Chapter 25 Promotion to demigod

Outside the Ghost Stream, almost all members of the Black Wind Society in Mo Xiaoxie are facing each other.
Hualing floats beside Mo Xiaoxie, frowning slightly and looking at the former friends across the street.
桑拿论坛Niu Mowang Bazura, why do you want to start a war? Isn’t it too peaceful?
Mo Xiaoxie laughed after hearing this. Order is established by the strong. There are too many forces in this plane and they are extremely scattered. Sooner or later, there will be a war. It is impossible to be peaceful. It is better to combine them with me!
What Mo Xiaoxie said may not be his original intention, but what he said is not wrong. The forces in mainland Bie Yun are scattered, and the peerless strong people have established their own territories. Humans have human monsters and monsters will fight sooner or later.
Mo Xiaoxie felt funny.
Now it’s not someone else who wants him to stop the war, but a group of demons and ghosts who want him to stop. It’s not going to make them happy to sneer at it.
Niu Mowang: Bazoula lost your strength and went crazy. Then don’t blame us for ignoring the feelings of that year!
Mo Xiaoxie hum to you have something to stop the war! But if you can’t kill me, there will be no more black wind in this world!
Members of the Black Wind congregation are frightened!
Bazura, you are so angry!
Mo Xiaoxie said, Since you are not polite to me, I must leave you to show me the strength of your entire Black Wind Society!
Niu Mowang Hum, don’t let the queen bee be promoted to demigod. We can’t stand her. How many waves can you dig without her! When he said to the queen bee from a distance, Bee girl, don’t be tempted by his rumors and come back to our black wind club. He will bring disaster and bad luck!
Hualing frowned and said, Don’t be repetitive. Now I am in this position, not you. Can’t you see what he is! Don’t talk nonsense, haven’t you invited the purplefaced dragon king and the ghosteyed snake to help you out? Don’t ask them to show up now!
Tyrannosaurus King: Since you have a hard time, don’t blame those two seniors for not giving you a face, and don’t say that they bully the small! Please show up!
Tyrannosaurus rex said that two lights suddenly flashed in the sky, and the clouds suddenly divided into two bodies bathed in a brilliance and floated in high school.
One of them is a purple dragon, but it is not very big.
And the other is a huge black snake with terrible eyes.
They are the dragon king with straight purple face and the snake with ghost eyes. They used to be members of the Black Wind Society, but after they were promoted to demigod, they stopped asking about the Black Wind Society. They would have their protection, so they got along well.
Jeff is also with the members of the Black Wind Society. Naturally, he also opposes Mo Xiaoxie’s war regardless of the overall situation.
Mo Xiaoxie doesn’t know if offending him will offend Rico, but he doesn’t care anymore.
If you want to level a small part of this continent, he can be promoted to a demigod, and then the sky will be high and the birds will fly, even if there are two Rico, he will not be afraid!
The purplefaced dragon king floated high in the sky, ignoring Fang Mo Xiaoxie and Hua Ling, and said, It’s too bold to dare to touch the black wind. Today I want you to disappear into this world!
The battle is over directly.
The purplefaced dragon king, the ghosteyed snake seems to know that Hualing is very powerful and decides to attack her together and defeat her as quickly as possible.
Whoosh, the two and a half gods, the strong have already come to Hualing to show their attack directly.
Hualing took out The Hunger to deal with these two enemies.
Mo Xiaoxie scored the black crystal ball in her body, which made her confident, and soon she fought with the two demigods.
And all the members of the Black Wind Society looked at Mo Xiaoxie at this moment.
Niu Mowang: Bazura, this guy is against the sky. We can’t help but fight with him!
good! All the members of the Black Wind Society suddenly surged and attacked Mo Xiaoxie.
Mo Xiaoxie smile stay put.
He neither made the members of the Black Wind Society attack nor bounced the mirror. These attacks fell from the sky because of them.