"Grandpa is not angry with me." Shuiyun Park raised an eyebrow and laughed.

"Grandpa knows that you have suffered." The old prince lamented the tunnel. From the very beginning, he saw that this granddaughter’s wife was not a woman who usually stayed in the backyard. He always felt that he would be at ease to give her and Sun Lan Wangfu, but he still thought too lightly, just like he couldn’t help her now.
"Grandpa doesn’t blame me, Yunxi is at ease." Shuiyunxi suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, but she still held back.
Soon Princess Lan and Huangfuyi heard the news, and soon even Chu Chengxuan and Gu Chenxi came. The dinner was very rich, and it was made by Shuiyunjin herself.
After supper, Shuiyunjin followed Huangfuda out and strolled leisurely in the moonlight as usual.
The beauty of the moonlight is extremely gentle and demure, and it seems that it has returned to the original.
Huangfuda looked at such a guy, Tsinghua, with a thick smile on his eyebrows. "Why did you come back without waiting for me to pick you up?"
"Go back to your home and want to go back." Shuiyun Park smiled gently.
"Park says this is your home." Huangfuda winked.
Two people cloud pavilion waterside pavilion outside water cloud park suddenly live.
"What’s the matter?" Huangfuda asked.
"I want to see more eyes for a long time, no see," said Shuiyunjin softly.
"After Hibiscus, we still have a generation. This generation is not enough. There are still generations. I will never let you leave my side again." Huangfuda suddenly stretched out her hand and hugged Shuiyun Hibiscus’s arm and tightened it as if to embed her in the bone and blood.
"Good" water cloud suddenly laughed.
Huangfuda’s arm suddenly loosened and tasikmalaya picked up Shuiyunjin’s feet and slowly left for the waterside pavilion.
Nothing has changed in the room. Nothing has changed that night when she bought a nightgown and set up a soft bed.
"This room is full of your breath, and now I’m finally white. From time to time, you can’t sleep." Huangfuda hugged Shuiyunjin from behind with a low voice.
"Then it seems that you are going to lose sleep tonight." Shuiyunjin sipped her mouth and snickered.
"Don’t go." Huangfu-da suddenly got a bad face. He listened to Shuiyun-da and smiled, only to know that she had toyed with her hand. She turned Shuiyun-da and instantly threw her up. Shuiyun-da suddenly exclaimed that Huangfu-da reached out and caught her halfway through the rotation with a smile.
Shuiyunjin just remembered that night he left Beijing and said that when he came back, he would hold her palm up again. Her mouth smiled like a warbler’s song.
I don’t know how long it took for Huangfuda to suddenly stop, and the water clouds and hibiscus have been crushed by him. The big bed is messy and fanatical, and the clothes are like a storm. I heard that the water clouds and hibiscus are as fine as mosquitoes and flies, saying, "I want to bathe in oil smoke, so you can kiss it."
"Fragrance is my favorite taste" Huangfuda was so dumb that she couldn’t pronounce it.
"No, I’m going to take a bath." The soft voice of Shuiyun Park rang again.
"You’re such a grinding woman." Huangfudi gasped for a moment and heard him get up. Then he went to the darkroom with Shuiyunjin.
Outside the Lanwangfu, Shuiyunjin people helped the carriage and followed the people in the dark.
However, the carriage did not return to Houfu, but rushed out of the city in the dark. Although people were surprised, they did not doubt it.
The next day, at dawn, two jade lovers embraced and slept in a quiet room. They just slept for half an hour.
桑拿论坛Shuiyun Park suddenly opened her eyes when she heard birds chirping outside. Last night, all the scenes appeared in front of her eyes. This night, she indulged herself and was swallowed up by Huangfuda’s love. When it was dawn, she never fell asleep. If she had changed in the past, she would have been too tired to lift her fingers. Now she is not sleepy at all.
She gently looked up at Huangfuda’s slender white hand and gently caressed his picturesque face. For a long time, she covered the silk and went to bed without dragging her feet. She dressed everything without looking at the big bed again and resolutely left the door.
Zi Xia at the edge of the green bamboo forest near the waterside pavilion, etc. "Miss Yunge, the dark guards at the waterside pavilion have been held off, so we must leave quickly."
ShuiYunJin nodded "where is LingXiaoYao?"
"Miss, rest assured that they mistook the sunset glow for miss" Zi Xia replied.
"Good go now" ShuiYun ms sink a way.
The master and servant didn’t walk through the gate, but Zi Xia jumped out with Shuiyunjin.
Outside the wall, Lin Han sat in a carriage, where he had already waited, and the water clouds rose and the carriage went directly out of the city.
Bamboo slope outside the city is already ready from Chenchen and a group of dark guards.
"Sister, you’ve really decided." Li Chen wrung his eyebrows.
"Do you think I still have a way out at this time?" Shui Yunjin asked:
Chapter 142 Northern Jin Palace
Near the New Year’s Day, all the palaces in the capital are decorated with lights and colorful windows. The Lanwangfu is even more luxurious and grand, but it is still sunny early. Soon, snow like goose feathers falls from the cloudy sky. The whole Lanwangfu is covered with silver, white powder and jade, and it has a different style and charm.
The waterside pavilion, such as a piano, has been waiting outside as before, waiting for Shuiyunjin to call her into the palace. Others are still in the joy of Shuiyunjin’s return, and no one will bother at this time.
The room was warm and fragrant, and the floating big bed Huangfuda slept deeply, but as he rolled over, he suddenly opened his eyes. The position around him had already lost its temperature, and his arms had lost its warm fragrance and nephrite body, which made him wake up.
Huangfuda touched the soft pillow beside him, and the eyes in the dark jade color quickly swept around the room, only to see the soothing fragrance curling up in the room. He suddenly frowned. He slept until now, and there was a water cloud beside him to relax himself. He didn’t even know when the water cloud rose.
"Himself Himself, Himself" Huangfuda whispered.