Breakfast on the bedside table has cooled down.

The hangover caused a headache and made her lose her appetite.
When she changed her clothes, she found a bruise on her thigh. She was a little confused about how to do this.
I can’t figure it out. She just didn’t want to. After a simple grooming, she went to david’s room.
I rang the doorbell and didn’t come to talk, so I listened to the voice "Come in" from inside.
Open the door and go in. david is facing away from him. He seems to be writing on the table.
Lin Ya frowns. What’s bothering this man recently? Or did the people in country Y urge him to go back?
Approaching the word is simply terrible!
Lin Ya shook his head. "Don’t waste your time."
Maybe it’s fate that david chose to talk to her because he saw her handwriting on the day of the plane crash three years ago. He has always been very interested in China law and talked a few words when he saw her beautiful handwriting.
However, Lin Ya narrowly escaped death that day because of such a hobby!
As soon as david turned around and let go, the pen leaned against the table and sat down. Please move and signal her to write.
Lin Ya, with a long pen in her hand, hasn’t finished writing a word yet. Listen to him.
"Muchuan asked you to invite him to dinner."
The brush slipped in my hand and the word was destroyed.
Listen to david’s explanation, "You were drunk last night and he brought you back!"
He deliberately emphasized the hug word.
Lin Ya’s idea of writing completely didn’t put that eyebrow twist. "I’m not going."
Last night, she really didn’t remember anything. If she was drunk, her memory would be broken!
It’s strange that there were so many people in the hall last night that she happened to meet Muchuan!
David looked at her tone and he said seriously, "yaya, I think he will find out sooner or later if you go like this again. Are you sure he didn’t love you?"
This question made Lin Ya stunned. Did Muchuan love her? No, they were just tied together by a one-night stand.
David looked at her and sighed. "I made the worst decision to bring you back!" "
Lin Ya’s thoughts are still immersed in his question just now.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door outside.
It was his secret Lin Ya who walked quickly to open the door.
When the door opened, the breeze blew outside the window, and she had not finished writing the picture with the table.
Straight blown to Muchuan feet.
Lin Ya quickly bent down to pick it up, but the man was faster than her.
Mu Chuan took the paper and looked at it with sharp eyes. Although it was half, he could still tell that it was "Li!"
The paper back is dignified and quaint!
桑拿会所It is said that seeing words is like seeing people, so it seems that the word is written by her.
It was a second when his memory suddenly tightened. There was once a man who was good at this method … The man held the paper and tightened his hand.
Don’t have a meaningful look at the woman at the door!
Lin Ya’s mind crashed and it seemed that she had longed for the master’s room to write calligraphy three years ago!
At that time, Muchuanchang!