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Ali Han attended the prematch press conference. He called the Dutch game the biggest challenge for China!

You can also put it this way.
China rarely has the opportunity to play against the world’s top teams in official competitions, especially on the international stage. It may be traced back to the 22 nd World Cup in Brazil.
That: 4 fiasco is fresh in my memory.
The upcoming game in Holland will also be the strongest opponent that China has met in recent years.
Ali Han is right.
A reporter asked, Can it be said that the main players of Qin Xiong’s Dutch national team know very well that he will give helpful opinions and opinions to the coaching staff?
Ali Han smiled wryly. I’m a Dutchman myself. We have to fight as a whole. It’s hard to say how much help we can get to know a star, because stars like Rovan Persisted are familiar to everyone, but few players in China can play against each other in the game and the situation is completely different in front of the camera.
Dutch coach Van Malvik was extremely lowkey at the press conference
桑拿He said, Many people say that the Netherlands will qualify before the game, but the same thing happened to China. If they win the game, they will get six points. After all, the game will be kicked out. We can’t be overly optimistic, especially because China has a player named Qin Xiong.
The reporter asked curiously, Do you think Qin Xiong can lead China to beat Holland?
Van Malvik nodded, Nothing is impossible in football field, and my coach has seen Qin Xiong’s ability many years ago. He is stronger now than before.
At this time, a reporter recalled Van Malvik’s resume and linked it to the fact that he coached Jenod in the Dutch stadium.
It happened that Qin Xiong was a member of Ajax.
It is said that Fan Malvik is absolutely qualified to evaluate Qin Xiong and has a fear of Qin Xiong
The match between Holland and China made Qin Xiong feel awkward.
June 19th
At the Durban Stadium, the players’ passage
Qin Xiong glanced at the Dutch players next door.
Club teammates, former teammates and friends
Surprisingly complicated
And these guys are provocative eyes glanced at Qin Xiong but some alert.
A game that makes Qin ambition feel strange is coming to be continued.
[The first volume of the sword has become a complete defeat before it is drawn]
The atmosphere in the stands of Durban Stadium is more enthusiastic than the last one. After all, China fans are relatively more conservative in their thoughts and actions, while Dutch fans have always been famous for their enthusiasm, and orange colors are more vivid and beautiful.
CCTV, Taichung, CCTV, this is the scene of the World Cup in South Africa. I am the live commentator Duan Xuan. I am here to broadcast the second match of the World Cup group match of China live. Our opponent is the Dutch team from a strong European team.
Now China ranks first in the group and scores one more goal than Holland. If there is no draw in this game today, then China and Holland will have a team to advance to the knockout stage.
Next, let’s look at the list of both parties.
China team 4411
Goalkeeper Yang Zhi
Defender Sun Jihai Li Weifeng Feng Xiaoting Sun Xiang
Midfielder Zhao Junzhe Zheng Zhi Liu Yi Huang Bowen
Striker Qin Xiong Han Peng
Compared with one after another, Ali Han made a personnel change today.
Zhang Pengfei sat on the bench and Huang Bowen was obviously trying to strengthen the midfield defense.
This is why the Dutch team has always been famous for attacking.
Dutch team 41 today.
Goalkeeper Stecklenberg
Defender Vanderville Heitinga Mattheiszen Van Bronckhorst
Midfielder Kuyt Van Bommel Van der Fatdesd
Forward van Persie
The good news is that the Dutch team’s main player Luo missed due to injury, but the Dutch team is still very strong. Let’s see how the two teams will play in the game. Come on, China.
Qin Xiong felt very uncomfortable from the first minute of the game.
On the surface, it looks like fighting the Dutch team, but it is more like playing a game with a basket of former teammates.
Stecklenburg Heitinga Kuyt Van der Fatt de Van Persie
He was completely contained.
In defense, Van Bommel Kuyt Vanderville will block Qin Xiong in the left half of the midfield. If Qin Xiong goes to midfield, he will face two midfielders plus van der Vaart.
The most terrible thing is that the Dutch team’s personal technical ability is super strong. They can play extreme oppression and make the China team adapt to it. It is almost impossible to play a smooth offensive during the transition between attack and defense.
China can play the limit in a game, but it can’t play in today’s game.
The root cause is that we can’t do well in the link of attack and defense conversion.
The players in the center and backcourt have gone to defend, and it is difficult to get a good counterattack opportunity after the Dutch team’s offensive defense.
Another reason is that the Van Malvik Dutch team can be said to run counter to the Dutch style.
Van Malvik’s injection of factors into the Dutch team is utilitarian
He pays more attention to defense, preferring to sacrifice offense and do defense well.
This is also the reason why it is difficult for Qin Xiong to display his key blockade.
Qin Xiong hardly touched the ball half an hour before the game.
He took the initiative to retreat on a large scale to get the ball.
However, he was strongly attacked by the Dutch team alone or with Han Peng’s theory of whether he was a longdistance personal attack or two people were eager to cooperate.

Mom, that’s gossip. Zhuanghe is not like that. Wu Muchen interrupted his mother’s words. Although he didn’t believe that Liuzhuanghe was innocent, he didn’t want his mother to be biased against her until it was confirmed.

There is no smoke without fire.
Seeing that Wu Muchen didn’t talk, Ruan Xianshu continued to lobby Now Qianqian is pregnant with your child and she is the only daughter of Huo’s family, which will also help your future career.
Mom, you said that my ears are cocooned. I want to work hard on my own for the company. Wu Muchen couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and rub it.
Last night, he didn’t sleep at all. He couldn’t wait to beat Gu’s post when he thought of Gu’s post holding a photo of Liuzhuang Lotus.
But it doesn’t make sense for him to beat someone with just one photo. Besides, he can’t beat him at Wu Muting’s birthday party.
You don’t listen to me if you know everything. Ruan Xianshu made Wu Muchen even more annoyed.
Mom, I’ll handle this matter at your disposal. Leave it alone. Wu Muchen got up and walked towards the door.
Aunt Liu was about to come over and ask them to go to the restaurant for dinner. When she saw Wu Muchen walking outside, she quickly called him Young Master Ma is going to eat.
Aunt Liu, I won’t eat. You can eat with my mother.
Aunt Liu brought up Wu Muchen from an early age. The ancient saying is that Wu Muchen, the wet nurse, has always respected her.
He is more dependent on Aunt Liu than when he was a child, because Ruan Xianshu is busy with work every day, and sometimes it is left to him. Every time he comes home, it is late, and most of the time he falls asleep.
Looking at Wu Muchen who has gone away, Aunt Liu sighed that this home is becoming less and less like a home.
Madam, have dinner.
spa会所Ruan Xianshu leaned against the sofa with her eyes closed and her eyes not open. I have no appetite to eat.
Do you really want her to take out the mall means to deal with him when she grows up?
After Huo Qianqian left, Liuzhuang sat up and continued to tidy up the room.
It’s already quick to clean up the room, but Wu Muchen still hasn’t come back.
Liu Zhuanghe took out his mobile phone and prepared to give him a message. After thinking about it, she released it again. She really didn’t have the courage to listen to his voice, especially after Huoqianqian’s provocation.
Since Wu Muchen hasn’t made a statement yet, she is still Mrs. Wu.
Although this marriage makes her feel very powerful, the thought of Wu Muchen and Huo Qianqian makes her feel disgusting, but she can’t be so selfish and take care of herself now that she has children.
She was an orphan since she was a child and didn’t love her parents. She couldn’t let her child be born without a father.
Maybe Wu Muchen has his plan, otherwise Huo Qianqian wouldn’t come to her and show her lack of confidence.
When I opened the refrigerator, I saw that none of the ingredients in it wanted to eat, and the things that happened one after another made her have no appetite at all, but the child could not eat nothing.
Finally, she warmed up a glass of milk and held warm milk. Liu Zhuanghe sat on the sofa and turned on the camera to see what was playing in the video. She didn’t care at all. She felt that the room was too quiet and there was a little noise to make herself feel less lonely.
The mobile phone shows short message information
Liu Zhuang He put a cup and took the mobile phone. When he saw that it was Gu Si Lang who sent a message, he was always looking for her.
Open it, Miss Liu. Are you okay?
It is strange that Gu always knows that she is Wu Muchen’s wife, but she never calls her Miss Liu, not Mrs. Wu, even his friends.
Gu Si’s heart didn’t make Liu Zhuanghe feel that there was anything wrong with her. He almost knew that there was nothing wrong with Party A’s heart and Party B’s heart.
Click the reply key with your finger and edit it quickly.
Thank you, Mr. Gu. I’m fine. And thank you for paying for my BMW. I’ll pay you back as soon as possible.
After receiving the information, Gu Si was stunned, but she still saw the news.
Actually, he doesn’t want her to pay him back at all. She drinks and pays the bill. He is happy to do so.
When the idea jumped into my mind, Gu Silang himself was startled. When did he become so nosy?
Because she is too pitiful, he sympathizes with her. It must be so.
Gu Boshang didn’t respond. She said she wanted to pay back her money, but she thought about it and told her the purpose of the plan.
The soul of Gu’s plan is that the family will give it to me before next Monday.
Seeing the information, Liu Zhuanghe was excited to sit up straight, but I didn’t expect to ask her many times without results. Now I told her.

As soon as he pushed the door and approached Li Jue’s office, he threw it over and just opened the courier bag and hit it red-handed!

The sharp water chestnut hit her face with a faint pain, and she consciously said, "What are you crazy!" "
As soon as the assistant saw this posture, he consciously went out
Li Jue was furious and looked at her waving the ticket in her hand. "Look at yourself!"
"What the hell is it?" Qin Xuan impatiently took the look and his face changed!
She is aware of MuChuan temporarily changed the plan, but I didn’t expect him to hand so hard against an army!
Sure enough, this man is too cruel!
Li Jue gas black face "is this your good idea? !”
Qin Xuan absently looked at the check. She thought of thousands of endings, but she didn’t guess this one!
She didn’t expect him to shoot so soon after he saw through her scheme!
After all, it’s still her. His heart is too shallow!
Li Jue saw that she didn’t speak a word and got angry. Raise my hand and grabbed her neck!
"Labor money to fight this war vowed to tell me that I won’t lose but now? !”
Qin Xuan struggled to open his hand and caught a glimpse of him after a few breaths. "Business has always been a winner and a loser! What’s so strange! It’s just a ticket. What are you panicking about? "
"You said it was light!" Li Jue stared at that woman angrily!
夜生活That’s all he’s worked for all his life! If you lose, you can have it all!
Qin Xuan regarded her as angry and turned to sit on the sofa! Turn over the newspaper
"Are you still in the mood to sit and read the newspaper? !”
The woman didn’t lift her head. "I naturally have a way. What are you nervous about?"
Isn’t it Hu Jia’s defection? She and Muchuan have met such a duplicitous bitch for many years.
Such a bitch is not worth her panic.
Li Jue glared at her angrily, hummed, turned and strode out!
You’re welcome to warn before opening the door. "You’d better help me solve this matter as soon as possible, otherwise don’t blame me for disowning people! Don’t forget that you hit Zhang Shiman’s video and return my hand! "
He has seen through this bitch. He and she have no weight in their hearts! In order to deal with Muchuan, she spent a lot of money on him, and now she has such an ending, and she is also guilty!
This is enough to say that she really doesn’t care about his company at all!
With the anger of a post-Qin Xuan, the newspaper was held in a ball and thrown into the trash can.
She thought it would be successful and failed, but neither seemed to have any effect on her. It was better to win Muchuan by luck.
If you lose, let that bastard Li Jue get away with everything!
But she forgot that she still had something in that old guy’s hand!
Eyes can accompany her to go on!
Zhao Jiamo there really out of the corresponding countermeasures but and Qin Xuanji.
The man calculated that Muchuan was not so simple in the morning. He agreed to Qin Xuan’s request secretly or carried out according to his own plan.
Muchuan was influenced by the former Mu Yicheng, but this man and this place have a long reputation and are not so easy to beat.
Despite his nearly perfect plan, his sales performance was barely tied with him in the first few days.
Still chasing behind is a bit overwhelming.
As a result, Zhao Jiamo expected Muchuan to be an old signboard in Kyoto at any rate, and his name Kyoto was better than the cards.
F country
An old man in a wheelchair looked at the latest newspaper in a two-story building.
It’s the latest situation in Kyoto
The man who put up the newspaper looked at the person in front with deep eyes. "Although you have been invincible, I am afraid it will be another matter to meet this Muchuan."
Zhao Jiamo said behind him, "He is a local strongman in Kyoto, and I am a new enterprise in Kyoto. It is still too early to say whether it will take some time to deal with him."
The old man smiled knowingly. "Then I’ll wait for good news."
Then turn the wheelchair and go inside.
Zhao Jiamo turned around and cried, "Grandpa! What … "
The man raised his hand and stopped her from receiving the message, "Go home. I have rules. You know what I don’t want you to know. You won’t know."

But he hopes the team can beat the Champions League champion in the pitch!

Therefore, he has a very accurate and objective judgment and is fully prepared for the game.
Liverpool’s lack of rest during the journey will affect Liverpool’s competitive state
The Reds need more time to get into the game, especially when the team plays together in a rhythm.
When Liverpool needs it
Atletico Madrid just can’t give it!
Liverpool want to slow down the pace of the game when they have built up a strong confidence in the game, and they really need more to get into the game.
But Atletico Madrid, like wild wild animals, frantically grabbed and attacked quickly on the court!
Atletico Madrid seems to be trying to bring the rhythm of the game to ruin Liverpool!
Let the game be completely out of suspense before the Red Army reacts! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. 1237 is going to be blasted? ]
read; Atletico Madrid as a whole has made tacit efforts to speed up the pace. Although some players in Liverpool have noticed this, not everyone can have such keen insight.
When aurelio gave the ball to Qin Xiong, the frontcourt winger, in the first minute of the game, he put Qin Xiong in an awkward position instead.
Alonso and Steven Gerrard are far away from Qin Xiong, and they haven’t run out yet.
Reyes was chasing Qin Xiong behind him, but he was caught in the doubleteam circle of Perea and Assumpcao. Qin Xiong may have realized what Atletico Madrid was thinking, but he also overestimated his competitive state a little.
I really haven’t finished getting into the rhythm of the game
When he forcibly broke through the encirclement of Asuncion Sampere, he waded the ball through the gap between them.
However, the ball was a little big, and he had to make a quick effort to catch up. Finally, the speed was slowed down after Assumpcao’s physical contact.
Godin breaks the ball and goes straight to the left, Raul Garcia.
Atletico Madrid’s quick counterattack swept through!
Garcia gave the ball to Simao on the left in the frontcourt, who directly took the cut line and went to the front of Liverpool’s restricted area
As soon as Mascherano moved in parallel to intercept Simao, he immediately gave the ball to Fran in front of the penalty area.
Fran dribbled forward to break through Agger’s defense. When Agger came in front of him, Fran tilted the ball behind Agger as the area.
Aguero cleverly inclined to run and dumped Carragher. At this moment, Carragher couldn’t follow the explosive speed!
Aguero did not hesitate to turn around and volleyed in the right area of the penalty area!
A low flat ball flew to the far corner of Liverpool’s goal with a sharp angle!
Reina can’t even touch the football with her fingers, even though her reaction is flying away quickly.
I fell to the ground and turned my head to see that the football hit the side of the goal post and bounced into the goal!
Atletico Madrid took the lead in breaking the door!
Aguero ran along the sidelines with an excited smile, and rumbled Flores excitedly threw his fist on the sidelines to celebrate!
Atletico Madrid actually advanced the ball! After the game, they were more active than Liverpool in running, attacking and defending, and their overall performance was better than Liverpool!
Their goal came from a quick counterattack, which broke the ball from the back line and quickly passed through the midfield, then Simao took the ball and cut it to disturb the Liverpool middle defense, and then the striker partner Fran aguero completed the cooperation, and finally the Argentine star aguero made the final decision!
This volley shows that aguero’s ability to seize opportunities in front of the superb shooting is too strong.
Coleman’s face on the sidelines is not very good.
To be honest, Atletico Madrid is a bit of a bully!
With more energy, Liverpool will be caught off guard.
Liverpool people are also a little confused about this goal.
In the past less than ten minutes, they felt a sense of longlost strength!
It seems that Atletico Madrid players are lighter and faster, and they seem to be unable to keep pace with their opponents!
Or they haven’t met an opponent who can take the initiative to pull the pace of the game to their tolerable level for a long time!
It happened that Atletico Madrid’s attack and defense is just like the wind and the clouds.
Now we need to calm down and adjust our mentality to face the game more seriously.
Liverpool are trying to get back on their feet. First of all, it must be the midfield!
Qin Xiong, Gerard Alonso, these are all experienced masters.
Naturally, it is not said that in difficult situations, they respond fastest and most correctly.
They helped Liverpool stabilize the midfield situation and let their opponents return from encirclement and suppression by constantly being quick and short.
桑拿网In the 16th minute of the game, Steven Gerrard responded to Qin Xiongheng in the middle of the frontcourt and quickly tilted the ball to the right rib of the penalty area.
Raul obliquely inserted into this area and then shot in front of Dogs, but the ball kickback shook out of the ball and then sent the ball to Torres’ foot in front of the penalty area
Torres obliquely tackles the ball to the left area of the penalty area when Godin comes to force it.
Seeing an excellent shot opportunity, Torres volleyed his left foot but it will fly away!
Torres’ second shot today still missed the goal range!

His tone is not very good. "Why are you still angry?"

I looked up at his line of sight and said, "No, please help me to see the little fish. I just spoke too hard and she probably got angry."
Gu Changning eyebrows stretched some seems to be very satisfied with my heart Gu Changyu.
I looked at his building and quietly spit out a silent breath.
Who wouldn’t pretend to be gentle and considerate?
But I don’t want to put on airs
This is not my nature, and I don’t want to exchange Ye Xiangyuan’s love for a moment or his friend’s approval by such means.
But I just … played a mind’s eye before Gu Changning.
For me, it is said that Gu Changyu is not angry. I just … don’t want to continue talking to Gu Changning …
I can’t help but put my hand over my face.
Will I stay with Ye Xiangyuan for a long time, because all these things will make me unrecognizable because I have to ask for it for a long time?
After that, I also went back to my room to rest
Gu Changyu room is next to Ye Xiangyuan’s master bedroom.
I can imagine them playing together when they were young. They must be tired of playing during the day and lying side by side in a bed at night, being coaxed by adults to listen to stories and then being carried back to their rooms by their elders …
When you, my lover, on a bamboo horse, came trotting in circles and throwing green plums.
I closed my eyes and forced myself not to think about it again.
When I went back to the bedroom, all the furnishings were the same as before Ye Xiangyuan left, and my head was even more blocked.
Sister-in-law called me at dinner.
I lay in bed and didn’t want to go upstairs, but I got up at the thought that my grandfather Gu Changning and Gu Changyu were guests.
Sister-in-law’s bedside judo "Don’t blame Xiaoyuer for her … she is very proactive …"
It seems that eldest sister-in-law has heard what happened before.
I, uh, said, "I didn’t blame her, but my tone was too strong."
Sister-in-law looked at me and hesitated.
I smiled at her and went upstairs with her.
桑拿会所Everyone has been sitting around the dining table. Xiaojin saw me waving my little hand "Aunt here ~"
I walked up to him and kissed his face with a smile.
Then I looked after Chang Yu, and her look has returned to normal. It doesn’t seem that she will rest assured of the past.
I’m a little distracted.
"Aunt, I’ll help you with the food ~" Xiao Jin cocked his head and suddenly put a carrot in my bowl with chopsticks and smiled at me cutely.
This point was just given to him by my sister-in-law, but he was picky about food and didn’t eat it until he gave it to me.
I was teased and touched his head.
Gu Changyu sat opposite me and smiled, "Xiaojin, you have a good relationship with your aunt."
Xiaojin smiled shyly. "My aunt has a little sister in her stomach, so she should eat more."
Gu Changyu smiled at me and didn’t speak again.
In gu Changning look cool can’t see what he wants.
Grandpa’s appetite was not very good, so he went back to his room to rest.
After everyone was quiet, Xiao Jin probably felt that the atmosphere was wrong and ate obediently. Even the eldest sister-in-law put carrots and vegetables in his bowl and he ate them silently.
After dinner, everyone left each other tacitly.
I went back to my room and went to the window to look at the scene outside.
Outside the window, the dead branches and leaves are swaying in the wind and rain, and it is estimated that the first winter snow will fall soon.
My mood is like this depression and heaviness.
I don’t know how long Xiao Jin suddenly ran in. He climbed into my bed and waved to me with a smile. "Aunt and uncle talk ~"
I walked over slightly surprised.
Ye Xiangyuan sounded "Eleven" from the opposite side.
I took the phone and looked at his handsome face on the screen without saying anything.

Shuiyunjin nodded and suddenly remembered what turned to Miaoxiang and asked, "What’s the problem with those dowries or what’s the difference between the two dowries?"

Miao Xiang Miao Chun, when they heard the dowry, their heads trembled and fell lower. Miao Chun whispered, "Most of the dowries that Miss Hui carried into Lan Wangfu are fake."
"False" Shuiyun Park Yang exclaimed. Although I had long thought that the box contained some inferior goods or demon moths with broken cracks, I suddenly heard that it was all false, which really frightened her. It was too scary and scary to do so.
"Aren’t you afraid of being found when some fake things are carried into the Lanwangfu as dowry? Lanwangfu is a royal family. How dare they?"
"Miss, please think about it. If Miss Wang and Miss Wang’s maiden’s home are a sensation in the whole capital today, and the whole thing will be affected carefully and properly, then who will still care that the dowry will be left intact and then carried back to Hou Fu? Naturally, there is no need to prepare a dowry for you. Miss Wang is now a young lady in Lan Wangfu. If you let the people in the house know that the dowry will even be," Miao Xiang looked up and looked at Shuiyunjin’s dignified face and shrank in a low tunnel with some trepidation.
Shuiyunjin sneers at a watery eye, which is as cold as ice reflecting light. It is really planned and done from beginning to end. It is absolutely necessary that this wishful thinking will be shattered because it is still alive.
Look at that day. She really wants to see if Hou Fu’s "dirty" couple can still be so calm.
The sneer at the corner of my mouth grew thick and I laughed. "But outsiders seem to follow me in. The dowry was prepared by my parents and my second sister, isn’t it? How can I live up to their pains?"
"Miss" means "Miao Xiang loses her mind and looks at her stupefied without anger or smile.
"It’s just that everyone is in their place." Shuiyunjin smiled and firmly believed that everything belonging to Shuiyunjin would come back. "Where are those dowries now?"
"Miss Fang, who has not yet registered in the warehouse, wants to go back to the door on the third day," Miao Xiang replied.
"Three-day recalls" Shuiyunjin glanced at Miaoxiang.
Miao Xiang quickly replied, "On the third day of marriage, a woman must be accompanied by her husband to go back to her mother’s house. This is our Tianze custom of going back and forth."
Shuiyunjin nodded gently, not blaming her for knowing all these things, and no one told her "What’s so special about Huimen that day? Tell me about it in detail."
Miaoxiang nodded. Her heart was like a mirror. In Yangcheng, all the ladies had mammy to teach etiquette before they got married, but the lady didn’t let anyone teach the big lady. She could tell everything she knew.
A moment later, Shui Yang’s eyes blinked, but she didn’t say anything in her heart. She thought of Su Ningxiang. At that time, she decided to look at those dowries to mock herself. It seems that some things have to be prepared before. At this thought, her smile gradually recovered. "Do you know what’s wrong with the world?"
Miao Xiang Miao Chun didn’t come out in the words just now. Suddenly, she heard the words of Shuiyunjin and quickly withdrew her thoughts and answered, "The handmaiden also heard that Princess Lan accidentally fell down in the palace, and her abdominal pain was difficult to stop. At that time, the situation was in danger. The emperor ordered all the doctors to keep the door for three days and three nights before she was born. She also said that the world was just born and almost could not live. It was because Prince Lan kissed Jiuhuang Mountain and invited Mo Da imperial doctor to save her life. From then on, she was weak and was doomed to live short."
Shuiyunjin nodded thoughtfully, but there were many questions in her heart. Princess Tanglan was pregnant, and it was incredible that she fell down in the palace and caused dystocia. Even if ordinary women are pregnant, they will pay special attention to it. It is hard to imagine that there are a lot of pro-princesses behind her.
It’s a pity that the weak body should be beautiful and rich, and the man who grew up with a powerful medicine pot is lingering on his deathbed. How much less fun should it be? After a long time, Shuiyunjin asked, "How is the princess in the house?"
"I didn’t know that the princess’s family was originally a Soviet general’s house. Thirteen years ago, General Su died in battle in the southwest. Mrs. Su was so worried that only young children were left in the whole general’s house, and there was no one in the capital to revive Miss Su’s general’s house. It was even more unknown that the emperor was very kind at that time and gave her five-year-old princess to her children. Qi Taifei raised and sealed the monarch. She was gentle and spoiled to the monarch, but when she grew up, she was close to Zhuang Guifei and often accompanied her mother and daughter. However," Miao Xiang was somewhat embarrassed
"But what?" Shuiyun Hibiscus asked with a smile. It seems to her that Su Ningxiang is more than a spoiled word. She can probably imagine the story here.
"The handmaiden also listened to the maid around Miss Er, saying that it was Sue’s princess who wanted to be a daughter-in-law of Zhuangguifei. At that time, Miss Er was not less angry and broke things. Unfortunately, Wang Yisu’s princess had to marry into Lanwangfu. I heard that it was a terrible thing at that time, but it didn’t get out of hand because of Zhuangguifei’s support. However, after Sue’s princess entered Lanwangfu, her sex was more unpredictable than before and she lived in bed all the year round." Miaoxiang carefully looked at Shuiyunjin’s face.
She knew in her heart that Shuiyunjin didn’t know about some stories outside. She was a handmaiden and showed loyalty. Naturally, she said everything.
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Chapter 2 Have something to ask (2 more)
Shuiyunjin nodded with a smile. She saw Huangfuhang with Su Ningxiang at the moment, and she couldn’t wait to rush to stick him. No one could see it. But at that time, all the people in the field didn’t change their expressions except Princess Lan’s face. It was more like an outsider looking at an irrelevant person and thinking about their feelings.
Jia Su Ning Xiang is jealous and narrow-minded. How can she be as pure as a breeze? There is no Su Ning Xiang shadow in the eyes of the world. The so-called husband and wife are two strangers who don’t sleep in separate beds.
"Miss, it’s not easy to get along with the princess today. Maybe it’s just waiting for you to be wrong. If you want to win a seat in this house, the old prince and princess should walk around more. After returning to the house, Miss should send some novel gifts to several masters in this house. The most important thing is to ask her to keep her children’s hearts." Miao Xiang carefully observed Shuiyunjin’s face for fear of offending her.
In ancient times, women married from their husbands, especially from their husbands. If there is no grace and no means, the whole generation will stay in the backyard until they die of old age. Being maids like her is naturally the master’s scenery, and they also follow the scenery. She has to wake up.
Shuiyunjin nodded with a smile. She naturally thought of Bai Miaoxiang. She didn’t want to fight for anything in the past. Su Ningxiang’s eyes were not worth a damn. She was the monarch or the princess in this house. She didn’t feel relieved from the beginning, but she hated herself because of Huangfuheng. But now that Shuixinru is married to Wang Fu, she is not jealous anymore.
But even if she thinks clearly, she always feels a kind of comfort in this house. The cloud of hibiscus makes her heart soft as a pool of water. She thinks that even if she wants to leave later, she will remember Princess Lan.
And the old prince only cares for each other once, which makes her unforgettable.
In the end, the so-called son-in-law in Miao Xiang’s mouth is a scheming and wily person with superficial arrogance. It’s hard to get his heart, I’m afraid. When she doesn’t have time, do you want his heart and depend on it? At that time, the thought of his heart in the room was a small flame.
"You are both clever and don’t need me to explain anything specially. Look and learn more in this house in the future. It doesn’t have to pay attention to it." Shuiyunjin confessed the two.
"Miss Bai, the handmaiden, can rest assured," Miao Xiang and Miao Chun answered.
"This name should also be changed. Don’t let people say that our Hou Fu has no rules."
"handmaiden, remember," two people have different mouths.
桑拿论坛  title=Shuiyunjin nodded and ordered, "Go and ask Ruqin about some old princes and princesses who like me."
Two people nodded again.
"Accompany me to the warehouse to see those dowries, and then go to the mother princess." Shuiyun Park got up.
"That son-in-law is not guarded here." Miaoxiang is awake.
Shuiyunjin glanced at the room and frowned, thinking about him sleeping and asking her to keep it. "Let’s go, just watch it like a piano outside."
Miao Xiang Miao Chun bowed their heads and glanced at each other. No words followed Shuiyun Park towards the front yard.
The ancient people’s courtyard covers an area as large as a garden, from Yunge all the way to the front yard, winding paths lead to secluded bridges, flowing water is numerous everywhere, and it seems to be alive without polishing and carving. Generally, jade rockeries are lifelike, and looking at the heights, they are full of red bricks, green tiles, pavilions, trees and forests, so luxurious and elegant. If you walk the whole Lanwangfu back and forth for a few hours, you can’t finish it.
Dot the guards outside the warehouse, Shuiyun Hibiscus, and make a faint look. She walked towards the house and saw dozens of mahogany boxes with red satin brocade quietly in the spacious room. Yesterday, Shuiyun Hibiscus slowly approached her eyes and stared at these boxes without blinking. Suddenly she smiled, "You two open all these boxes."
Miao Xiang Miao Chun just looked at each other, opened the boxes one by one and looked at the bottles of jewelry and antique calligraphy and painting one by one.
I can’t help sighing that fake can make it so beautiful and exquisite.
It is also hard to find out so many boxes of fakes with a straight and faint smile.
"Let’s go"
The two men quickly covered the boxes again, and hurried to the door to catch up with Shuiyun Hibiscus, who had gone far.
Shuiyunjin walked slowly at noon, and the sunshine was just warm and warm, and she looked up like a gentle embrace. She couldn’t help but raise her lips. If she sent those dowries to Hengwang Palace and carried them to Huangfuheng, would he have such a good mood? She would be happy if she could make him sick.
When a cup of tea was served, three servants arrived at the entrance of Huaqing Courtyard, and the south position of Huaqing Courtyard was very right. The ancients always took a fancy to the house facing south and north, which was excellent.
"Little lady, how come the princess is taking a nap at this hour?" Get the girl to report that Mammy Rui came out to meet her in person.
"If you have nothing to do, you’d like to come to your mother’s princess. Don’t drive me away." Shuiyun Hibiscus kept joking with a smile. She came here not to walk around in Miaochun’s mouth, but to ask for something.
"Little lady is afraid of keeping you waiting for fear of boring you." Mammy Rui nodded in her heart and felt that this little lady had only been in the government for one day, but this frankness was excellent. Without those ladies in the capital, she looked more intimate. No wonder she was favored by the old prince and gave her something from the old princess.
"It won’t be boring to talk with Mammy." Shuiyunjin laughed and Mammy Rui led her straight to the hall.

"I didn’t intend to let him go directly," Jun said crazily. "We just have to do something about it." After a pause, he added, "When we are closed, the three of us are in the same abode of fairies and immortals. I have applied to Dean Shi for an idle abode of fairies and immortals, and I believe it will be arranged for us soon."

Qin Xiao nodded fairly satisfactorily and took a sip of tea to swallow slowly. "Have you settled down there, sir?"
"Dean Shi has settled down and lent him Yaner, Huaner and Shuang’er to help him tidy up the courtyard." Jun said crazily, "I’m afraid you won’t feel so uncomfortable if you don’t see the three of them."
"That’s not necessarily." Qin Xiao snorted and looked at the teacups. "Besides, there will be flying snow and frost later. I’m afraid we will arrange them directly in our yard this time."
Reading in sections 157
"It’s hard to say that flying snow is very interesting to me. Most of the two sisters live closer to them." Are you crazy or not?
"Are you sure?" Qin Xiao raised his eyebrows and looked at Jun crazy. "I don’t think her heart is dying."
You are crazy and don’t understand what Qin Xiao means, but you are worried about the other party’s obsession, so you can change the topic. "To tell the truth, I think it is impossible to reach the sacred land in a short time."
"I think so too."
"In that case, I still have an idea." You are crazy and close to Qin Xiao with a smile. "You know, your master Lian Di is recognized as the first genius of the six realms. Even if I leave a ban, I can easily break it."
Your crazy meaning is white, but I hope Qin Xiao can unite Lian Di and let her help break the ban on the back hill, otherwise he will really confess to Dean Shi and let Dean Shi postpone the opening of the back hill.
However, doing so is bound to cause some people’s dissatisfaction, and if it is difficult to dig deeper, it will cause trouble for Dean Shi.
桑拿按摩  title=The purpose of your madness is that I won’t cause you any trouble and you won’t mess with me.
It happened that he was too confident and didn’t expect his realm to degenerate. This was a big trouble for Dean Shi.
If you get into trouble yourself, of course, you have to finish it yourself. Jun Kuang is clear about this problem, and it’s also a white realm. It’s not that you can recover if you recover, so you have to ask Lian Di for help.
However, it seems that this self-awareness came a little late.
Qin Xiao gouged him out and was too lazy to talk nonsense with him. He directly contacted Lian Di to inform him of the situation in the back hill.
"It’s really a bit difficult." Lian Di was distressed by the sound. "You know, it’s a ban on the strong cloth that can’t be broken if it’s significant."
"Please also help me, martial aunt. You are the most beautiful, not only beautiful, but also the new factory is very good. How can you do such a thing in from ruin?" You crazy can’t help but cry, but he can’t hear his flattery without Xuanlilian Emperor.
Good Qin Xiao to face his opinion in the past.
"Then let me study it well," said Lian Di. "I can’t guarantee to break the ban, but it’s not difficult for me to ban two or three people from opening a small door."
"Thank you, Master, so I won’t bother Master and Second Master." Qin Xiao ended the sound.
You crazy wait for a while looked at Qin Xiao "you said they just love".
"Yes," Qin Xiao looked at Jun crazily. "Don’t you hear it?"
Chapter three hundred and fifty Heaven and Six Realms Avenue
Hearing this, your crazy heart wants to do something bad.
He seems to have disturbed people’s conjugal love more than once, and Lian Di communicated with Qin Xiao so patiently because she loved this disciple very much, and he had no crazy face at all.
"I said this happened every time, can you just say it?" He took a look at Qin Xiao with regret.
"It’s not a big deal. Anyway, it’s already bothering you. Should you just finish everything?" Qin Xiao picked his eyebrows and put his hands on the mat and looked at Jun crazy on the desktop.
You gave her a crazy look and didn’t say much.
"You can hardly serve this matter. Are you still not satisfied?" Qin Xiao gently hummed.
It’s getting late, and a group of guys haven’t come back yet. You’re crazy and worried, but Qin Xiao is very calm, and he can’t just get up and walk around the house and endure it.
After all, it’s a large group of people coming together in the mountain. It shouldn’t be that long. Seeing a group of people go out of Qian Shan College, we just tied them up at the foot of the mountain.
Besides, are his younger brothers so easy to tie?
Thinking like this, he felt as if he had found some comfort.
After waiting for a while, even Qin Xiao began to worry and looked out of the window from time to time.
"Why are you worried about them?" You gave her a crazy look.
"It’s not that I’m worried that they’ll forget to buy me food when they play." Qin Xiao sat at the table with her cheeks in her hand. "It suddenly occurred to me that my second master had a cave that said she would give me an unusually abundant aura in the future, and there were many places to play and good rooms to live in. Should I ask for it to be closed this time?"
Jun crazy smell speech suddenly remembered what "I really asked the dean to arrange what abode of fairies and immortals for me". What idle abode of fairies and immortals can be more wonderful than Truman’s carrying?
With ultra-high flow rate, it takes less than half an hour to practice inside and outside all day, and there is plenty of aura in the room, as well as the elixir nourishing spring. Don’t worry about the lack of aura when you are promoted.
With such unique conditions, it’s hard to lay a solid foundation.
According to your madness, he has to be drenched with dog’s blood before he can put it in when he goes to Chuge City. Unless Qin Xiao opens his mouth, it will be impossible.
"You say that, I have a little plan." Jun Kuang’s eyes turned to Qin Xiao and said, "If I can lend you the second master’s abode of fairies and immortals, I think your little brother will soon make great progress, and there will be a lot of enlightenment in your school."
"You made that idea yourself, didn’t you?" Qin Xiao sneered at him rather disdainfully. "It’s not difficult for me to speak. It’s a special situation that helped you this time. I’m afraid you’ll have to go to the master and the second master to discuss it yourself."
"Thank you so much." Your crazy mouth twitched uncontrollably, and even your temples began to jump.
What he said about "paying homage to human feelings for many years" was that he dragged her through a long period of hard work instead of hard work. Where is the word "paying tribute" that can be easily overshadowed?
Even so, you crazy still didn’t refute.
Because words come from his little mouth, and when they come out from his little mouth, words must be, must be, yes, right,
Thinking of you like this, you are still not assured to say, "If you master you, you must ask her to find a way to help me ban the back hill, even if she doesn’t look at me again, I will recognize it."
"That’s natural," Qin Xiao nodded slightly. "But how did you ban Master from being taller than you? She couldn’t easily break it."
"Do you remember when I was blessed by heaven?"
"Remember" Qin Xiao or nodded.
"Then you should also bless the strength during the day and set up a ban on my own physical realm, which is not so easy to deal with." Jun said crazily, "Your master is a partner of the spiritual world and heaven. Fortunately, Qian Shan College is blessed by the spiritual world and heaven, and if you are blessed by your master, you can always do something with your second master realm."
Smell speech Qin Xiao leng stared at you crazy for a long time, dark and liquid eyes blinked and blinked or not white.

"The man of god? I am not a man of god. "

"Your wings have betrayed you."
"Well, hehe!" I immediately put away the angel Polly’s wings and disappeared in an instant, which immediately surprised them
"Are you really not a god?"
"Well, no, I’m a human player."
"Human? What is human? "
"How can I explain this?" Yes, when people ask you what human beings are, how do you answer them? Animals? Intelligent animal?
The man who temporarily eliminated the hostility introduced himself. His name was Xingtian, the gatekeeper of the Stone Town on the fourth floor of the Magic Prison, and the two people outside the city were called Punishment One and Punishment Two respectively. They were responsible for sending the God who had been thrown into the Stone Town to the altar, and then the God became a member of the new Xingtian clan. This is also the origin of the Xingtian clan, but when he came back from the altar, the God not only became a Xingtian clan, but even his memory would disappear. It is hard to say that this is a place to punish the God who made mistakes. In the past seven years, many people have been exiled here.
The five floors of the magic prison are the first floor of the sea of despair, the second floor of the cave, the third floor of the cold wind, the fourth floor of the stone city, the fifth floor of the dark hall, the last floor is where the altar is located, and the first three floors are filled with dead bodies.
From their mouths, I began to understand the living conditions in this world, which is completely independent. Everything they produced from seven years ago was established in Jade Emperor, and now the number of gods is at least one million, and it has been divided into various tribes to live together. Moreover, this world is very similar to the game world in my place, that is to say, it can make the game have skills, health, magic power, physical strength, wisdom and other attributes, except for different races. It reminds me of the story that Father Chris said that nature is in contact with another life. Is the other one? Besides, it’s a coincidence that I was born seven years ago, and this game in Wonderland is also seven years, and this world is also seven years. There must be a connection between them, but what’s going on? I find that my brain is so smart that I can’t bear these many problems.
Xingtian people are loyal people, and they don’t know what the altar has been done. Anyway, the man of God will be sent to the altar as soon as he comes here, but I’m not a man of God, so they are also happy that no matter how rare I am to have a person who is not from Xingtian family here, they also want to know what is going on outside. Even a group of people will talk and be curious in this dark place every day.
I will tell them some anecdotes and interesting things in my world and find some urgent things, so that we will be different. Laughter is the only way to bring us closer.
Chapter 17 The Magic Prison (3)
"Xingtian, do you think this is the magic altar?"
"Well, if a man of God is sent here, he is usually sent here first, and we get raw food from here, so we can’t resist at all."
"That I go in should not affect you? I can have you friends here. "
"Rest assured that we can send you as a general man of god, but do you really want to go in? We don’t know what’s in the fifth floor. "
"Xingtian, we are friends, right? Now is later, don’t worry, I just came to this world to find that’ person’. Since it is a place where all heterogeneous people must come, I believe she may come here. "
"Take care of your friends!"
Although Xingtian has no head, his excited voice still touched me very much. I stayed in Stone Town for four days. During these four days, I not only became good friends with Xingtian, but also learned many things. Although Stone Town is a place where God abandoned his disciples, forgetting his memory does not mean forgetting his life skills and combat skills. This is less than 10 square kilometers. There are many strange skills in Stone Town, and the skills here are actually teachable. In these four days, I worked hard and learned four skills. Although I stayed here for four days, I will never forget this strange place. A small pile of rubble is piled up.
It’s really a bit chilly to enter the gate of this dark temple. There are a few luminous beaded walls in the temple, which is simply firefly light for this spacious hall.
桑拿论坛  title=I felt a strange feeling when I walked to the center of the hall, and there was no one here. Both Chris and Cain ran out. Cain was fine. At ordinary times, he could conjure bats to get some air. Chris was so bored that he wanted to eat me as soon as he came out.
I stroked her long silky blonde hair and said, "Don’t be angry, Suu, okay?"
"But it’s easy to talk in a pet. You will recognize that your Xingtian brother didn’t care about me these days." Chris said with a full face of injustice.
It seems that women will not only be jealous of women, but also men who are not men (first men), and Chris is becoming more and more feminine, but this kind of bird makes me feel frivolous.
Suddenly there was a flash from the roof. It was a precursor that Chris and I and the little bat were struck by the flash and our consciousness disappeared in an instant.
※※※※※※※※’ Where is this?’ I thought in my heart that I was too familiar with the place I am now, and I finally remembered where I had seen it. This is the world I was treating. I immediately looked at my body. That is to say, I am now aware of it, but why didn’t I come here during treatment? Can’t I be treated in the world now? And I remember a flash just now. I wonder if Chris and Cain are all right.
The streamer passes through me as in therapy, but this time it’s a little different. Every time it passes through me, the streamer gets weaker, but I feel more and more powerful. This strength is not a matter of strength, but a mental feeling. What’s going on?
Suddenly, my body hurts, and this kind of direct reaction to the pain in my consciousness almost kills me. My mind is in a mess, I feel the pain, and I feel that it doesn’t know.
I don’t know how long it took before the pain gradually passed. I jumped up from lying down and felt incredible strength. What happened? But I don’t have time for this, because I saw Chris lying next to me and Cain simply disappeared, and I don’t know whether he returned to the pet or disappeared, but now I can’t manage so much. Helping Chris keep calling her name, I don’t know how to give first aid to Chris, who is a pet. Those emergency measures to save people are effective here.
※※※※※※※※’ Where is this?’ Chris looked around, and the present state turned out to be the state when she was born. I remember that she was a weak consciousness at that time, and she didn’t even know what life was. Then the Scorpio host slowly cultivated herself to form an independent consciousness, and then the body gradually became her own seven years ago. It can be said that the Scorpio host was their biological parents, and if she didn’t have her, Chris would fall into memories. The light would get stronger every time she passed through her, but Chris herself felt weaker and weaker. How did this happen? I stayed here for a long time, so I forgot how long it was, but I didn’t have the self-consciousness to remember to stay here at that time, but I never tried this feeling of getting weaker and weaker.
It seems that someone is calling who he is. It’s so warm * * * * * Chris feels wrapped in a warm air mass, and the time can no longer pass through herself.
※※※※※※※※ "Chris, wake up, Chris …"
Chris slowly opened her eyes, and the sound was so familiar that she immediately put her hands tightly around my head and buried her in my arms without saying anything. I felt her body tremble.
"It’s okay!" I’m coaxing Chris like a kitten now. Why do I feel that Chris is getting weaker and weaker? Strange!
The hall is still the original hall, but at this moment I can clearly see every place in the hall, even if I can’t see the original place clearly, I already feel that I have changed, but what changes make me wonder.
"Escape just what’s the matter? I seem to be back where I was born. "
"I don’t know, but there must be something wrong with this flash. Forget it and go back to your pet. I’m afraid this flash will hurt you again, okay?"
"But I ~" Chris was kissed by me before she finished. It was also the first time we kissed. It felt like a white body and a statue in a flash. When my lips left her, she still looked at me in disbelief.
"Will you go back to your pet?"
"hmm!" Kristen didn’t react, so she answered, and then she thought that her face was flushed just now. I told her to go back first. Actually, I was just as nervous. If anything happens to Kristen just now, I might as well challenge Jade Emperor to commit suicide. I can’t imagine my life without Kristen.
Chapter 10 The Magic Prison (4)
Chapter 10 Magic Prison (4) Now I feel super cool. My body is as powerful as the two veins in the novel. Moreover, my eyesight, hearing, physical feeling and mental reaction speed are much higher. Although I don’t know anything, my strength is still something to be happy about.
I walked slowly and carefully to the altar of * * * * in the main hall. I believe that when those gods came in and were struck by that flash, it would definitely have an impact. But I am not a god, Chris is not a god, and that bat is not a god. It is different for us because of this flash. I asked Cain that he seems to have upgraded now, and he didn’t know what happened. After being struck by the flash, his series rose by half. Now he has a level of LV35, and he has a level of LV52, and he has mastered the second pet skill. But I don’t want to tell me
Cain’s promotion reminds me that I will also be promoted. At first glance, I was shocked that the basic level LV99 and the professional level LV99 were full. That flash was really powerful just now. What happened? The mystery should be on the altar
The closer I get to the altar, the more careful I am. There will be no second flash. Who can guarantee that the second flash is the same as the first one? If it were different, I wouldn’t even die for nothing.
The altar is actually a circular platform with six flags written in six directions. I don’t know the symbol on it, but I know that it is the symbol of the idol costume that I saw at the home of the man of God when I first arrived. There are many protruding platforms in the altar, large and small, and there are seven columns. The top of each column is flat, and there are seven things on each column platform, a dress, a pair of shoes, a pair of rings, a sword, a shield, a cloak and a hat. None of these seven things can attract others. It makes absolutely no sense to know from Xingtian that this is the only place in the magic prison that can reach the outside world, and the only place where the God never enters. Generally, the people of God (Jade Emperor army) throw the punished God into the stone city, so it is out of their control, and they dare not enter here again. He doesn’t know what it is.
I look at them one by one, analyze them carefully and study them carefully, but no matter how I look at them, I still don’t see that they are really ordinary things. The attributes of these seven things are so bad that I don’t want to say that even I was better than these things when I first played the game. The only advantage is that these things are still relatively new, otherwise it’s really junk. Throw the unwanted things here.
I walked behind the altar again, and there was a door behind it. My eyesight is still black. There must be no light source in this door. My leader’s sword dug a wall bead and it glowed faintly. I entered this door, which was a long straight corridor. I heard nothing but my footsteps. Fortunately, I don’t believe in ghosts and gods, otherwise this silence would be enough to drive me crazy.
The corridor is about a few hundred meters long. Through the corridor, I came to a very dark room. What is a room? Because it’s not very bright, the whole room is about four square meters, but there are beds, benches and cabinets. One person can live a basic life here, but all these things have a thick layer of dust. There is no dust in my world wonderland game, so this setting is very clean everywhere, but the boundary here is closer to reality than the game, but closer to the game than the reality.
The room was not long, so I rummaged through it. I didn’t find any special information, so I moved on. I walked along the other end of the passage room just now. It seems that this reminds me that I used to walk such a long passage in the former Acura Secret Cave, but at that time it was going to the ground.
After walking for a long time, I don’t know how long I finally came to a place where there was light, but the light was red, and I smelled a foul smell and heard a sound.
"Didn’t you hear the report that someone sent it? Why haven’t those idiots sent it for four days? "