"The man of god? I am not a man of god. "

"Your wings have betrayed you."
"Well, hehe!" I immediately put away the angel Polly’s wings and disappeared in an instant, which immediately surprised them
"Are you really not a god?"
"Well, no, I’m a human player."
"Human? What is human? "
"How can I explain this?" Yes, when people ask you what human beings are, how do you answer them? Animals? Intelligent animal?
The man who temporarily eliminated the hostility introduced himself. His name was Xingtian, the gatekeeper of the Stone Town on the fourth floor of the Magic Prison, and the two people outside the city were called Punishment One and Punishment Two respectively. They were responsible for sending the God who had been thrown into the Stone Town to the altar, and then the God became a member of the new Xingtian clan. This is also the origin of the Xingtian clan, but when he came back from the altar, the God not only became a Xingtian clan, but even his memory would disappear. It is hard to say that this is a place to punish the God who made mistakes. In the past seven years, many people have been exiled here.
The five floors of the magic prison are the first floor of the sea of despair, the second floor of the cave, the third floor of the cold wind, the fourth floor of the stone city, the fifth floor of the dark hall, the last floor is where the altar is located, and the first three floors are filled with dead bodies.
From their mouths, I began to understand the living conditions in this world, which is completely independent. Everything they produced from seven years ago was established in Jade Emperor, and now the number of gods is at least one million, and it has been divided into various tribes to live together. Moreover, this world is very similar to the game world in my place, that is to say, it can make the game have skills, health, magic power, physical strength, wisdom and other attributes, except for different races. It reminds me of the story that Father Chris said that nature is in contact with another life. Is the other one? Besides, it’s a coincidence that I was born seven years ago, and this game in Wonderland is also seven years, and this world is also seven years. There must be a connection between them, but what’s going on? I find that my brain is so smart that I can’t bear these many problems.
Xingtian people are loyal people, and they don’t know what the altar has been done. Anyway, the man of God will be sent to the altar as soon as he comes here, but I’m not a man of God, so they are also happy that no matter how rare I am to have a person who is not from Xingtian family here, they also want to know what is going on outside. Even a group of people will talk and be curious in this dark place every day.
I will tell them some anecdotes and interesting things in my world and find some urgent things, so that we will be different. Laughter is the only way to bring us closer.
Chapter 17 The Magic Prison (3)
"Xingtian, do you think this is the magic altar?"
"Well, if a man of God is sent here, he is usually sent here first, and we get raw food from here, so we can’t resist at all."
"That I go in should not affect you? I can have you friends here. "
"Rest assured that we can send you as a general man of god, but do you really want to go in? We don’t know what’s in the fifth floor. "
"Xingtian, we are friends, right? Now is later, don’t worry, I just came to this world to find that’ person’. Since it is a place where all heterogeneous people must come, I believe she may come here. "
"Take care of your friends!"
Although Xingtian has no head, his excited voice still touched me very much. I stayed in Stone Town for four days. During these four days, I not only became good friends with Xingtian, but also learned many things. Although Stone Town is a place where God abandoned his disciples, forgetting his memory does not mean forgetting his life skills and combat skills. This is less than 10 square kilometers. There are many strange skills in Stone Town, and the skills here are actually teachable. In these four days, I worked hard and learned four skills. Although I stayed here for four days, I will never forget this strange place. A small pile of rubble is piled up.
It’s really a bit chilly to enter the gate of this dark temple. There are a few luminous beaded walls in the temple, which is simply firefly light for this spacious hall.
桑拿论坛  title=I felt a strange feeling when I walked to the center of the hall, and there was no one here. Both Chris and Cain ran out. Cain was fine. At ordinary times, he could conjure bats to get some air. Chris was so bored that he wanted to eat me as soon as he came out.
I stroked her long silky blonde hair and said, "Don’t be angry, Suu, okay?"
"But it’s easy to talk in a pet. You will recognize that your Xingtian brother didn’t care about me these days." Chris said with a full face of injustice.
It seems that women will not only be jealous of women, but also men who are not men (first men), and Chris is becoming more and more feminine, but this kind of bird makes me feel frivolous.
Suddenly there was a flash from the roof. It was a precursor that Chris and I and the little bat were struck by the flash and our consciousness disappeared in an instant.
※※※※※※※※’ Where is this?’ I thought in my heart that I was too familiar with the place I am now, and I finally remembered where I had seen it. This is the world I was treating. I immediately looked at my body. That is to say, I am now aware of it, but why didn’t I come here during treatment? Can’t I be treated in the world now? And I remember a flash just now. I wonder if Chris and Cain are all right.
The streamer passes through me as in therapy, but this time it’s a little different. Every time it passes through me, the streamer gets weaker, but I feel more and more powerful. This strength is not a matter of strength, but a mental feeling. What’s going on?
Suddenly, my body hurts, and this kind of direct reaction to the pain in my consciousness almost kills me. My mind is in a mess, I feel the pain, and I feel that it doesn’t know.
I don’t know how long it took before the pain gradually passed. I jumped up from lying down and felt incredible strength. What happened? But I don’t have time for this, because I saw Chris lying next to me and Cain simply disappeared, and I don’t know whether he returned to the pet or disappeared, but now I can’t manage so much. Helping Chris keep calling her name, I don’t know how to give first aid to Chris, who is a pet. Those emergency measures to save people are effective here.
※※※※※※※※’ Where is this?’ Chris looked around, and the present state turned out to be the state when she was born. I remember that she was a weak consciousness at that time, and she didn’t even know what life was. Then the Scorpio host slowly cultivated herself to form an independent consciousness, and then the body gradually became her own seven years ago. It can be said that the Scorpio host was their biological parents, and if she didn’t have her, Chris would fall into memories. The light would get stronger every time she passed through her, but Chris herself felt weaker and weaker. How did this happen? I stayed here for a long time, so I forgot how long it was, but I didn’t have the self-consciousness to remember to stay here at that time, but I never tried this feeling of getting weaker and weaker.
It seems that someone is calling who he is. It’s so warm * * * * * Chris feels wrapped in a warm air mass, and the time can no longer pass through herself.
※※※※※※※※ "Chris, wake up, Chris …"
Chris slowly opened her eyes, and the sound was so familiar that she immediately put her hands tightly around my head and buried her in my arms without saying anything. I felt her body tremble.
"It’s okay!" I’m coaxing Chris like a kitten now. Why do I feel that Chris is getting weaker and weaker? Strange!
The hall is still the original hall, but at this moment I can clearly see every place in the hall, even if I can’t see the original place clearly, I already feel that I have changed, but what changes make me wonder.
"Escape just what’s the matter? I seem to be back where I was born. "
"I don’t know, but there must be something wrong with this flash. Forget it and go back to your pet. I’m afraid this flash will hurt you again, okay?"
"But I ~" Chris was kissed by me before she finished. It was also the first time we kissed. It felt like a white body and a statue in a flash. When my lips left her, she still looked at me in disbelief.
"Will you go back to your pet?"
"hmm!" Kristen didn’t react, so she answered, and then she thought that her face was flushed just now. I told her to go back first. Actually, I was just as nervous. If anything happens to Kristen just now, I might as well challenge Jade Emperor to commit suicide. I can’t imagine my life without Kristen.
Chapter 10 The Magic Prison (4)
Chapter 10 Magic Prison (4) Now I feel super cool. My body is as powerful as the two veins in the novel. Moreover, my eyesight, hearing, physical feeling and mental reaction speed are much higher. Although I don’t know anything, my strength is still something to be happy about.
I walked slowly and carefully to the altar of * * * * in the main hall. I believe that when those gods came in and were struck by that flash, it would definitely have an impact. But I am not a god, Chris is not a god, and that bat is not a god. It is different for us because of this flash. I asked Cain that he seems to have upgraded now, and he didn’t know what happened. After being struck by the flash, his series rose by half. Now he has a level of LV35, and he has a level of LV52, and he has mastered the second pet skill. But I don’t want to tell me
Cain’s promotion reminds me that I will also be promoted. At first glance, I was shocked that the basic level LV99 and the professional level LV99 were full. That flash was really powerful just now. What happened? The mystery should be on the altar
The closer I get to the altar, the more careful I am. There will be no second flash. Who can guarantee that the second flash is the same as the first one? If it were different, I wouldn’t even die for nothing.
The altar is actually a circular platform with six flags written in six directions. I don’t know the symbol on it, but I know that it is the symbol of the idol costume that I saw at the home of the man of God when I first arrived. There are many protruding platforms in the altar, large and small, and there are seven columns. The top of each column is flat, and there are seven things on each column platform, a dress, a pair of shoes, a pair of rings, a sword, a shield, a cloak and a hat. None of these seven things can attract others. It makes absolutely no sense to know from Xingtian that this is the only place in the magic prison that can reach the outside world, and the only place where the God never enters. Generally, the people of God (Jade Emperor army) throw the punished God into the stone city, so it is out of their control, and they dare not enter here again. He doesn’t know what it is.
I look at them one by one, analyze them carefully and study them carefully, but no matter how I look at them, I still don’t see that they are really ordinary things. The attributes of these seven things are so bad that I don’t want to say that even I was better than these things when I first played the game. The only advantage is that these things are still relatively new, otherwise it’s really junk. Throw the unwanted things here.
I walked behind the altar again, and there was a door behind it. My eyesight is still black. There must be no light source in this door. My leader’s sword dug a wall bead and it glowed faintly. I entered this door, which was a long straight corridor. I heard nothing but my footsteps. Fortunately, I don’t believe in ghosts and gods, otherwise this silence would be enough to drive me crazy.
The corridor is about a few hundred meters long. Through the corridor, I came to a very dark room. What is a room? Because it’s not very bright, the whole room is about four square meters, but there are beds, benches and cabinets. One person can live a basic life here, but all these things have a thick layer of dust. There is no dust in my world wonderland game, so this setting is very clean everywhere, but the boundary here is closer to reality than the game, but closer to the game than the reality.
The room was not long, so I rummaged through it. I didn’t find any special information, so I moved on. I walked along the other end of the passage room just now. It seems that this reminds me that I used to walk such a long passage in the former Acura Secret Cave, but at that time it was going to the ground.
After walking for a long time, I don’t know how long I finally came to a place where there was light, but the light was red, and I smelled a foul smell and heard a sound.
"Didn’t you hear the report that someone sent it? Why haven’t those idiots sent it for four days? "