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A graceful crescent moon hangs several buildings, and the excitement and prosperity of this coastal city look beautiful and attractive.

The black cat with a black front was inconspicuous in the dark and did not attract others’ attention.
In the cat body that a strange soul body in addition to the car smile is no one but can see.
In this way, with a black cat car carrying a soul, it drove away from one busy lane and slowly moved away from the downtown area.
Suddenly squeak! The car stopped with a slight brake.
Guteng can’t catch the green light at this bustling fork in the road. The tail can slow down slowly, stop with one foot on the brake and wait quietly for three minutes when the red light passes slowly.
Not long ago, Che Xiaoxiao landed a halfinch window and let her face blow with a cool night breeze, which made her feel comfortable and enjoy the moment with her eyes narrowed.
Guteng’s tall body looked at the back of the seat and leaned against the joints. His slender fingers tapped the steering wheel and stared at the dazzling red light.
spa会所In an instant, he suddenly turned to look at the crooked neck and halfsquinted, trying to sleep. The car smiled and the cold eyes were deep as water.
The heart beating quietly on the strong chest is very satisfied.
Whether you are nearly ten years old or nearly thirtytwo years old, whether love happens early or late, it is never enough for you to stay with her, even if two people do nothing quietly, they are as happy as honey in your sight.
Guteng stared quietly for a long time before he turned to look at the red light ahead. One minute later, the black cat was still firmly on the hood. It was the one who laughed at the arrogance of the city and no longer saw a trace of fear, but he caught his eye.
The cat was frightened by his little girl!
hmm? ! But what is my situation? !” Car smile that slender waist posture suddenly a pretty moment straight as junzi half narrowing her pale blue eyes open and shining with sharp light out of the window.
It turns out that this bustling street is dominated by a huge building on her right. This side is the largest first hospital in Z city!
At the moment, several small black figures are constantly emerging from every corner of the hospital and all of them are crawling towards their car like crazy.
Look at that speed. They rushed to the car in less than thirty seconds.
Small shadows are enough to build this Chevrolet into a big ghost mountain!
Call car smile couldn’t help heavily draw a sigh of relief.
Smile what is it? !” Have already stirred guteng aside.
Let the horse go when the green light is on is crisp and pleasant, and the silver ring tone has a rare dignity.
263, ghost baby fetuses fishtail reappears
263, ghost baby fetuses fishtail reappears
The word good has a deep and powerful voice.
Guteng didn’t ask the reason why the car smiled. He just leaned back and immediately sat up straight with a thin cocoon. His big hand firmly held the steering wheel and grabbed the bar to prepare for the green light. The horse started the car and rushed out as quickly as possible.
DOG Ma sits up, Brother Ye, and we’ll change places quickly! The car smiled and quickly untied himself and took the lead and never called back to the back seat.
What smile are you kidding? Why do you want to change places? Ye Tiancheng looked at her with a puzzled look and looked at Guteng again.
Hurry up! Guteng’s cold facial features have been covered with a thin layer of frost for a moment, and the tone is extremely harsh.
Ah Teng, what are you two doingDOG, let’s listen to jokes and sit up. I’ll sit in the front and laugh with you. Originally, I was still ready to sit still. Ye Tiancheng was suddenly serious by Guteng, and I didn’t want to give a good order.
Uncle, it’s more convenient to turn your face around and smile and forcibly open your eyes of yin and yang, but this process may be a little painful … Che Xiaoxiao left Ann’s belt aside, bent over, and bent over and went to Guteng
As she spoke, her white, slender, soft forefinger was straight with a ray of strong golden moonlight, and she turned to Guteng in a tacit understanding.
Bang! Like a bean bursting, the subtle sound of golden spirit turns a sharp one into a sharp one, which is harder than a gold needle and shoots into Guteng’s eyebrows
In an instant, a stabbing pain flooded into Guten’s mind, causing his eyebrows to wrinkle slightly, and his eyes suddenly became dark, but after a short loss, as the extreme pain lasted for about four seconds, his eyes gradually became cheerful
Section 375
The car smiled and quickly withdrew its fingers and cast a deep glance at the steep face in front of it. The impulse to kiss the wolf in the heart quickly moved away from the line of sight and said, Uncle’s eyes of Yin and Yang can last for three hours. Things outside can’t be dealt with here. We have to leave the busy city first.
Say that finish bending slender body one foot handbrake position toward the back across.
As soon as Guteng’s eyes of Yin and Yang were opened, his eyes were cold and shaqi, and he swept away
Sure enough, the horse saw the black cat writhing and black gas surging from the right hospital, and several small black shadows came.
That number is not millions, but tens of thousands of calculations, which makes people’s skin crawl, enough to drown their own car. No wonder my girl is nervous.

After two years, Tang Jixiu remained autocratic and overbearing.

They get too close, smell his unique smell, absorb his nasal hoarse tunnel
I gave it to you.
Tang Jixiu raised his lip angle and increased his strength. His head was buried in JiCancan’s neck and he whispered.
You stole my heart.
When the words fell, Qi Cancan couldn’t help crying. She never remembered when she took Tang Jixiu’s heart away.
See JiCancan don’t talk Ji Tang will hug her more tightly.
Don’t leave me again.
I love you brightly.
The confession of the slightest sign made Ji Cancan stiff as a rock. She squinted and cried and laughed.
With great determination, she raised her hand to encircle Ji Tang’s waist.
They hugged each other tightly and felt each other’s temperature warmer than today’s sunshine.
For a long time, it’s not sweet. I shook my hand and complained in a low voice.
Dad is not sweet, so he can breathe quickly.
Smell JiCancan consciously pushed Tang Jixiu strength is not small Tang Jixiu holding not sweet back a few steps.
After recovering, they stared at each other and laughed inexplicably.
Tang Jixiu held JiCancan’s hand tightly.
I don’t want to give others a number. I don’t want others to do things. You are willing to be Qian Qian for thousands of times
Nothing is better than not meeting again. At this moment, the sun rises in the sky and the whole world suddenly lights up.
We used to be 1.
When Tang Jixiu first met Qi Cancan, she still had a huge lollipop in her mouth, and her eyes flashed like stars.
After Tang Jingyun led her into Tang Zhai, Tang Jixiu first saw Song Shizhen’s gloomy face.
This is your home after the bright lights. Call your mother.
Song Shizhen is not very friendly, and even her face and smile are very reluctant.
JiCancan’s eyes are written with thousands of unwillingness, but she still hides the lollipop very quickly, grinning behind her and yelling at Song Shizhen for several mothers.
Your parents are dead, right? There is no one else in your family.
Song Shizhen’s outspoken every word pokes a sore spot in JiCancan’s heart.
JiCancan hands behind him kept pinching his arm worship tunnel
It’s the mother
Her name is quite smooth.
Tang Jixiu saw Qi Cancan’s every move clearly on the second floor. He became interested in this little girl for the first time. She was under ten years old, but she learned to read and read.
The whole Tang family seems to have no one to like her except Tang Qing.
But she doesn’t seem to like Tang Qing very much, but she is particularly sticky to Tang Jixiu.
Qi Cancan’s mouth is so sweet that Third Brother hardly leaves his mouth.
To Tang Jixiu’s house, she always follows him like a small tail. One day, Tang Jixiu came out of the shower and saw Jicancan fall asleep by the door holding his knees. He quickly returned to the bathroom and dressed neatly before he came out and kicked Jicancan’s dissatisfaction.
品茶论坛Can you stay away from me?
JiCancan a tingle bounce up and rubbed his sleepy eyes a face of injustice to ask.
Third brother, do you hate me, too?
Smell speech Tang Jixiu one leng, he began to not white JiCancan what will also be the word to react before he realized JiCancan Tang Jiahao status at all, after all, Tang Jingyun privately adopted her back, not everyone can easily accept it.
Tang Jixiu didn’t answer calm face will she launched the door.
At that time, he also felt JiCancan particularly annoying in his heart, except pretending to be poor.

After that, he stopped looking at his mother’s face. He thought that if he said that today, she would be white. The more she looked at Wang Yuehuan, the more difficult it would be for her family in the future.

Xu Meijuan smells like a fool. What did Ning Tiannuo say in the center of wait for a while living room to pick up Wang Yuehuan who came home late?
No, it’s not true. How could he do that? It’s like a ghost style.
桑拿论坛What’s Wang Yuehuan’s good background and she can’t be born? Why don’t you give up the position of Ning’s wealthy family?
Xu Meijuan felt that Wang Yuehuan deserved to die and that Ning Tiannuo was simply crazy.
In fact, Ning Tiannuo herself felt that she was going crazy.
Calling Wang Yuehuan has always been a phone call. The woman seems determined not to see him, so that he can’t even get through, and quickly determine her specific coordinates.
Ning Tiannuo lit a cigarette in the car, and the slender and beautiful fingers in his left hand made him look more elegant than the cigarette holder. Then he put his arm out and pressed the glass of the car to make the cigarette end burn out. The wind didn’t send him to the hospital in the huge lawn.
He started the car and drove out of the high-end sports car for half a kilometer. He dialed Meng Qinglong’s words.
"Tiannuo, what happened so late?"
Meng Qingzhuo is watching a DVD with Gao Shenran’s brother and sister building. After receiving Ning Tiannuo’s words, he studied Gao Shenran’s face.
"Can you tell me Gao Shenran’s mobile phone number?"
Ning Tiannuo can check for herself, but she is worried that if Wang Yuehuan really goes to Gao Shenran’s house and he wants her to come back, she won’t go back to Gao Shenran’s folder and face his sister. If she is accidentally injured by herself, she can’t explain to Meng Qinglong.
Meng Qing-long is like Gao Shen-ran. In the past few days, no one has to avoid Gao Shen-ran more than he sees everything. It is unnecessary to hurt his feelings with Meng Qing-long’s brothers by a little incident.
So he will first get through to Meng Qinglong and ask Gao Shenran for his number, and secondly, he will inform Meng Qinglong to make him mentally prepared.
Meng Qingzhuo slightly raised his eyebrows and glanced over his guard. He looked straight at Gao Shenran and repeated Ning Tiannuo’s words, "You asked me for Gao Shenran’s number."
When I heard Ning Tiannuo’s name, I was less dissatisfied with him than Gao Shenran before.
Besides his cousin, Ning Tiannuo was also very sad when his mother died. It was not like being taken care of by her for three days. With Gao Shenran’s attitude towards him, he hated it from the beginning and turned into lukewarm.
But even if the attitude changes the feelings, they are not good enough to talk to each other.
Gao Shenran stretched his long legs and turned his eyes from the disc player to Meng Qinglong’s face. The line of sight was frank and serious.
Meng Qinglong knew that Gao Shenran wanted to answer the phone himself.
"You wait for him to come with me, and I’ll make him listen."
Ning Tiannuo "
What is the concept of "he is with me" at 10: 40 pm?
Besides, there’s an old movie episode, which one of them should be in the cinema. Are they living together?
Restless Tiannuo was reminded of more hexagrams. Gao Shenran’s crisp sound reached his ear through the microphone.
"Ning Tiannuo, what do you want to see me about?" Gao Shenran said, thinking of Wang Yuehuan’s call at noon, and asked Ning Tiannuo in a high voice, "What happened to my sister?"
Ning Tiannuo didn’t hide that "she is in a bad mood and doesn’t answer my words, so she should be quiet, think quietly"
He is not as good as a dead heart and let her come to peace of mind quietly, which is also a factor that makes Ning Tiannuo unhappy whenever he thinks about it.
"What did you do to her again?" Gao Shenran suddenly bounced up from the sofa and let the eye see that it was a precursor to anger
"I said, why can’t I have a good image of you? You said that you would rather have less status and status than die, right?"
"You always have a hard time with a woman. It hurts to be idle. Are you finished?"
Three questions in a row spray Ning Tiannuo’s door, pay no attention to weakness, and explain to yourself that "your sister suddenly disappeared with me."
Gao Shenran turned around the living room and was furious. "What do you mean, suddenly disappeared? Ning Tiannuo, do you dare to look like a pure man at that time? Do you say this is a call?"
"I tell you that if anything happens to my sister, I won’t play with you."

"Helper" Qin Xiao is puzzled

"Bags, steamed buns, and flower rolls" Jun touched her head wildly. "They said that they had rushed here, but they just entered this area. It is a desert and the terrain seems to be more than a desert. In many places, the surface is desert. The actual surface is very solid rock, and there will be roads suspected of being isolated in some places, but they dare not easily disperse and try to make peace with us first."
"It’s wonderful." The little girl jumped for joy.
She hasn’t seen the Three Spirit Beasts for a long time, and she can know through the contract that these three guys are all working hard at the college, and sometimes they will listen, but after leaving the college, there is no connection. Qin Xiao was overjoyed when she learned that the Three Spirit Beasts had won the last three places to enter the ruins of Shenhuang.
Now finally meet Qin Xiao is looking forward to fidgeting.
"So we’ll go to dig the bird’s nest after they come." Jun said crazily, "Many hands make light work. We can learn to have a war in Yuanfeng College."
"But our college doesn’t seem to focus on the study of war." Jun Qian has long felt that his eyes have been blinded by two people.
"This thing of war is not to change the circulation mode of a human body’s mysterious force, but to change the circulation mode of several people to each other. Even when it is really handy, the war can speed up the practice," Jun said crazily. "Besides, it will be subtle for others’ mysterious force to flow through the body. I recommend you to try one."
Smell speech Qin Xiao rushed to nod "then we will try when they come."
"But" Jun Qian also nodded.
War, to put it bluntly, means that a few people will gather their strength, and their defense and attack power can be multiplied. Besides, since you are crazy about going to war, the war developed by Qian Shan College must be different from the purely medium-strength war developed by his college
Otherwise, it is impossible for Qian Shan University to be complacent and backward. Today, it has not published the research results of the Institute.
This is probably a kind of hiding private monarch, squinting at your madness, thinking that you are crazy and don’t know where to get this thing.
"What are you looking at?" Jun Kuang snorted. "The battle of Qian Shan University is definitely not like what you see. It has some advantages, but it also needs certain conditions to realize its advantages."
Qian Shan University’s war is not a simple thing to concentrate all people’s strength in one place, but to share the realm.
The so-called shared realm is to be able to compare the realm to the realm of monarch madness. Now Qin Xiao and Jun Qian are sacred realms, so the realm of monarch madness will be lowered, but relatively speaking, Qin Xiao and Jun Qian’s combat effectiveness has reached more than one dimension
Qin Xiao and Jun Qian, who might have been a burden, can now become excellent fighting forces.
However, there is also a disadvantage of this formation, that is, at least one Xiu Yuan in the team must be higher than others, otherwise everyone is in the same realm, even if it is not very helpful
And this kind of war has not given up the most primitive advantage of the war. Several people can hit one person and share the damage.
The overall strength of the team has risen, and people who are not dragging their feet can also play an ordinary battle. Generally speaking, it can be described as the foundation of an ordinary battle, and the strength of those who have entered the battle has increased a lot, which is just suitable for a team with such a powerful realm as Jun Kuang.
It’s no wonder that you crazy will master this kind of Qian Shan College has never been an open secret.
Chapter six hundred and twenty-four Tao "bird" nest 6
Every once in a while, Qin Xiao will try to bring the Three Spirit Beasts with him to the abode of fairies and immortals, but many times he has failed, and his heart is impetuous.
"You should wait for them." Jun gave her a laugh. "Now it’s so impatient. Think about how those people who have secluded themselves in a place for thousands of years have never left the abode of fairies and immortals."
Smell speech the little girl stared at him and replied, "I am your role model. Brother Huo can say that you are the kind of person who is extremely poor and pays attention to eating, drinking and having fun every day, asking me to look up to you."
Why don’t you teach a good gentleman to smoke his mouth and continue to close his eyes?
夜网论坛"Jun, you avoid the problem" Qin Xiao didn’t ask. One was to complain casually.
It’s that the interaction between them is too natural, and there is a kind of indifference that makes the position awkward. Jun Qian feels that it is not as good as being exposed to the sun outside the abode of fairies and immortals. The whole abode of fairies and immortals is filled with the sour smell of love.
He decided not to stay with these two people.
There are many places to stay in this abode of fairies and immortals. He doesn’t have to have several rooms in this room, but there are still some good things. He is going to look through them.
"Your humble brother, don’t make up your mind. That thing may not get along with you." Qin Xiao kindly woke up.
"Unfortunately, I really want to die now." Jun Qian shrugged his shoulders and ignored the little girl’s warning.
As always, the housing is deserted, but it seems that there is dust removal and the wall is spotless. Jun took a crazy look at the wall, a fist-sized depression.
Experience tells him that there is a concave place to put the key, of course, it does not rule out that there are some small traps that are difficult to detect, and once he touches and triggers the trap, it will cause unnecessary damage
Out of curiosity, Junkuang took a closer look and found that it was not a fist, but more like a shell that was taken away and left a depression.
There are two experiences in this room. Is this taken away?
Jun Qian is not so curious about what the bearing is now. He is even more curious about where the shell-shaped key is. It is already known that one of them can strengthen the psionic knowledge. It seems to be another bearing.
And this achievement is that he wants to know who has the key.
Sister, can you open the other one? He immediately sounds.
No, and that’s definitely not for you. You get a firm reply
Jun Qian’s mind is filled with these two words.
He had a brainwave, rounded a carving knife, and "carved uncle Jun Qian to visit here". Since he can’t touch the skin, it should be okay.
The stone gate in front of Jun Qian looks like ordinary stone, but most of these materials are absolutely confident about the ban. Once attacked, the ban will be very seriously rebounded. Jun Qian is very white in his heart, but most of the bans are sensitive to the fluctuation of occult force or strong physical attack. Small occult force fluctuations and small attacks will not cause a rebound.

Section 57

Really? An Shutong’s eyes are full of light with excitement. Does the second brother lie to me?
Huo Jiangcheng didn’t speak, it was action to prove everything. He took the bowl in his hands and drank it together, and then filled himself with a bowl.
An Shutong got up happily and went to the refrigerator to get juice and yogurt.
Let’s have a good time today, and hope that the bad luck will go away and live better and better. She poured herself a glass for all three and said cheers
After dinner, Anyiyang took the initiative to go out and write across the street, and then stayed across the street to rest.
An Shutong said, Come over, second brother. I’ll clean up here.
夜网论坛Well, I’ll come over later. Huojiang patted Anyiyang on the shoulder and motioned for him to follow.
Looking at a tall, slender figure gradually disappearing, An Shutong slowly sat down again with her hands holding her face and her eyebrows bent up. She was actually very happy at the moment, which was the happiest day for her these days.
An Shutong cleaned up the dishes and went to the bathroom to take a shower.
Huo Jiangcheng came back after taking a shower.
An Shutong greeted him and said, How is Ayang studying now? Ma is going to have a holiday. Can you get good grades in the college entrance examination?
Huo Jiangcheng dropped his keys on the table and walked towards her, saying, He’s very clever. Some things don’t worry. It should be no problem. He went to wash his hands and she stuck to the past and continued to ask questions.
Second brother Ayang seems to listen to you now. When he was a former father, he didn’t listen to his father very much because he always said that his father was too strict with him, but I think you are stricter with him. He doesn’t seem to be exclusive.
Huojiangcheng washed his hands, dried them and turned around.
Don’t worry, I will urge him, but I won’t be too strict. Huo Jiangcheng’s white wife is worried that she is afraid that he will be too strict, but it will backfire.
Thank you, second brother. An Shutong smiled and thanked him, rolled his eyes and said, Then I’ll go to the room after you take a shower.
Good He should have watched her leave before turning into the bathroom.
One of the beds was folded well, and she thought for ten minutes at the end of the bed whether to take the cover out of the cupboard again. If she did, it would be to prevent Brother Huo from touching her, but if so, it would mean that she was willing to share the bed with him, which implied that he would touch himself.
An Shutong struggled for a long time and had a real headache. Finally, she decided to throw this problem to Huo Jiangcheng.
No matter how he treats her tonight, she won’t refuse.
After staying in the bedroom for ten minutes, she turned and went out
Huo Jiangcheng went into the bedroom and didn’t see anyone go to the living room. There was no one in the living room. He went to the room and finally found someone.
Why don’t you sleep? He walked in.
An Shutong was brushing Weibo to watch the news and saw Huo Jiangcheng coming. She pointed to her brain and sighed and said, Watching the news is very angry. It’s either campus violence or subway aggression. Although people in the news media have encountered too many such news, they will always be more angry every time they see it.
Huojiangcheng walked over and took a glance at her side.
Go to sleep first, he thought for her. There will always be endless worries in this world. These things will always hurt you and eventually you will be yourself.
An Shutong smiled at him. That’s right.
Followed him into the bedroom and glanced at the eye bed. An Shutong used the excuse to go to the toilet or let him choose.
Huo Jiangcheng has nothing to look at. When she left, he went to open the closet, from which he took out a bed and was laid.
When An Shutong came back, Huo Jiangcheng was already lying on the bed and covered with a quilt alone.
Breathe out gently and walk slowly to the bed. An Shutong got into another quilt.
She said good night and slept with her back to him.
Huo Jiangcheng turned on the light and lay down. In the dark, neither of them fell asleep, thinking about things with his eyes open.
Second brother, are you asleep? After a while, an Shutong asked softly
Huojiangcheng Road Not yet
An Shutong turned over to face him and fell asleep sideways. She wanted to talk to him, but when she turned around and felt that the man was facing her, she was afraid to talk again.
Woo ~ I want to say good night to you, she said.
HuoJiangCheng gently well didn’t say goodbye to him, but gradually he came to breathe smoothly.
It’s too dark in the room. An Shutong can’t see his face clearly, but he can imagine that he must be very serious even if he is asleep.
Entertainment was settled by Huo Jiangcheng. The next morning, An Shutong went to the newspaper early and went well.
The lingering voice said, When will Sister An treat us to wedding candy?
The day hasn’t been decided yet. An Shutong casually said a sentence.
Actually, she doesn’t want to make a big splash. She doesn’t pay attention to any form at all, and she is very happy because she wants the two of them to get along well and harmoniously.
Sister An, you won’t not invite me to your wedding, will you? I want to go. She likes to deal with people in the society.
An Shutong said, I don’t know what the Huo family thinks yet. Maybe there won’t be a big banquet. If the family eats, they won’t invite friends.
How can Anjie? How can Mr. Huo’s wedding not pay attention to ostentation and extravagance? The lingering voice smiled incredulously and said, It must be Sister An. Look, I don’t want to invite me.
An Shutong has a headache. He is so good and there are so many good women waiting in line to marry him, but he still married me. Everything can’t be calculated according to common sense.
Section 5
An Shutong means that Mr. Huo’s wedding standard turns out to be a big banquet, so the bride should also be an identity treasure. Now she is just a poor daughter. Since he even married her, why can’t he have a simple wedding?
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
The lingering sound covered her chest. I have been hurt by 10,000 points. Sister An, how can you sprinkle dog food?
All right, let’s go to work. An Shutong didn’t want to talk about this. She came here today to get down to business.
In Vice President Zhu’s office, Vice President Zhu asked an Shutong to sit down and said, No need. I just want to say that I won’t come tomorrow whether you approve or not.
Now an Shutong is a native of Huojiang, and Zhu Fuzong, who dare not offend again, can hold the word Mrs. Huo, please sit down first
Text 3 Former motherinlaw words
An Shutong pulled the corners of her mouth, and her heart was very white. She didn’t say much about Zhu Fuzong’s attitude. It was also because of her status as Mrs. Huo that she was even more white.
Giving her such an identity may be the greatest protection for her.
Everyone is realistic now. Everyone tramples on you, but when you become tall, everyone flatters you.
In just a few months, she has tried ups and downs, received respect, suffered humiliation and contempt, and now she is quite calm about these.
Sitting in Lai ‘an Shutong directly said, I have something to do in five minutes.

"Hurry!" Yang Xi urged.

Yu Yuting skimmed his thin lips and picked up the phone and dialed the phone number of You Xiaoqiao.
"Beeping …" No one answered.
"Well," he picked his eyebrows and put the phone down as if nothing had happened. "Maybe the horse arrived at my girlfriend’s place where her brain is relatively simple and she can’t walk without looking at her phone."
All "…"
"Ha ha" Yu Chengyan couldn’t help laughing at these words.
He was dressed in a casual dark blue and crossed his legs at home, sitting beside Han Minxia with his long arm on the sofa behind her and carrying a "good husband" posture, but his expression seemed a little annoying.
Yuyuting took a light look at him and withdrew his sight.
Han Minxia pursed her lips and couldn’t help wondering, "Little Three, you’re not lying to us, are you?"
Chang Huan Yan is one leng. At this moment, Wu Sao’s voice is full of joy. "Coming, coming, the car has already entered the gate."
Yu Yuting’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. Why did this girl drive here? So a little old car …
Before he wants to go further …
桑拿"Hey, who are you looking for?" Xuan Wu sister-in-law looked at the big burly strange man carefully asked.
Tang Yuwen looked at her and shouted at the living room, "Get out of here!"
"…" Yu Yuting looked at Yu Chengyan as soon as he was stunned. "Is it for you?"
Yu Chengyan calmly hugged Han Minxia Xiang’s shoulder and didn’t lift "I definitely don’t know if I am looking for me."
Yuyuting nodded and looked at Yudongchen "Is Dad looking for …"
"Smelly little you see what I do!" Can Yu Dongchen have such a young and rude friend when he pulls his face?
"…" Yu Yuting looked at Chang Huanyan with a thin lip. "Don’t … come to see big brother?"
Often smile face a scare "? No … impossible? "
"Come on, mistress, go out and see who you are looking for." The old lady Yu said that she has been waiting for an hour and a half, and people have not come yet. Now she is really getting more and more uncomfortable.
At this time, Tang Yuwen actually began to shout again, "Yu Yuting, are you md or not? I tell you, don’t try to be so irresponsible and get out of here!"
"…" Han Minxia suddenly opened his mouth and held out a slender finger and kept poking Yu Yuting. "Good little three, so you … you really like men? !”
She was vaguely worried that Yu Yuting would be stimulated by her and no longer interested in women. Otherwise, how could she have no feelings for a beautiful girl like vivian? It’s hard to say that she still refuses to take it home when she has a girlfriend … She didn’t say that she almost doubted whether the so-called "girlfriend" was a man. I didn’t expect that … it was a man!
A room full of people turned pale when they heard this.
Yu Chengyan grabbed her little hand and pulled it back. "You are not allowed to read * * novels again!"
What’s in your head all day?
Han Minxia "…"
The same half-rotting woman often smiles and looks horrified. Why does her brother-in-law like being a man and everyone is asking for responsibility?
Oh, my God, my God, this good news should be told to Xiao Shou.
As soon as she secretly picked up her mobile phone and prepared to open WeChat, Yu Yuting suddenly got up with a black face and "dallied" and rushed over. "What are you talking about here?" And why did you come to my house? "
"You are a devil wears prada Sven scum!" Tang Yuwen didn’t answer, gnashing his teeth and soaring a series of idioms.
"Hey!" Yu Yuting couldn’t help it, because the angry corners of his mouth evoked a strange radian. "This is your quality. Before Joe, he disguised himself as a warm man, and he was actually a dirty lie! How dare you call yourself a’ big brother’? "
"I’m not only going to give you a dirty lie, I’m going to beat you," said Tang Yuwen, punching Yu Yuting in the face.
Yu Yuting turned his head flexibly and began to fight back without hesitation.
Tang Yuwen’s study is authentic Taekwondo, and now it is a black belt with four sections. What makes the side kick roundabouts orderly? Yu Yuting learns that Muay Thai moves are fierce and practical.
After all, Xuan is limited, but the two of them hit you, and I am not bound by the place at all.
"Oh, my God, what the hell is going on here? Dongchen Chengyan, you two hurry up and go to Indiana." The old lady Yu, although disgusted, was afraid that her grandson would be injured and eager to protect her calf.
Yu Chengyan faintly twisted his eyebrows. "Grandma, you know I can’t fight."
Old lady Yu "…"
Looking eagerly at Yudongchen, think about his good age and shout at Mrs. Wu, "Mrs. Wu hurry up and call someone."
Mrs. Wu is pale, but she doesn’t know who to call. There is no one else in this family except the servant and an old driver …
"Strange?" Han Minxia hugged his arms and looked at the good show. "What made him responsible but fought with each other?"
"It won’t … is his friend?" Always smile and speak at the right time.
"Well, maybe they are still a love triangle YuXiaoSan.
Love Yu Xiaosan in a horizontal knife to win love! "Han Minxia hands a clap!
All "…"
It seems that these two pregnant sisters-in-law are really enough to watch the fun while playing divination and singing together!
Yang Xi watched the two faces hang up in succession and couldn’t help it. I walked over and wanted to stop the fight …

His tone is not very good. "Why are you still angry?"

I looked up at his line of sight and said, "No, please help me to see the little fish. I just spoke too hard and she probably got angry."
Gu Changning eyebrows stretched some seems to be very satisfied with my heart Gu Changyu.
I looked at his building and quietly spit out a silent breath.
Who wouldn’t pretend to be gentle and considerate?
But I don’t want to put on airs
This is not my nature, and I don’t want to exchange Ye Xiangyuan’s love for a moment or his friend’s approval by such means.
But I just … played a mind’s eye before Gu Changning.
For me, it is said that Gu Changyu is not angry. I just … don’t want to continue talking to Gu Changning …
I can’t help but put my hand over my face.
Will I stay with Ye Xiangyuan for a long time, because all these things will make me unrecognizable because I have to ask for it for a long time?
After that, I also went back to my room to rest
Gu Changyu room is next to Ye Xiangyuan’s master bedroom.
I can imagine them playing together when they were young. They must be tired of playing during the day and lying side by side in a bed at night, being coaxed by adults to listen to stories and then being carried back to their rooms by their elders …
When you, my lover, on a bamboo horse, came trotting in circles and throwing green plums.
I closed my eyes and forced myself not to think about it again.
When I went back to the bedroom, all the furnishings were the same as before Ye Xiangyuan left, and my head was even more blocked.
Sister-in-law called me at dinner.
I lay in bed and didn’t want to go upstairs, but I got up at the thought that my grandfather Gu Changning and Gu Changyu were guests.
Sister-in-law’s bedside judo "Don’t blame Xiaoyuer for her … she is very proactive …"
It seems that eldest sister-in-law has heard what happened before.
I, uh, said, "I didn’t blame her, but my tone was too strong."
Sister-in-law looked at me and hesitated.
I smiled at her and went upstairs with her.
桑拿会所Everyone has been sitting around the dining table. Xiaojin saw me waving my little hand "Aunt here ~"
I walked up to him and kissed his face with a smile.
Then I looked after Chang Yu, and her look has returned to normal. It doesn’t seem that she will rest assured of the past.
I’m a little distracted.
"Aunt, I’ll help you with the food ~" Xiao Jin cocked his head and suddenly put a carrot in my bowl with chopsticks and smiled at me cutely.
This point was just given to him by my sister-in-law, but he was picky about food and didn’t eat it until he gave it to me.
I was teased and touched his head.
Gu Changyu sat opposite me and smiled, "Xiaojin, you have a good relationship with your aunt."
Xiaojin smiled shyly. "My aunt has a little sister in her stomach, so she should eat more."
Gu Changyu smiled at me and didn’t speak again.
In gu Changning look cool can’t see what he wants.
Grandpa’s appetite was not very good, so he went back to his room to rest.
After everyone was quiet, Xiao Jin probably felt that the atmosphere was wrong and ate obediently. Even the eldest sister-in-law put carrots and vegetables in his bowl and he ate them silently.
After dinner, everyone left each other tacitly.
I went back to my room and went to the window to look at the scene outside.
Outside the window, the dead branches and leaves are swaying in the wind and rain, and it is estimated that the first winter snow will fall soon.
My mood is like this depression and heaviness.
I don’t know how long Xiao Jin suddenly ran in. He climbed into my bed and waved to me with a smile. "Aunt and uncle talk ~"
I walked over slightly surprised.
Ye Xiangyuan sounded "Eleven" from the opposite side.
I took the phone and looked at his handsome face on the screen without saying anything.

Is this a hint of yesterday?

Ye Xiangyuan has light look back and went out.
桑拿按摩I looked at his back for a long time before I came to my senses.
Yesterday was really too intense … Although it was because of the efficacy … But it was hard to feel …
Section 43
Chapter 47 JiShu
It took me a long time to calm my face down.
I don’t really want to stay. I don’t know where this is, but I want to know that it must be Ye Xiangyuan’s territory.
I’m still going to get up after hesitating.
As a result, I almost fell down when I sat up.
Then I saw that I was naked and covered with red marks and spots … Yesterday, my memory surged again …
I can’t help covering my face.
A moment later, two girls knocked at the door and said that Ye Xiangyuan had ordered me to take care of me.
They dress me and feed me as if I were seriously ill.
I "…"
It’s not a good feeling, but I really don’t have the strength now, so I’m left to them.
Someone came in after eating. It was the doctor yesterday.
I looked at him without Ye Xiangyuan figure unknowingly lost.
He smiled and said, "I’ll examine you if you have something."
I nodded and thanked him.
He winked at me. "My name is Zhou Yi Weiqi, and that game is not the 4th and 5th Classics, but my second brother Zhou Yi. You can call me Xiao Yi."
I nodded politely to show that I knew.
He added, "We met, remember?"
I looked at him carefully.
He is not low in stature, but he has a baby face, and he looks very immature, which is no different from my student. If he were not wearing a white coat, I would really treat him as a child.
I soon remembered.
The second Xiaojin birthday party, Ye Xiangyuan, took me to meet my friends Lu Xun and Gu Changyu, and he was one of them.
He examined me and said that the medicine was all gone, but it was best to rest for a few days.
In the end, he quipped, "Second brother is in good physical strength."
Am I a little embarrassed?
Although Zhou Yi looks gentle and gentle, he is very measured. Whether speaking or doing things is watertight.
He said a few words to me, then received a message and left.
Before he left, he hesitated for a moment, saying, "Second brother has something. Don’t think that he is careless of you … We all know that you are his fiancee … and he will come back as soon as possible when he is finished."
This is a kind consolation, and naturally it is ungrateful to say "I know" with a smile.
It was in the afternoon that Ye Xiangyuan did not come back and there was no news.
However, he has arranged for several people to take care of me, and the nurse will wake me up on time to take medicine. If this is not the case, it will be a pleasure.
I feel much better after eating and having a rest for a long time, so I can walk in the bed.
Later, when I was tired of walking, I looked out of the window.
I was taken aback when I recognized where this was.
This should be the most prosperous business circle in the imperial city, and this building is the most expensive apartment in the imperial city called’ Cloud City’.
So I can recognize it because there is a shopping mall in the building. Nannan especially likes to go shopping. Once she accompanied her after shopping, she pointed to Yuncheng in the neon night and said that people living in it were regardless of their price.
I was surprised and deliberately asked her what this sentence meant.
Nannan told me that people who can live here don’t need social status to prove their identity.
It can be seen how rich people are in this cloud city.
Then I’m staying in this room, and nine times out of ten is Ye Xiangyuan’s residence.
Originally, he left me in a hotel or a club, but I didn’t expect it to be his own place.
This discovery actually silenced me.
If there had been no accident yesterday, Ye Xiangyuan and I should have signed an agreement and started to formally close this afternoon.
But now it happened unexpectedly with him …
Besides being embarrassed, I’m also afraid that I can’t keep my heart.
I don’t deny that I have a crush on him, and now I gave him my first time …
But I didn’t forget Xiao Yan’s disgusting face.
Because love begets hate, because love begets fear, which is probably the case.
In this situation, I have to think carefully about whether to make a choice.
I got dressed and went out of the bedroom door.
Outside is a big living room with rooms on the left and right.
Those nurses and girls don’t seem to wander around the hall. I looked around and didn’t find the entrance, but I found a ladder on the left side of the hall
Ladder-mounted home, it seems that this suite should occupy a floor
I thought about it and pressed the first floor directly.
The ladder seems to be very fast.
When I get to the first floor, there is a bustling commercial street outside.
The night in early spring comes very early. At this time, it’s just near dusk. Next to the lights, there are layers of office buildings. White-collar workers just have a busy shift. Everyone is in a hurry.
I took a taxi home.
I hesitated for a long time and finally took out my mobile phone and turned to Ye Xiangyuan’s number.
I sent him a short message [Thank you for coming home].
His number has been in my address book. I never thought it would be like this to contact him.
There has been no movement for a long time.
I didn’t receive his reply until the car drove into the community. It was a word [OK].
Without punctuation

"Grandpa is not angry with me." Shuiyun Park raised an eyebrow and laughed.

"Grandpa knows that you have suffered." The old prince lamented the tunnel. From the very beginning, he saw that this granddaughter’s wife was not a woman who usually stayed in the backyard. He always felt that he would be at ease to give her and Sun Lan Wangfu, but he still thought too lightly, just like he couldn’t help her now.
"Grandpa doesn’t blame me, Yunxi is at ease." Shuiyunxi suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, but she still held back.
Soon Princess Lan and Huangfuyi heard the news, and soon even Chu Chengxuan and Gu Chenxi came. The dinner was very rich, and it was made by Shuiyunjin herself.
After supper, Shuiyunjin followed Huangfuda out and strolled leisurely in the moonlight as usual.
The beauty of the moonlight is extremely gentle and demure, and it seems that it has returned to the original.
Huangfuda looked at such a guy, Tsinghua, with a thick smile on his eyebrows. "Why did you come back without waiting for me to pick you up?"
"Go back to your home and want to go back." Shuiyun Park smiled gently.
"Park says this is your home." Huangfuda winked.
Two people cloud pavilion waterside pavilion outside water cloud park suddenly live.
"What’s the matter?" Huangfuda asked.
"I want to see more eyes for a long time, no see," said Shuiyunjin softly.
"After Hibiscus, we still have a generation. This generation is not enough. There are still generations. I will never let you leave my side again." Huangfuda suddenly stretched out her hand and hugged Shuiyun Hibiscus’s arm and tightened it as if to embed her in the bone and blood.
"Good" water cloud suddenly laughed.
Huangfuda’s arm suddenly loosened and tasikmalaya picked up Shuiyunjin’s feet and slowly left for the waterside pavilion.
Nothing has changed in the room. Nothing has changed that night when she bought a nightgown and set up a soft bed.
"This room is full of your breath, and now I’m finally white. From time to time, you can’t sleep." Huangfuda hugged Shuiyunjin from behind with a low voice.
"Then it seems that you are going to lose sleep tonight." Shuiyunjin sipped her mouth and snickered.
"Don’t go." Huangfu-da suddenly got a bad face. He listened to Shuiyun-da and smiled, only to know that she had toyed with her hand. She turned Shuiyun-da and instantly threw her up. Shuiyun-da suddenly exclaimed that Huangfu-da reached out and caught her halfway through the rotation with a smile.
Shuiyunjin just remembered that night he left Beijing and said that when he came back, he would hold her palm up again. Her mouth smiled like a warbler’s song.
I don’t know how long it took for Huangfuda to suddenly stop, and the water clouds and hibiscus have been crushed by him. The big bed is messy and fanatical, and the clothes are like a storm. I heard that the water clouds and hibiscus are as fine as mosquitoes and flies, saying, "I want to bathe in oil smoke, so you can kiss it."
"Fragrance is my favorite taste" Huangfuda was so dumb that she couldn’t pronounce it.
"No, I’m going to take a bath." The soft voice of Shuiyun Park rang again.
"You’re such a grinding woman." Huangfudi gasped for a moment and heard him get up. Then he went to the darkroom with Shuiyunjin.
Outside the Lanwangfu, Shuiyunjin people helped the carriage and followed the people in the dark.
However, the carriage did not return to Houfu, but rushed out of the city in the dark. Although people were surprised, they did not doubt it.
The next day, at dawn, two jade lovers embraced and slept in a quiet room. They just slept for half an hour.
桑拿论坛Shuiyun Park suddenly opened her eyes when she heard birds chirping outside. Last night, all the scenes appeared in front of her eyes. This night, she indulged herself and was swallowed up by Huangfuda’s love. When it was dawn, she never fell asleep. If she had changed in the past, she would have been too tired to lift her fingers. Now she is not sleepy at all.
She gently looked up at Huangfuda’s slender white hand and gently caressed his picturesque face. For a long time, she covered the silk and went to bed without dragging her feet. She dressed everything without looking at the big bed again and resolutely left the door.
Zi Xia at the edge of the green bamboo forest near the waterside pavilion, etc. "Miss Yunge, the dark guards at the waterside pavilion have been held off, so we must leave quickly."
ShuiYunJin nodded "where is LingXiaoYao?"
"Miss, rest assured that they mistook the sunset glow for miss" Zi Xia replied.
"Good go now" ShuiYun ms sink a way.
The master and servant didn’t walk through the gate, but Zi Xia jumped out with Shuiyunjin.
Outside the wall, Lin Han sat in a carriage, where he had already waited, and the water clouds rose and the carriage went directly out of the city.
Bamboo slope outside the city is already ready from Chenchen and a group of dark guards.
"Sister, you’ve really decided." Li Chen wrung his eyebrows.
"Do you think I still have a way out at this time?" Shui Yunjin asked:
Chapter 142 Northern Jin Palace
Near the New Year’s Day, all the palaces in the capital are decorated with lights and colorful windows. The Lanwangfu is even more luxurious and grand, but it is still sunny early. Soon, snow like goose feathers falls from the cloudy sky. The whole Lanwangfu is covered with silver, white powder and jade, and it has a different style and charm.
The waterside pavilion, such as a piano, has been waiting outside as before, waiting for Shuiyunjin to call her into the palace. Others are still in the joy of Shuiyunjin’s return, and no one will bother at this time.
The room was warm and fragrant, and the floating big bed Huangfuda slept deeply, but as he rolled over, he suddenly opened his eyes. The position around him had already lost its temperature, and his arms had lost its warm fragrance and nephrite body, which made him wake up.
Huangfuda touched the soft pillow beside him, and the eyes in the dark jade color quickly swept around the room, only to see the soothing fragrance curling up in the room. He suddenly frowned. He slept until now, and there was a water cloud beside him to relax himself. He didn’t even know when the water cloud rose.
"Himself Himself, Himself" Huangfuda whispered.

Soon they told me that the case was accepted and told me to go back and wait for news that they would investigate.

I didn’t ask any more questions. Anyway, I was asked to report it, and I have already done it.
I’ll send WeChat to the procuratorate [can I let my parents go now? 】
After a long time, the other party did not move.
I sat back in the car and waited for news.
品茶After about five minutes, the other party replied [you drive to this address and exchange with your parents yourself. Don’t reveal your whereabouts or you will be at your own risk]
Then a positioning was sent over there.
The address shows that it is a famous villa area in the suburbs. It is said that living there is expensive, and many rich people may not be able to buy it if they want to live in it.
I stared at the map for dozens of seconds.
I don’t want to know how many obstacles that road has set up.
Ye Xiangyuan has been following me, but if I go to this villa, I will definitely be found …
Will it be bad for my parents once it is exposed?
I sent a message to Ye Xiangyuan about the situation.
He replied with a word "go"
Although I was still worried, I trusted him from the bottom of my heart, so I started the car and went to my destination.
In the rearview mirror, Ye Xiangyuan’s cars really didn’t come again.
To tell the truth, I am somewhat afraid of going to a strange place alone because I am not sure whether he has arranged someone to protect me.
But when I think of my parents, I don’t care about anything.
Arriving at the villa area, it turns out that there are all single-family villas, and each one is separated by a long distance, which is like an ancient house that does not interfere with each other.
I walked along the route, and it was a boulevard with tall buttonwood trees on both sides, and the branches and leaves were overlapping, which was full of vitality.
Sure enough, the road is equipped with a lot of security protection. Every 50 meters, there are guard kiosks to check the road, and the buttonwood trees are equipped with infrared probes.
Really heavily guarded
But when I entered, the security booth didn’t check me, and the alarm didn’t go off, and the road was clear.
Finally, I arrived at the location address.
It’s a distinctive villa. The yellow exterior wall looks luxurious. The two stone lions at the door are solemn and solemn.
No sooner had the car stopped than the iron gate opened automatically.
I drove into the courtyard quietly, and I saw the door was a combination lock.
At this time, WeChat rang again and sent a string of numbers over there.
I entered the password, the door opened and I walked in.
At first sight, my parents were tied up in the center of the hall, just like the scene in the video. They were tied up in chairs and their mouths were sealed with tape, which made them look very embarrassed.
"Mom and Dad!" I didn’t want to run over there.
Two meters away from them, two tall men in black suits suddenly appeared in my way.
Soon there was a group of people in the room.
First, a middle-aged man sat on the sofa with his legs crossed and a cigar in his hand, looking at me sideways.
Bodyguards stand on both sides of him as if they were facing the emperor.
Middle-aged men’s facial features and Ye Xiangyuan are somewhat shorter and fatter than Ye Xiangyuan.
I have guessed his identity and frowned, "I have done everything you asked me to do. You won’t break your promise, will you, Master Ye?"
Chapter 6 Here he comes!
Hearing the last three words, Ye Sanye raised his eyebrows slightly, "You are quite clever."
With a smile on his face, he really looks like an amiable middle school teacher, ignoring the cigarette in his hand and his arrogant posture.
But through Xiao Yan’s disclosure of information, I know that he is deliberately targeting me, and my heart is full of vigilance.

Does he really have nothing to do with Chen Shu?

But my gut tells me he’s lying.
If so, this person is really terrible. All emotions are buried by him. Calm expression.
About I didn’t speak. Han Qingshan gently coughed and stressed, "I really don’t know who is behind Chen Shu. You can rest assured."
I nodded absently "Oh"
Han Qingshan looked at me for a moment and said, "I do know a lot of things … that arms dealer was killed by Ye Ershao and I know very well … You don’t doubt me, I have my own channels."
It seems that he has a lot of channels and eyes.
Why should he note these?
Ordinary businessmen probably don’t care about these smugglers or state secrets
I took the cup and took a sip of "You are very good"
Han Qingshan smiled and laughed. "It’s less than Ye Er … thousands of tons of fuel have been recovered by him. This time, he has made great contributions and must go up again."
He knows the cause and effect of Ye’s going far away, which makes me doubt him more and more.
If I go back, I have to wake up. Whether it’s rape or Han Qingshan’s finding out something, it’s worth noting.
But I can’t help showing a trace of pride in my eyes when I think of Ye Xiangyuan.
I can’t help smiling when I recall Ye Xiangyuan’s vicious fighting with Yuan Xi and his figure.
Han Qingshan suddenly leaned forward and took my hand.
I was shocked. I drew back and said, "Let go!"
Han Qingshan has a tighter grip.
My fingers were almost red by him, and he didn’t let me go.
He frowned tightly and said, "Do you miss Ye Ershao?"
I didn’t answer him
In fact, I am not used to such contact with strange men, even holding hands makes me annoyed.
I looked him straight in the eye and said, "Please let go or I’ll call security."
Instead of letting go, he looked me straight in the eye and said, "It’s time to leave Ye Xiangyuan."
As soon as my face changed, I could hardly control my reason and wanted to slap him directly.
He didn’t seem to see my face and continued, "He can’t really love you without him. Don’t lose yourself."
This time his expression is very serious.
I froze slightly and then said coldly, "Even if he doesn’t love me, he doesn’t have anything with you."
I don’t know why, but I have the illusion that he has poked me to the spot.
Yes, how can Ye Xiangyuan really love me?
He loves Gu Changyu …
My heart ached at the thought of this.
But before Han Qingshan, of course, I can’t reveal all these emotions.
I fought back my heart and pulled my hand back hard.
Han Qingshan sighed softly and finally let me go.
I was relieved and moved my wrist.
My whole wrist and fingertips are red because of the force just now.
I was about to open my mouth to see Fujian, but I thought for a second that Han Qingshan suddenly got up and pulled me into her arms.
I was dragged up and lost my mind.
Han Qingshan held my voice softly in vain. "There must be danger around you … but if you don’t want to leave and insist on staying with him, there is no … I can always take you away whenever you need it."
His affectionate words almost gave me an illusion that he had such a sincere heart for me.
But I soon came to my senses.
He is not much better than Ye Xiangyuan.
How can a person with a deep mind like them easily hand over their feelings or hand them over to a woman who is not so good as me?
I said lightly, "Thank you for your kindness. Now please let me go."
Han Qingshan sighed again and let go.
He stared at me with deep eyes and said, "You don’t like me, and I don’t want to tell you that I promised that I would always come to me if I wanted you."
I looked at his complicated mood.
His words really stirred up a certain wave in my heart.
I’m not moved by him, but … I think even if he’s acting, it’s fake enough.
Section 24
桑拿论坛I almost believed him.
I’m more and more curious about what he really wants.
His style is confusing, but he has always released goodwill to me. I look forward to the day when the truth is revealed, and let me see what he is up to. What is worth his heart?
Maybe it’s because I don’t talk. Han Qingshan took a deep look at me and left.
I sat back in the sofa and froze for a long time.
Finally, shaking his head gently will be influenced by Han Qingshan. Whether he is acting or he says that Ye Xiangyuan doesn’t love me, it’s just disturbing my mood. I can’t be it.
I looked up at the window and it was the beginning of the lights. I suddenly couldn’t wait to go back to the military compound.
Because there is warmth that I crave.
On my way home, I pondered that I would like to talk to Ye Xiangyuan about Han Qingshan’s visit.
Mainly that. Ask Gu Changning what’s going on.

I laughed too, and the whole person was relaxed.

During this period, except for Gu Changyu, this lawsuit worried me. I couldn’t sleep for many nights, and I was worried about my future after the success of Chu’s ship.
And all these problems were solved after the victory of the lawsuit.
The big stone in my chest was finally removed, and I even walked a lot faster.
Ye Xiangyuan took me out.
When I walked to the door, Lu Xun said, "Little Fish just told me that I won’t celebrate with you because I have something to find me."
Listening to him, Gu Changyu, I dare not go out.
Ye Xiangyuan nodded and said, "Let’s fix the day for the celebration dinner and we’ll get together again."
There is no fluctuation in his tone.
However, what he is good at is that he can’t show his emotions, and his thoughts will certainly not be revealed.
Gu Changning gave me a meaningful look and followed.
I secretly frowned and said nothing.
After Ye Xiangyuan told the girls, they all broke up and made an appointment to meet again.
When we were going to the open-air parking lot, we saw many reporters at the gate.
Ye Xiangyuan turned to ask Ye Wen, "What’s the matter?"
Ye Wen explained, "It was the Li family who asked for people. It was estimated that they wanted to see Chu jokes. I had received the news before, but I didn’t drive them away …"
He didn’t finish, but we all understood what he meant.
He must have deliberately let these reporters stay because he knew very well that Chu would win.
Anyway, it’s Xin Longhe who makes a fool of himself.
Ye Xiangyuan nods "You deal with it"
Then he took me back to the garage.
He didn’t tell Ye Wen what to do, and Ye Wen didn’t seem to need his instructions.
I can vaguely guess that Ye Wen must be trying to benefit public opinion to save Chu’s reputation or to give Li jiaqi an army.
Anyway, Ye Xiangyuan will always maximize his interests. He can’t leave this opportunity alone.
By the time we got to the underground garage, there was already a car waiting there.
But to my surprise, Li Qi also made a special trip to wait for us.
Chapter 265 Bureau two years ago
See our Li jiaqi twist out the cigarette in his hand came quickly.
He stared at Ye Xiangyuan for a while and said, "So you are mystifying. No wonder you didn’t care about the fuel."
Ye Xiangyuan smiled slightly. "Minister Li’s means are also very powerful. After half a year of careful arrangement, Chu almost went bankrupt. If I don’t have much effort, where can I chat with Minister Li here?"
Li jiaqi eyes malicious and complete sneer at a way: "Don’t be proud too early before the outcome is determined."
I know he is angry. It is difficult for people like Ye Xiangyuan to grasp his mind.
Even though I was his wife, I was his pillow for a year, but I never really understood him.
It turns out that the key to my victory in this lawsuit must have something to do with his trip to the Pacific with Lu Xun.
But so much evidence has nothing to do with arms dealers and fuel.
But enough to crush Xinlonghe.
桑拿It can be said that he was ready from the beginning.
Don’t be his enemy, otherwise it’s not clear how to be calculated.
Isn’t Li jiaqi’s position high and heavy also put together?
Ye Xiangyuan’s face is still smiling. "I never want to tell Minister Li what the outcome is."
Maybe it’s my illusion. I always think he has implications-
Regardless of the outcome, live and die.
Li jiaqi don’t know whether I understand his meaning and his face becomes extremely ugly.
But he didn’t send his self-sustaining identity
He stared at Ye Xiangyuan again for a moment and suddenly swept me with a cold smile. "You’d better not fail or your woman and your child will be buried with you after your failure."
This is not just a warning, it is almost a threat.
I’m a little unhappy.
It’s okay to threaten me by innuendo, but I’m a little unhappy and really afraid that my child was missed like this before he was born.

The familiar face at the bar counter is smiling at me. She drank a glass of wine and waved and went straight outside.

I couldn’t bear to watch her leave, so I went straight from the stage to the steps. The song stopped. I turned around and saw Yan Jiaxin staring at me blankly. Maybe it was because I didn’t answer her lyrics immediately.
At the moment, my thoughts are struggling repeatedly. This girl is uneasy. She can’t sing a lyric. She looks at me and slowly retreats.
And I am uneasy about whether to step back or forward on this step.
Chapter ninety The brightest star
The crowd is quiet, but my heart is beating seven. Many people don’t understand what they are looking at me. I will go to the steps and neither go nor go.
And Yan Jiaxin, her white face is blank and so confused. Looking at her at the moment, I finally took back the left foot that I was going to trample on.
Walk slowly to Yan Jiaxin and apologize and say "sorry"
She nodded to me after her expression came to her senses, and I didn’t ask me anything, but I said sorry to the crowd to show that I was distracted just now.
Sebrina, is it a coincidence that she actually came back and went to the city again? She still came here on purpose, and I met her. A series of thoughts were going on in my mind.
Although I am so eager to see her now and want to tell her what happened these days, I can’t leave now. If I leave now, the girl next to me will have no ability to control this stage. She will become flustered and won’t be able to sing because of her panic.
"Can you still sing?" I expressed my condolences to the lost girl.
She didn’t speak, but the song gave me the best response. The song gave me a reassurance. I accompanied the girl to finish the song calmly, and I didn’t have any extra thoughts to finish it myself.
After singing this moment, I didn’t hesitate to give the microphone directly to Yan Jiaxin, then turned and ran outside the bar. I stopped and turned to look at the girl. I felt wonderful in her eyes.
品茶论坛When I left the bar, I looked around and looked for the woman who made me remember more than the woman in red. She appeared in such a hurry and drove my mood when I left.
She appeared from my sight without any warning, and there was no disconnect. When I left from my sight, I couldn’t follow her footsteps at all.
I dialed Sebrina’s words as I ran, because I really have so much to tell her. I clearly remember that she just waved and smiled at me, which made me so clear.
"Where are you?"
Maruta, next to my bar, shouted at the front, maybe she has gone away, or maybe she is in a corner of the bar and just looks at me quietly.
The words were miraculously connected, and I immediately asked her, "Where are you? Where are you? Are you back?" I’m sure it was her. That woman in the bar must be her.
Sebrina did not deny that he responded directly to me and "came back."
"Will you ever walk again?" I asked in a trembling voice.
"can walk"
I was silent, and she was silent, but we didn’t hang up. I leaned against the Ma Lukou pole as if she seemed to be talking to me in such a place that I could rely on.
I lit a cigarette to calm my mood at the moment, and she finally said to me, "When you finish smoking."
I smiled very indifferently, but my smile made me take a drag on my cigarette and cough heavily.
Enjoying the slow smoking, it is just so slow that I can calm my heart fluctuations safely and calmly.
After I finished smoking this cigarette, I just threw it on the floor and stepped on it. I didn’t take the initiative to say anything because I felt that she would speak before me.
"Do you believe in fate?" I’m sure she finally asked me at this moment.
"That’s why I can see you at the same time by accident. This is the happiest smile. You are not lonely now, and I can’t imagine it well."
"What about you?"
"I" Sebrina paused coldly before continuing to reply to me. "I’ve been thinking about it for a long time these days, and I’ve been thinking about it myself for a long time. These days, I’m happy and unhappy. I’m bound to do my own thing and no one will bother me anymore. Unhappiness is that I have to continue to make my own choices and feel sorry. I know a lot, but I have to pretend that I don’t know. When I come back this time, I’m here to find Xu Mo and give her 30,000 you owe her, which means you will owe me, but I don’t
I laughed again. "You are so naive that you always like to make me look for it as a child."
She also smiled, "You are so naive that you always ask me to find all kinds of reasons to approach like when I was a child, but I found that I was wrong, so wrong is not outrageous, because you are so simple and simple that I let myself think about your feelings unnaturally, and it is this simplicity and complexity that made me dare not face up to you and dare not express myself."
We are really naive, but it is such childishness that we have been troubled to get along for so many years.
"Will you come back?"
"Yes", she replied positively.
"How soon will you be back?"
"when that moon is bright"
She is around me in a corner not far from me. Even if she is dressed like this, I still can’t find her. Sebrina is like a midnight elf. I can’t find her if she wants to hide herself in the dark.
She will appear when she takes off her hidden coat, when I meet her in the brightest moonlight.
I’m sure, positive, and more confident that she will be the truest side. I didn’t hide it when I met her, and I didn’t default.
I finally lit another cigarette. I can feel that she’s gone. We hung up and she left in an instant. It should be calm and proud.
And this night, the starlight is flashing. I looked up at the dense starlight and smiled with imaginary self-care. Maybe I didn’t light the cigarette, but I indifferently lit the moon with the unlit stars.
And Sebrina may be the brightest star and the most confident star among the stars.
"You have to work hard, you dream of working hard, you want to work hard and work hard."
Chapter ninety-one Rabbit
I found that I didn’t go to the bar to sing any more. I relied on this pole to wait for the woman I abandoned on the stage.
After half an hour, I still haven’t seen this girl in the bar and in the figure.
I don’t understand. I started talking to this girl, but the words never got through.
I didn’t continue to look at the door of the bar, but stepped inside again.
The stage has changed. Yan Jiaxin doesn’t have a noodle bar. I’ve been looking for this girl everywhere. I think she should be very unhappy because I didn’t give her a reason to leave.
The original seat, Yan Jiaxin, was drinking hard with a glass, but there was a strange man around her who I didn’t know.
I walked up to her and bowed my head to drink. She said, "Let’s go home."
She looked up at me and nodded slightly drunk, then handed the wine to the man next to me and left with me.
Before he left, the man also said, "Pay attention, Ann." I know this is definitely not for me, but it may be interesting.
She didn’t ask me why I left because I kept walking ahead. I could speed up to follow her footsteps. After walking for a while, she began to jump like a rabbit.
Maybe the wine made her confused just now and she didn’t know what she was doing.
I saw her pouting, standing by the railing, watching her hands with her waist, as if she were going to jump over the railing and then jump into the moat to take a bath in the cold river to reduce her body’s warmth and drunkenness, and let the cold wake herself up.
When I lit a cigarette, the girl jumped straight as if she were really crazy. I just lit the cigarette in the middle, so I threw the lighter aside and hugged her and said, "Don’t be excited, don’t be excited, girl. If you can’t jump, you will die."
I held her from the railing, but she turned her head and pointed at my nose with a smile on her face and said, "Big Rabbit, why are you so small?"

Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure!

Someone inspired the ban!
What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments!
Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go!
Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, with a tight heart, immediately manipulated the force of space and swept away to the blue light beam like lightning.
There are other treasures!
In the distance, Fang Yun’s heart jumped, mixed in the crowd, and swept away like lightning towards the valley.
Fang Yun is not familiar with this small ancient world. However, this does not mean that others are unfamiliar. There are so many strong men in North China, and there are always people who can inspire the real secrets of this ancient small world.
That’s why Fang Yun didn’t leave immediately.
ah! Among the blue beams, several figures rushed fast, but they were thrown faster. When flying out of the blue light beam, it was already cracked into several pieces, and blood splashed.
Someone triggered the ban! Fang Yun heart movement. He glanced at his eyes and found that many people in the crowd showed fear on their faces when they saw this scene.
Suddenly stopped.
Go in! Fang Yun mind thoughts fly, at the foot of it is not to stay. He has seen that so many people have just entered. Only twenty people were cut out. Obviously, only these twenty people were unlucky, and the others went in smoothly.
This is a question of probability, and the spell is means and fate!
Hey! The light flashed and Fang Yun immediately swept into the green light …

Chapter 669 Suppression for ever
Just entering the green light, I heard a loud buzz, and a simple bronze sword with 18 handles, dragging a long blue sword light, was suspended in the void. Head on is a piece of sword light, intricately mixed, beheaded.
On the eighteen bronze swords, the energy is not so powerful. But the cohesion of that energy is purer than that of the strong in the star realm. Even the so-called indestructible foreign star iron can be easily cut into mud.