"Qin Chen, don’t say it again. Don’t say it again. I beg you." long summer couldn’t help burying her head in her hands. She didn’t dare to listen to Qin Chen again. She was afraid that her mood would collapse.

Qin Chenli put long summer’s hands on the dining table. She forced long summer to look at her eyes and her eyes became sharp. "You don’t want to listen because I said something to you, don’t you?"
You can never change the fact that long summer Anbao is a son of grace. You should not deprive Anbao of the father’s love, let alone Enze as a father.
What do you run away from? If you run away, you won’t solve the problem, which will make you feel more and more uneasy. "
"Stop it," long summer rushed out of the restaurant like crazy.
Qin Chen followed after her and shouted behind long summer, "long summer, I won’t allow you to hurt Enze so stubbornly again. I will definitely tell him about Amber."
Long summer suddenly stopped, turned around in shock and came up to Qin Chen angrily. She grabbed Qin Chen’s shoulder and shook her hard. "Qin Chen, are you idle and have nothing to do? Do you think you and Ye Simiao have a happy and sweet life? Then you ran over and destroyed my quiet life with Amber? You are really outrageous and hateful.
Can’t you let Enze look for his happiness? Can’t you let Amber and I continue to live peacefully? Why do you have to add trouble to Enze and me? "
Chapter one hundred and seventeen He doesn’t know
"Su Lixia, do you still have some humanity?" Anger was ignited. Qin Chen violently broke free from the shackles of Xia. "Enze has identified you in this generation. You let him go to find a happy life. If you don’t love him, I still love him."
Long summer can’t help but feel that Qin Chen’s words are angry and funny. "You will disturb our life just because you are distressed by grace."
"I didn’t disturb your life. I felt unfair for Enze. You shouldn’t do this to him." Qin Chen scolded.
"You already have Ye Simiao" long summer suddenly calmed down.
Qin Chen quickly walked over and held long summer’s shoulder tightly. "I already have Ye Simiao, so what? I never said that I have been grateful since then."
Long summer was instantly shocked by Qin Chen’s response. She couldn’t help but stare big eyes.
It turns out that Yu Enze has always occupied the most important position in Qin Chen’s mind. She can’t be with Yu Enze, but that doesn’t mean she can stop loving him.
Once she loved him vigorously and aboveboard, but now she can quietly hide him in her heart and secretly love him, just like she did Su Lixia.
Qin Chen said yes, her love for Yu Enze is no less than her Su Lixia’s love for Yu Enze. Compared with Qin Chen, she has paid little for Yu Enze. Qin Chen blamed her and refuted her.
"Qin Chen I beg you" long summer pleaded with Qin Chen in a soft tone "Don’t tell Enze about Anbao, ok?"
"long summer, you answer me truthfully." Qin Chen locked long summer’s eyes with a serious face. "Do you really have no feelings for Enze? Do you even have to hide something from him?"
The contradiction of "Qin Chen Me" long summer suddenly became speechless.
"I already know the answer." long summer’s silence made Qin Chen sigh heavily. "I won’t tell Enze, but I hope you can’t keep a blank sheet of paper. Some things are doomed to go around for a long time, and it will still happen."
When long summer took a deep breath on his cheek, it was wet and cold. "I can see one step at a time."
Behind him, the street lights are swaying, the cars are flowing, the noise is noisy, the dim light is dim, and long summer looks more and more lonely and melancholy
Qin Chen gently held long summer’s hand and asked her anxiously, "long summer was not like this before. I feel that you are very negative. Are you unhappy?"
"No, it’s okay." long summer bowed his head and hurriedly avoided Qin Chen’s gentle and slightly sharp sight.
"True" Qin Chen with a grain of salt
"True" long summer’s answer is insufficient
It is necessary to tear your armor, which has been pretending to be strong and rigid, and expose the scarred soft inside to another person.
This will make your heart more cherished and sad, and one person’s sadness will become two people’s sadness; Let those who don’t care you look at the joke more coldly. One person’s bitterness turns into another person’s fickle fun.
Either way, it is to sprinkle salt on your wounds, pain or yourself.
In the end, long summer quickly changed the subject. She said to Qin Chen with great regret, "You seem to have agreed to invite you to dinner tonight and have a good reunion, but I ruined it into such an embarrassing situation."
Qin Chen shook her head and she didn’t mean it. "It was an accident, and I’m also responsible. Let’s have dinner together later."
Two people smile at one another before the tense dignified atmosphere suddenly dissipated.
"Qin Chen thank you for your willingness to keep a secret for me." long summer gratefully held Qin Chen in her arms and hugged her.
"You know this is not my intention." Qin Chen buried long summer’s neck with a bitter smile. "I had to. I was afraid that I would have a bad conscience in the future if I hid my kindness like this."
Long summer gently touched Qin Chen’s delicate face and corners of her mouth with a comforting smile. Her eyes looked at Qin Chen sincerely. "Qin Chen, I know your heart for Enze for so many years. You have been keeping Enze around to take care of him and help him fight hard together."
You and he have devoted too much effort, sweat and precious youth, all of which I have not done.
Although it’s a pity that you didn’t end up with Enze, I’m really happy to see you get along so well with Mr. Ye now. A beautiful woman like you always deserves to be surrounded by happiness. "
A light smile can’t hide the heart defects. Qin Chenyin is slightly hoarse. "On how much I have paid for my kindness, he still doesn’t want to look at me. I still can’t walk into his heart."
夜生活If you lose, you will lose. If you are unwilling to lose, you will also lose. If you deceive yourself in your fantasy, it is better to quit cleanly and smartly and seek a mutual success. "
Long summer hugged Qin Chen again. "I can see that Mr. Ye is very kind to you and he will definitely bring you happiness."
"I believe that Simiao also believes in his own choice, but what about the happiness of grace?" Qin Chen sighed.
In the eyes, long summer comforted Qin Chen. "Everyone has his own life. Let’s look at Enze’s own fate. Naturally, I will find a suitable time to take the initiative to tell Enze about Anbao. It is not yet possible."
After driving Qin Chen back to the hotel, long summer began to get upset inexplicably. Perhaps it was because of Yu Enze too many times that she missed him more.
Frankly speaking, she is very angry. She is angry with Yu Enze. She has shut herself up and decided to die alone. How can he be so stubborn that he can’t love without her? Is it worthwhile to hang her from this tree? Is it not worthwhile for her to sacrifice herself like this? How stupid he is? He really wants to piss her off.
Amber has a small wow to look after depressed long summer, who is not in the mood to go home early, so he drives on the road with a diffuse destination, and the night breeze faintly blows across his face, which turns out to be chilling.
Finally, outside a park in long summer, the square was parked to listen to pleasant music and laughter from adults and children. long summer parked his car and slowly walked in to drown himself in the crowd.
"The setting sun melts gold and the clouds combine to dye willow smoke, blow plum flute and complain about spring. I know how many crowns are paved and golden snow willows are twisted to fight for the benefit of Chu. Nowadays, it is better to listen to people laughing at the bottom of the curtain than to be afraid of going out at night."
In a quiet corner, a little girl about thirteen years old is sitting in a stone chair and reciting Li Qingzhao’s eternal happiness with all her heart.
At the age of thirteen, she was in the prime of her life and didn’t understand the real meaning of the word. Perhaps it was to cope with the teacher’s daily examination and recite the red and tender face over and over again, which was always a cheerful expression.
But an auditor long summer is not as worried as she is.
Appropriate words should be appropriate mood.
The more lively, the more lonely.
When she was preparing, she told Yu Enze that she had another thing with him.
Their son’s name is Su An Bao Shi, and he should be called Yu An Bao after his surname, and enjoy peace and joy for the rest of his life, baby.
Amber looks very much like him. Beautiful phoenix eyes, thin lips, aloof temperament and handsome Leng Yan are hard to make people jealous.
Amber is as good as he is, and he is talented at an early age.
He doesn’t know any of this.
How happy he would be if he knew.
She is going to tell AnBaoYu grace again.
Although Amber stopped asking Yu Enze about her fainting, the child’s desire for fatherly love has been indelible. Does she really have the heart to let Amber grow up without fatherly love? How unfair it is to Amber and how selfish she is.
What about her and Chen Moran? What are we going to do? Are we going to be deadlocked or are we going to get together and part?
Contradictions, entanglements, struggles, and confusion are extremely complicated. long summer is troubled and tortured
"Just accompany me to the bamboo building. The stars are the most beautiful, okay? You accompany me." A pretty girl in a nearby pavilion is pointing to the exquisite bamboo building in the distance and sprinkling jiao on her boyfriend.
Long summer, do you like it here?