The old man nodded in response:“I have no opinion on your decision,And add,The candidate to represent the union has been decided,This one next to me。”

…… Xia Chenglong was still lying in a chair listening to everyone talking,Why did this suddenly turn to him。 “what?” Surprised others,President’s this is too scary。 The union representatives are the boy in front of the union conference? This is definitely not a joke? Judging from the breath radiating from Xia Chenglong at this moment,That […]

But now it’s different,Tu Chuan was one of the twelve apostles,If he doesn’t even know where the headquarters of the secret medicine group is,No ghosts believe。

really,Tu Qin nodded,Tao:“I do know the location of the headquarters,I also know that the Great Lord must be there!” This remark,Everyone is hot。 If you can lock the location of the headquarters of the secret medicine group,While the great sage is present,Under the precise strikes of modern military forces,Maybe you can get rid of this […]

That guy saw that he was ignored,Immediately said something very bad:“Tut!You stupid.Forcing the anchor to really persuade!”

This word,Immediately aroused strong dissatisfaction from fans of Sunny’s home。A manager,Mu Yi of Sunny House,Nothing,Kicked him out,It’s great to give a gift?According to the kick。 have to say,Sister called sunny,Singing is really ok。 Hu Yang checked her homepage,I found out that I was still a singer with his own work,Platform-verified。 Sing a song,Hu Yang couldn’t […]

Xiao Fan didn’t say anything,It’s all because he didn’t expect that the owner of this restaurant would be Wang Mingyang。

Yes!The man angrily following the restaurant manager,Wang Mingyang is indeed not wrong。 ———— Chapter One Hundred and Eleven Who is arrogant? Just when Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan noticed Wang Mingyang,Wang Mingyang, who was following the restaurant manager, also noticed Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona。 And Wang Mingyang’s face was also when he saw Xiao […]

He said,Husband and wife are equal,There is no distinction between high and low,Don’t say that Huo Lu’s two families match,Even if Huo Yunhe is really a prince,She is really Cinderella,Nor should I lower myself to the dust just to cater to him。

But she thinks,Two people want to be together,Must avoid the edge,To tolerate each other,Huo Yunhe can bear his own little temper,Why can’t she tolerate his domineering? She doesn’t think her change is wrong,But she still listened to what Lu Liang said,He said:“People who truly love each other will find their position,When he treats you like […]

Xiao Fan started when Lin Yuner’s voice fell off,Also because I didn’t react for a while,Just froze for a while,Because he didn’t react right now,What does Lin Yuner mean?!

but,Even if it doesn’t react,but,That’s just a momentary matter。 Xiao Fan is Xiao Fan after all,So after a moment of loss of consciousness,It immediately reacted。 “Since Yoona, you said that the things we are discussing are a bit too boring,So, does Yoona have any good suggestions??”Xiao Fan asked with a smile。 Lin Yoona blinked a […]

“Brand and reputation,”Chen Geng said:“As long as we can keep the quality stable,Will gradually describe a kind of‘Although the motorcycle produced by the Jialing factory is a bit expensive,But it’s worth it,The quality of others is good,Expensive also makes sense,I haven’t repaired it in recent years,Much better than those bargains’。

Another benefit from this is,When everyone recognizes that our product quality is better than others、After the price is more expensive than others,Naturally, it will be recognized that the Jialing brand is more advanced than other brands,And Jialing Factory can always maintain a relatively high profit level……Ok,This is‘The smell of wine is not afraid of the […]

But Qin Feng was already red eyes,He hates these self-righteous people,Do you think you are strategizing??I’ll see if you are really not afraid of death!

Qin Feng stuck a knife in the opponent’s thigh,The blood goes straight out like this。 “This.”Cen Wen doesn’t know what to say。Watching Qin Feng abuse Chateauroux,He feels that Qin Feng is indeed a bit incomprehensible。 “You have the ability to kill me。Kill me!”Chateauroux shouting,He is also angering Qin Feng。You know if Qin Feng really does […]

The rain is coming,In the next time,Although everyone is still in the classroom,But many people’s hearts always feel a little uneasy,Don’t know what will happen after school。

The group of high school seniors made such a big battle openly challenge,I won’t give up easily。 Seeing that school time is getting closer,The boys in the class are a little nervous。 He Jin and Geng Tao have long been unable to restrain themselves,One left and one right came to Lu Menglin’s face。 “The three […]