting or he says that Ye Xiangyuan doesn’t love me, it’s just disturbing my mood. I can’t be it.
I looked up at the window and it was the beginning of the lights. I suddenly couldn’t wait to go back to the military compound.
Because there is warmth that I crave.
On my way home, I pondered that I would like to talk to Ye Xiangyuan about Han Qingshan’s visit.
Mainly that. Ask Gu Changning what’s going on.


Chapter 30 Partner working overtime
At the beginning of Hua Deng, the office of Haotian Planning Department was lit with lights. Zhang Tingshou’s acquisition team was busy. Wei Xi sat in the office with his temples closed and his eyes closed. The coffee was already cold. He got up and came out. Let’s cheer.
"Wei Zong" Zhang Ting greeted Wei Xi before he came out.
Wei Xi nodded and said "hard work" to everyone.
"It shouldn’t be hard." Everyone said that since the news that Wei Xi was a "great grandfather", everyone worshipped Wei Xi in part because of his identity, and now it is hard to see such a low-key gentleman in this society, and starting from a low level, there are many female employees in the company who have the ability and courage to do everything themselves. Now even the first few have turned around.
"Let’s have a rest. I bought a snack." Meixi came in, and then the driver carried two bags of food.
"Thank you, Miss." When everyone heard that there was something to eat, they stopped working and came to get it.
"hee, this is for you to go in and eat." Meixi took out a separate bag from the inside and put it in Wei Xi’s hand.
Two people walked into Wei Xi’s office together.
"You see how well Miss and Manager Wei match."
"It’s not that both of them are successors to the top 100 enterprises. It’s simply that the modern king and princess are not only rich in gold, but also have such high personal values."
"I thought manager Wei was very handsome and stylish before, but I didn’t expect it to be our great grandfather Science Heaven. I’m afraid there are girls from such a family who can deserve it."
"If they get married, I think it must be the wedding of the century."
"Yes, Miss, people are beautiful and tasty. You see, even the snack quality is so high. You can see that this piece of macaroon in my hand is so small that it will cost more than 1. If I kill myself, I won’t be willing to eat it."
"Miss En is really generous and considerate, and it is worthwhile to work hard for such a boss."
"They are both so kind to us that we must work hard." Zhang Ting just won the hearts of the people.
"yes, definitely"
"Hee, try this." Meixi put a piece of sushi in Wei Xi’s plate.
"Rice paddies" Wei Xi looked at the sushi on the plate and asked.
"Well" Meixi cocked his head and looked at him.
"Why don’t you just eat something after running so far?" Wei Xi put sushi in his mouth.
喝茶约茶"Didn’t you say that you haven’t eaten for a long time? I just stopped by today and bought it for you. Is it delicious?"
"Well, thank you."
"What are you thankful for? You’ve been busy for so many days. I can’t help anything. There are also these." Meixi was a little embarrassed to say.
"Why didn’t you help? Didn’t you give us a lot of advice?" Wei Xi comforted her.
"I’m just talking on paper. There’s no data to support it. It’s you who can really play a role." Meixi looked at the employees outside
"Your employees are really nice. They are all very capable and capable. You are a really rare talent in Zhang Ting."
"Yes, thanks to her good family for so many years, it’s a valuable asset that can make you get twice the result with half the effort."
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
"No matter how good it is, it depends on having a good company leader."
"Don’t wear a top hat for me." Wei Xi waved.
"How’s the acquisition plan going?" Meixi brought Wei Xi another sushi.
"Almost, but I still feel that there is something missing, that is, there is no condition that can impress the other party. It seems that there are still some holes in our current list of conditions that are not very convincing."
"What should I do?" Meixi looked at Wei Xifa’s sorrow and frowned.
"Yes," Wei Xi said excitedly with chopsticks.
"What" Meixi asked anxiously.
"Thanks to your waking me up just now, our acquisition must have more advantages than disadvantages for Jianda executives, but for their employees, they may face unemployment and lose their jobs. We can take them into the staff department, which is a new boss for them. He has not changed."
"But can we digest them with so many employees?" Meixi asked with some worries.
"At present, we can’t digest it. We may give a lot of people wages for nothing, but I think it is still profitable in the long run. Although there is no shortage of people in the society, college students are just young. They have no experience and connections. It is better to cultivate these people slowly. We should not only keep them, but also keep their connections. This is more valuable than wealth." Wei Xi said that Mei Xi also changed from questioning to worshiping and looking at him.
"Besides, it is a merit to keep so many people’s jobs, that is, to keep many families." Wei Xixiao said.
"You’re still trying to help them, but you’ve said so much. I’m afraid others will see your sincerity." Meixi looked at Wei Xi with appreciation.
"This is an idea of mine, and I have to let Zhang Ting and them do a data analysis."
"Well, I have an idea, too," said Meixi mysteriously.
"What idea"
"You come with me" Meixi pulled Wei Xi out of the office.
Everyone finished their midnight snack and went on working. They didn’t pay attention to Wei Xi and they came out.
Meixi clapped her hands when she saw that everyone was busy.
"Let’s stop what we’re doing. Let me tell you something. Just now I discussed it with General Manager Wei. Considering that it’s hard for everyone to work overtime these days, let’s work early tonight."
"Is this true?"
Everyone was too excited to believe it.