"Pearl Krabs, where is your young master from?"

I asked, although it seems like a casual question to drink porridge, Pearl Krabs looked up. "Why is Sister Lili suddenly curious about the young master?"
"I thought about it carefully and found that S city is not so bad. The Wei family balance group seems to be your master’s own opening."
I’m not much interested in Wei Qingkui, but this topic suddenly opened up and some of it can’t hold back.
"This ….." Pearl Krabs hesitated and sighed. "We can’t say much about Master Lili. If you want to know, ask the master yourself!"
This mystery makes me more curious, but I’m not the kind of person who insists on not letting people go. Since she doesn’t want to talk about it, I’m not forced.
After breakfast, Pearl Krabs helped me with my bag. They went out and stopped a Land Rover.
This car is so familiar, isn’t it just in Qingyang that love rat!
I looked at the front and chose to look at the hot eyes and face in front.
Brother spicy eyes doesn’t want to go, but he has to go to the diaphragm.
夜生活The window rolled and he leaned over and asked, "Where are you going?"
I squinted at him and suddenly saw a man coming not far away with a small step and a small gun. Don’t be so spicy. My eyes were a little funny and I pointed out, "Don’t bother to be your old lover!"
Yu Qingyang followed my finger direction, and Liu Yue’s small white face was reddish with lip gloss, wearing a white shirt and tight leather pants.
Don’t say it’s quite delicious.
"Yang Ge kept you waiting" Liu Yue opened the co-pilot without saying anything and sat in, but he didn’t forget to twist his head to stare at me.
Yu Qingyang saw Liu Yue no longer say anything and drove away.
At this time, Pearl Krabs also waved a taxi and I packed up my mood and sat in all the way to the people’s hospital.
There is lyric light music in the car, which sounds good.
Pearl Krabs frowned and said, "Was that car in Qingyang just now?"
"Well," I said lightly, the word bisexual has always been disgusting to Qingyang, but I never thought there would be such a person around me or my real husband.
I know that he and Liu Yueke are not as simple as Mo Shuhua’s saying that they are acting for me. Can they be so active and serious in acting?
I’ve seen Yu Qingyang’s ugly body and Liu Yue’s body several times with my own eyes …
The picture of raising my hand and covering my face is so beautiful that I can’t bear to think about it again, which makes me feel sick.
Pearl Krabs nervously took the bag to me, and I waved and held back.
After arriving at the hospital, I stayed with my mother in the ward until 9: 50. Pearl Krabs took me directly to obstetrics and gynecology.
She made an appointment with an obstetrician and gynaecologist. She is a female doctor with a very popular face and a little chubby face. She is a type that is not easily noticed in the crowd, but she speaks very gently and deeply. I like it.
I have to draw blood for a urine test, and then I have to do a cardiogram and B-ultrasound. At first, I have to do a color Doppler ultrasound and then a urine test.
The female doctor told me to lie on the bed and lift my clothes to reveal my stomach.
A chill in my belly made me cringe.
She laughed. "You’ll see the baby inside in a minute."
I smiled slightly, but suddenly I was stuck at the door and a man came in. I just saw the head of a big man in my position.
I looked at him in shock and asked, "Why are you here?"
Oh, my God, I have a prenatal checkup. Even if we are going to get married later, this baby is not you!
Who gave me a look at the light embarrassing eyes rested on the front brain screen.
I can see the wall hanging directly without turning my head, especially for pregnant women. The screen is dark and I can see a small ball.
Probably until we wondered that the female doctor circled a small ball with the mouse and said, "This is that the baby has formed. Look, this is the eyes and fingers and toes. The baby has been moving for two months. Your baby is very healthy. Now the baby weighs about 15g."
A small group in that belly can see the shape of a little person, so this is a two-month-old fetus in my stomach
It’s amazing!
Wei Qing looked at me silently and found that his eyes were a little dim and a little hot.
I always feel that he seems to really like this child.
What an odd man.
Take it for examination. Wei Qingyi followed him aside. He still had the color Doppler image in his hand.
I’m very embarrassed to meet everyone who is the father of the child. Can you silence me?
After the examination, it is natural that everything is normal, and the female doctor also said that she will not come to the examination often, so she should pay attention to diet and rest at ordinary times.
I answered and walked slowly back to the inpatient building.
It makes me even more uncomfortable to look at the color Doppler image in my hand from time to time.
"The baby is very healthy"
I was shocked when he suddenly opened his mouth and looked up at him. His eyes were a little hot, so I quickly bowed my head and nodded.
Section 39
What he said is very puzzling. Every day, manager Wei, you are too abnormal. I am scared.
He continued to speak as if he didn’t see my face awkward. "It’s a formative period and you need rest and protection. You must pay attention to Ann if she can go out less."
I finally walked to the door of my mother’s ward with trepidation
He stopped and turned to look at me. "I’m leaving."
"Be careful on the road" I raised my hand and waved it, hoping that he would leave soon.
He stood still, his eyes darkened, and suddenly he bowed his head.
Like a dragonfly, my lips brushed slightly, and then there was a warm breath in my cochlea.
"hard work"
No1 I’m proud that I can’t give you Chapter 23 Coincidence.
The day after tomorrow, I also had a good time. Pearl Krabs, a man who looked at his age but was very capable, gave Yu Qingyang an over-the-shoulder fall, and this spicy-eyed fellow was safe and rarely appeared in front of me.
I’m very comfortable. It’s been half a month. Vivi called me this day and said it was a prosperous Washington party tonight. Don’t forget it.
Prosperous Washington!
Party …
Earlier, Vivi told me that Ah Piao said that there was a party in Shengshi Washington on June 20 th, which was held by the president and vice president of S University.
Vivi is a very careless person and usually loves handsome men only after food.
At the beginning, the president’s adult and vice president were called "S", and I knew she wanted to go very much, and she certainly wouldn’t agree with me not to go.
"I’ll wait for you in the pedestrian street for a while to do modeling and buy a nice suit first." She was very excited, and I couldn’t interrupt her excitement.
"Okay, okay, I’m going out now."
The hour hand on the wall has already pointed to 3: 30. It is said that we will have dinner at 5: 30 and then play in the entertainment place of Shengshi Huafu Building.